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  1. Welcome Stuart! Great to have you on the V's board . Its one of my favourite places online to follow and discuss local (and sometimes non-local) footy. I love it as a place to get informative news and updates on all aspects of Canadian soccer. We've met through an Ottawa supporters group. Looking forward to your contributions on here. Mustefa
  2. Sad news. They were formed in about 2000 and have consistently been a quality side over the years. In many ways, both the PDL and subsequent NASL teams likely wouldn't exist if if weren't for the W-League team setting the stage early on. A number of us in Ottawa made sure they had a supporters group over the last two seasons. The players were always a class act and showed appreciation for the support. From that standpoint, at least a message was sent that there is a small core of fans willing to support women's soccer in Ottawa. Unfortunately, they didn't do a good job of attracting more casual types. I suspect disbanding the W-League was purely a decision to clip an undesirable asset by the Fury's ownership. They are worth much more than that though. I'll miss going to their games, they were fun as a supporter.
  3. A Voyageurs Shield sounds like a great idea to me. I'm confused as to how it would be awarded. Would it be kept to USL-PRO teams? Then it's only open to three, as that league isn't sanctioned in Canada. If NASL expands in Canada as projected, would those teams be eligible? I like the idea of incorporating PDL teams. I love the idea, but it's kinda vague for me so far.
  4. American Samoa is well known for this lol. It was a catalyst for Australia leaving Oceania for the more competitive AFC. Of interest, Thomas Rongen has taken over the team. He played a role with TFC a few years ago, I believe as an Academy director. I've started loosely following Oceania due to this story. The standard is low, but football's influence in those islands is interesting.
  5. Just saw it on The National. Congrats and well done, Robert! Very inspirational story and great research on your part. It's great that you took the initiative to uncover this lost bit of Canadian soccer history. I'd like to share it. Does anyone have a link to the piece which aired on The National?
  6. If he ends up playing for the US or England, I would hold the fact that he used our youth system against him. If he was never committed to us, he shouldn't be anywhere near our youth teams. It's not only competitively useless for him to be using us, but the culture of 'I'll show up until a better country comes calling' is poison to our program.
  7. He played RB against Colombia and was decent as well. The bonus of him at RB over CB is some of his harsher fouls end up as free kicks instead of penalty kicks. He doesn't look too good bringing the ball up the field, but I can personally live with that if he's filling a problem position. Our lack of strikers is a bigger issue.
  8. From what I've seen, I'd be comfortable with Doniel Henry playing right back if we continue to have this be an issue. He's solid defensively, highlighted by a strong physical presence and effective tackling. Until he learns to control the harshness of his tackles, keeping him at RB is safer than CB (he can draw the odd foul instead of penalties). His weakness is bringing the ball forward. For a player who is being fit into a problem position, I'll take that as a weakness. It's not dangerous if he's told to just distribute the ball to midfielders instead of running it up himself. He's a stay-at-home right back who is solid when required. I haven't seen too much of Eddie Edward. I wouldn't mind seeing him play as a RB with the national team before deciding if he's a fit for it. For what it's worth, there's two more possibilities in Ottawa: Drew Beckie and Phillipe Davies. Beckie had played a lot of RB in this year, while Davies is a right forward who has gotten a fair amount of time as a right back. I'm not sure if either of those guys are national team caliber though.
  9. We've got Drew Beckie playing a lot of right back in Ottawa. FC Edmonton have Eddie Edwards too, don't they? There's two options, but we'd be reopening the discussion of whether NASL is a high enough level for call-ups. As for the striker issue, it would be nice to see Akindele commit and help resolve it. Getting a guy like Cavellini (or REB) in the mix helps too. Occean can certainly contribute once his suspension is over, but I don't envision him going 90 minutes. I think subbing in a player like REB, who can run at tired defenders for a final 30 minutes, is an excellent strategy. Ricketts has the pace for a super-sub role as well, but I'm still not convinced by his finishing skills.
  10. Proud of the result tonight. Gutted that we couldn't get the result, but we played great nontheless. De Guzman was a beast. He still has something left in the tank. Credit to Doniel Henry in my opinion. He looked awkward going forward, but some of his tackles were good and he was a solid presence all night. Edgar was solid. Milan Borjan with a solid night too. Great effort from every player on the pitch, Cyle Larin impressed me in the few minutes he was on. He had one amazing play where he created space for himself and tested the Colombian goalkeeper. No shame in letting one get away from James Rodriguez.
  11. We looked very well organized in that first half. I thought de Guzman looked strong in particular. Borjan with at least one great save. We're holding our shape very well and forcing them to earn their chances. Great effort all round and props to Floro for a solid game plan. Here's to a solid second half!
  12. Vancouver looks like they'll qualify the one year you don't need a V's Cup to do it. I suppose that's one way to get around it lol. But it only works once
  13. From the MLS website: 1. Total number of wins 2. Goal Differential (GD) 3. Goals For (GF) 4. Fewest Disciplinary Points 5. Road Goals Differential 6. Road Goal For 7. Home Goals Differential 8. Home Goal For 9. Coin Toss (2 clubs) or Drawing of Lots (3 or more) TFC is lucky there. Goal Differential favours Columbus. Unless I've interpreted something incorrectly, the only way for TFC to make the playoffs is if they win both their remaining games and Columbus lose both. In that case, they would be level on points, but TFC would have one more win. Anything else and TFC is out. They got lucky on the tiebreak rule, but, really, the odds are grim. Still, there's an outside chance.
