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  1. This really irks me. I purposely call it the Voyageurs Cup every time, and tell anyone willing to listen why. The reason it's having issues with respect is a lack of knowledge. As long as it's called the 'Amway Canadian Championship' with no explanation of where it comes from, it looks like some Mickey Mouse competition. The CSA can help by expanding it. I do all I can to educate people about its history and the fact that it's supporter driven. Once someone realizes that, respect isn't far behind. These are two good links which I get people to check out: https://youtu.be/CHNmUUn5_3U http://www.canadasoccer.com/voyageurs-cup-announced-for-a-league-teams-p147747&t=championship_article
  2. Fair enough lol. I wouldn't know why either then. When the NHL had their 2005 lockout, they came up with a bunch of (mostly silly) rules which hindered how fair games were to increase marketing appeal. The shootout was one of them. It forced a winning team from two sides who couldn't beat each other in regulation and overtime. They did it to appeal to fans in weaker hockey markets. MLS did it for similar reasons. It was just a show to get people hyped about games, and, if anything, the style of shootouts they did made them a joke to footy fans who followed leagues before them. In soccer, it seems a stretch to end games which don't need a winner by penalties.
  3. Agreed. Nothing wrong with draws. In fact, if no team could win after 90 minutes, neither deserves a second chance to win a lottery that is essentially penalties. It's most fair to end it as a draw. Not having draws is also an indicator that a fan base doesn't have the attention span or patience to live with games that end neutrally. Needing wins and losses to stay interested indicates the game itself isn't interesting enough.
  4. Beautiful goal. If looks like he has an ability to finish even if chances aren't perfectly delivered to him. Great to see.
  5. Then again, the trolls may be out in full force...
  6. Stream's not working, but apparently we're up 1-0 (according to the live chat on the YouTube stream page).
  7. Yup. Can't be bad numbers, considering it was announced relatively late. I'm curious as to how many were tuning in to see Guatemala.
  8. Randy Edwini-Bonsu with at least one good run since coming on. Announcer: "Let's go to the replay ... Oh wait, no, we can't" lol
  9. Agreed. Bekker looked as great as I've ever seen him. Tissot is pretty lively as well. Milan Borjan with another solid presence in the first half. Apart from that, I do think we were too defensive-minded. When we get possession, we have trouble building the play up. We keep passing back, often to the goalkeeper, and end up losing possession. Our passing is pretty decent whenever we do have it, for what its worth. And, I hate to pick on refs, but the assistant doing our offensive end in the first half seems to have something against us. A lot of phantom fouls called against us from him.
  10. He was linked to Columbus before coming to Ottawa, so his stock is at least worth being looked at by MLS clubs. I do see him being one of the better players in NASL this year. I love this signing. It's a perfect example of the value pro clubs bring to Canadian footy. It's a good level for him to stay match fit between CanMNT stints. In the meantime, he'll be representing a Canadian club, playing in front of Canadians and providing exposure to both his club and the Canadian national team. He'll be an excellent role model to Fury youth players, providing leadership and experience. One day, I'd love to see all Unattached FC players making moves like this and playing in Canada. The benefits are priceless.
  11. I still have, love, and wear that one. Everything after has been too generic or lacking charactor for me.
  12. I would take him on the Fury in a heartbeat! He'd be a great fit with the Eddies too. But is he really not up to MLS standard anymore? Maybe the fact that he counts as an international on their rosters holds him back.
  13. I personally couldn't find a source that confirms them, but those numbers should not be understated or brushed aside. There's appetite for properly run and well marketed footy in Canada. Concacaf doesn't even do a great job with its CL, yet Canada has shown up.
  14. Hi Eric, welcome to the V's forum. Great to have you in here. I love this board. Plenty of great banter and discussions. It's my go-to source to keep up with news and events in Canadian footy. Hope you enjoy it here, Mustefa
  15. Instead of a specific cup competition, I think a logical next step is to introduce the champions of these leagues into the Voyageurs Cup. For example, the winners of L1O and the Quebec Premier League can play each other in an early round, with the winner getting the lower ranked NASL club. Once western leagues get going, perhaps div 3 champions there can play the Eddies, while Quebec or Ontario div 3 champs would play Fury (keeping it regional with the intent of reducing travel costs).
  16. The meaning of 'former' captain is up for interpretation, but, reading the article, it focuses on his club. The CanMNT comments were thrown in a couple of paragraphs, and it seemed like an afterthought. I think they were showing his importance, and, since he's not the current captain, went with what they had. Before the injury, I was hoping to see him with us at some point. He'd gone absent for a while. I do wish him all the best in recovery, and hope he comes back as strong as he ever was. We have a young squad heading into the Gold Cup and World Cup Qualifying. Having his solid veteran presence there will be a big factor for us.
  17. The short schedule is indeed a major flaw with PDL, as are the awkward kickoff times and uneven placement of games (ex three home games in a week, followed by nothing for several). When Ottawa Fury were in PDL, those of us who were supporting them had to deal with it. Makes it almost impossible to build support or a following for the club. Wish you guys all the best in Calgary. I'll certainly spread the word about the Footsoldiers.
  18. We played like crap for most of it, and were pretty lucky to even be in a position to steal that draw. First half was extremely pathetic. Way to reactive and lots of poor tackling and marking (some of our slide tackles would have easily been bookings or penalty kicks if we didn't have the lenient ref today). I don't know why we sat back and absorbed their pressure. What is with Canadian sides and breaking down when we have teams almost finished? Any time we're on the brink of an achievement, we crash and look ridiculous.
  19. Really stressful match lol. We've got so much potential, but our organization isn't the best.
  20. Hard to tell whether we're playing to absorb pressure, letting them attack, or if they're just playing with that much determination. We spent a lot of that half with at least eight outfield players behind the ball. Anytime we got it, we'd sent it to a lone player with little or no support. Lots of solo attacking whenever we did get the ball, which goes no where. At least there's a second half coming ... can't be as bad as the first.
  21. I'm following the Asian Cup too. Good start so far, with Australia getting a win after a shaky start, South Korea scraping a win too, and generally good goalkeeping in most of the matches. I do agree that AFC is very similar to CONCACAF. It has a few strong teams, lots of middleweight countries, and several weaker sides. But, AFC does strike me as much better run than CONCACAF. For starters, they have the sense to keep the Asian Cup every four years and rotate hosts. I am interested in seeing supporters culture in AFC. If anyone can find pics or content, feel free to share . Highlights: Australia 4 - 1 Kuwait -> http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h0CCHu5e4YQ South Korea 1 - 0 Oman -> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3GL0Z52coew Uzbekistan 1 - 0 North Korea -> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aat_RFLz1tQ Saudi Arabia 0 - 1 China -> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=giiUwsPxYOE
  22. Strongest squad definitely has to be the Gold Cup. It's the bigger tournament, and that's before even taking account the fact that it's essentially Copa America qualifying. Thing is, with the youth movement we're currently going through, how much of our 'senior' squad are also U23's? Those players should end up at the Gold Cup.
  23. Great stuff. Each and every point is spot on. The contents of that article could be made into a Voyageurs handbook .
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