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  1. Seems like a decent league for them. I'm not sure if the excitement captured in the video is actually felt there, but good that they're running domestic footy anyway. Foreign player caps mean their local players get development time, which is big for them. It had a grassroots feel to it. Too bad that can't be established in Canada.
  2. I didn't notice the late kickoff for the El Salvador game. That'll likely be one to watch at home unfortunately (since it's a weeknight). I'll definitely be at Gracies for the Saturday game though. Sorry...
  3. Cheers. All amazing goals. Something you can look through and never have it get old.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Looks like both sides took it fairly lightly. Costa Rica with some good ball control and possession early on. It'll be interesting to see how they play against us.
  5. Great to see people from all over the country making it. I'll be coming in from Ottawa. Looking forward to seeing everyone and supporting Les Rouge as one voice.
  6. Awesome. Welcome to the forum!
  7. The Voyageurs feature looks really cool. Any chance of more details?
  8. I imagine quite a few will. Last game, we had almost everyone either in Montreal for the WWC game or Toronto for the men's WCQ game, so turnout was low. I had the space to myself, actually .
  9. Ricketts looked as solid as I've ever seen him. Confidence wise, this could be the spark he needs. Nice goals tonight. Larin was a beast, Great strike for his goal. We actually did what was expected of us against a minnow. That's huge. The pain felt in early rounds of the last World Cup Qualifying cycle can piss off for now. Playing these early minnow rounds is great for us in a way. Lets us build cohesion, cap players, score goals, work on tactics, and develop confidence. Assumine we don't play like crap, which we didn't against Dominica. Our FIFA ranking is fine where it is . Bring on the Gold Cup.
  10. We'd have to get there first. If we beat the Netherlands tomorrow, the chance of this happening disappears. If we end up second in our group, we'd still have to get past a R16 opponent. Given how we've played so far, I'd say that's still a hurdle which we can't take for granted. If we get to that point, whatever we can do to create even a small Voyageurs section is worth it imo. It can't be a complete home game for them. I don't know if being based in Ottawa helps, but a number of us are and I'm willing to help in organising a section.
  11. I understand what you're saying in terms of being the only one you know following the CanMNT. I've felt it too. When Ottawa was in PDL, I joined the supporters group and it helped (this forum does too). Even if PDL may not be your cup of tea, meeting others who share a passion for local footy, bringing supporter atmosphere to those low-level games, and generally interacting with the club helps with finding people who are into the national teams.
  12. Great idea. I can do a bit of research and try getting you pictures of kits through the ages.
  13. Are there still tickets left through the Voyageurs for the Canada vs Netherlands match in Montreal? I have one person interested in a couple. I apologize if this is answered anywhere else, and a bit last minute.
  14. Absolutely no worries. Lets start with this Saturday night (June 6) and work from there. Getting everyone out right after the match shouldn't be a problem. I'll help let everyone know. It looks like the other major issue is the 11th at 9 pm. We can figure that out. Speaking for myself, I won't be out for a weeknight 9 pm kickoff, I'll likely just watch at home. Many others may be as well (I'm guessing lol). I know what you mean about it creeping up suddenly. I'm in the same boat. So much footy happening this year, that this is sort of creeping up on me too. Gracies is a great host for the V's in Ottawa, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
  15. Seconded. Good luck! Great to see another supporters group taking shape in a Canadian city.
  16. Unfortunately, I beleive FC Edmonton are playing in Ottawa at the exact same time. As much as I'd be interested in promoting an Ottawa party, a good chunk of footy supporters will be at the NASL match.
  17. I'm also a fan of 'mob rule', as you put it, where moderators only step in for concrete issues (ex spamming, hateful language, etc). Overall, I'm fine with leaning towards less moderation. Having said that, there are topics where discussion gets personal between a couple of people and insults begin to fly. In cases like that, a 'take some time off and relax' type post from moderators may help in avoiding escalations.
  18. That's really good for PDL. Do you think its sustainable?
  19. I remember them covering the men's World Cup Qualifying last cycle, when no one else did. Even if it is a Canadian Press piece that gets widely distributed, I love their record of picking it up.
  20. Great article, and nice to see it in the Metro of all publications. Their coverage of local soccer is amazing to see.
  21. It was a great match. Lots of swings in advantage between the teams. Very exciting to watch. The teams were into it and played like they wanted it. Great showcase of the V's Cup, really helps the tourney grow.
  22. As long as USL-PRO is a glorified MLS reserve league, I'm not a fan of including any of their teams in the V's Cup. Beyond MLS club extentions, a league that isn't recognized shouldn't be in a country's domestic championship imo. To expand the tournament, I think it's better to look at the provincial div 3 leagues (perhaps start by including the PLSQ and L1O champions?) or using the V's Cup as an incentive for NASL expansion.
  23. Pretty cautious first half from both sides. Montreal with a couple of half chances was about it in terms of scoring potential.
  24. Put him at striker, give him crosses. Scoring issues solved . This is one of my all time favourite footy commercials with Pozniak and Jim Brennan. https://youtu.be/mogjOnhMLC0
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