  14. Strangely enough, our capo with the Bytown Boys in Ottawa wears a 'Support Local Football' shirt while doing just about every game . I'll still spread the word though lol.
  15. A three team tournament with the US and Mexico sounds like a great idea for all three countries. Namely, adding the extra tournament games where we can play with the same FIFA rankings multiplier evens out the playing field with the rest of CONCACAF. It's also extra competitive matches for the three sides to develop (and/or cap) players, giving them experience in higher pressure matches. I personally don't think any country should automatically qualify for major tournaments such as the Gold Cup, no matter how strong (except perhaps host nations). If this three nation tournament is played every two years, it can serve as qualifying for Gold Cups. Mexico and the US would likely get in often, and we can play off against teams from the Carribean or Central American championships. There's also the potential for extra competitive USA-Mexico matches, which, as has been mentioned, is a cash cow. I think the more likely scenario is we join one of the current regional cups. I agree, I would love to see it happen anyway.
  16. I understand where the players are coming from in a desire to play on grass. I even agree that the WWC should not be on turf. But, they're embarrassing themselves by taking the inequality argument. To actually claim that the mens and womens World Cups are in the same ball-park is ridiculous. A quick check of viewership and general awareness data should reflect that. Are they really accusing the CSA of discrimination with a straight face? A governing body which spends as much, if not more, of its time promoting our womens team (relative to the MNT)? Even jumping the gun and accusing FIFA is baseless and dumb. The proper way to go about this would have been to a) raise it much sooner than a year before and b ) go with the angle that plastic pitches make the entire tournament look amateur, leading to decreased viewership and revenues. As a supporter, I'll be taking it less seriously because it's on plastic. It's not discrimination at all, but economics. To present this as sexism is a 'grasping at straws' argument, which, I suspect, is designed to attract attention and start a shitshow. The WWC should be on grass because it's the showcase event in women's football. That's it. Drawing comparisons to the men's WC, with a pretense of sexism, is inaccurate and frankly dumb.
  17. It's a really gutsy format. Home/away knockout rounds have potential for dramatic upsets (anything can happen over two games). I would do everything possible to avoid legged series and begin as close as possible to the fourth round group stage. From I gather, this is the rumoured format? Round 1 - Rank 22-35 (March 2015) Round 2 - Rank 9-21 (June 2015) Round 3 - Rank 7-8 come in (September 2015) Round 4 - Semifinal groups Round 5 - Hex What's interesting is this paragraph from the article: "The first two qualification rounds take place before the Preliminary Draw for World Cup Qualification is held in Saint Petersburg, Russia on July 25th, 2015. We will likely see FIFA hold a smaller draw in the months before those rounds to determine the match-ups." So the draw for round 2 would use the April or May 2015 FIFA rankings? At that point, we'd be safe if our ranking is mediocre because only countries ranked below 9th are in this round. Perhaps we can even climb to 8th and avoid round 2 altogether. With the draw for round 3 in July 2015, I take it that Gold Cup results will factor in to our rank? If so, we should push to end up, at least, in the 7-9 ranking region and draw as safe an opponent as possible for that third round. Then, we can take on the bigger nations in more open group stages.
  18. I've got two MNT and one WNT caps. MNT vs St Lucia (September 2011) MNT vs Honduras (June 2012) WNT vs USA (June 2013)
  19. It could be attitude issues. In an article posted in this thread, he called MLS 'amateur' and basically said he'd never consider playing in it. Who knows, he could have burned bridges if those were his thoughts on MLS. Perhaps similar issues came up in NASL (I'm purely speculating)?
  20. I suspect the CSA have been trying to 'hide' the MNT in the last two years, because of how horrible we've been. If we're going to look bad against Mauritania, better to play the match low-key somewhere in Europe rather than at home. Seeing us produce repeated disappointing performances doesn't do much for generating public interest. Now that we're supposedly in 'phase 2' of Floro's plan, results will begin to be a bigger priority. Our last three games against Moldova, Bulgaria, and Jamaica show that we have some promise again. It would be nice if that leads to at least a couple of home games in 2015.
  21. In general, we need to play more home games, venues aside. I know the MNT have been horrible in the last two years, but two games since the end of 2014 WCQ isn't good enough. The players seem to prefer BMO, and, I do agree with the concept of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Somehow, we tend to get positive results at BMO, so I'd keep it for competitive matches (ie WCQ and friendlies which we use to prepare for those games). Ideally, it would be nice to have up to three or even four home friendlies per year. One can go to Toronto to maintain the current support, one to Vancouver/Montreal (maybe a winter Vancouver friendly every year or two?) and the rest to cities like Edmonton/Moncton/Ottawa/etc, where the national team can at least have a small presence. The idea of friendlies in a relatively full 10k seat stadium actually sounds like it can produce good atmospheres, which draws people in. I'm not sure what the reasons behind it are, but we simply don't play enough home games to allow for spreading of venues. Toronto happened to get our one home friendly this year. I don't mind that, but I do think setting up one or two more friendlies in other cities would go a long way in increasing the national team's profile and generally building pro-Canada crowds at games.
  22. We really should lobby to join one of these Mickey Mouse cups. In the interest of fair competition, CONCACAF shouldn't have much reason not to. We're getting passed by countries by virtue of rules that favour them. Finishing below 13th for WCQ draws could be disastrous. We'd have a high chance of getting eliminated quickly and pointlessly (in a 'minnow' round), resulting in a pathetic one-year cycle for us.
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