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  1. Really Shaky and unimpressive, but going through is the result that matters. I'm not too confident in away games next round.
  2. The lack of creativity in the attacking third is showing its face again. Against Belize, you'd think we'd be able to create opportunities and put a few in. Getting away results is essential, and learning to score the odd goal goes a long way...
  3. Fairly solid performance I thought, especially in the second half. We settled down and started passing after our second goal. What's always glaringly obvious is the lack of finish and creativity in the final third, which improved after Tiebert was subbed in. I'll take 3-0. It was realistically what I was hoping for.
  4. Thanks . Absolutely pathetic that we have to rely on Belize for a stream to watch a home game.
  5. Its pretty sad that a home game at BMO has feed issues. Internet connections should be fine, as is any sort of technology. With effort like that put in, its not hard to see how the CanMNT is mediocre both on and off the pitch.
  6. Really interesting seeing the 4-3-3. I love seeing Atiba and Will patrolling the midfield. With JDG, I can see a solid game from them tonight. After the Gold Cup, I am comfortable with Stematopolous as our goal-keeper. Issey is a surprise to the lineup, but a pleasant one. I am hoping to see Akindele come on for him in the second half. No 4-1-4-1 or Kyle Bekker. Who is managing our side, and what did they do to Floro?
  7. I wish I could have done it. Sorry Jamie.
  8. Congrats! Great to see Chris Pozniak find some success as a manager.
  9. I was thinking this as well, during the match. But people have to know it in order to have it catch on. Edit - we did the DeRo Scarborough chant, which I loved.
  10. I'm coming in from out of town as well, and looking for best of both worlds. I'll likely be at Shoeless until about 7 pm, then walk over and catch the second half of Jamaica / El Salvador before the Canada match. I don't want to take the risk of no re-entry if I leave the stadium.
  11. Do tickets get us in both matches (Jamaica / El Salvador being the other)? Is it possible to leave the stadium between matches and re-enter with the same ticket?
  12. Since the US and Panama drew, we control our destiny tomorrow. Win and we're through. It's that simple.
  13. Honduras done. They won't feature in next year's Copa America either. Disappointment can rear it's ugly head in their backyard for once.
  14. Panama up 1-0 on a creative (if not lucky) free kick play. Honduras playing five at the back and inviting pressure for some reason.
  15. Honduras playing Panama tonight. Still 0-0 really early on. I hope these two draw (it would be a good result for us).
  16. Great to have you on here, and looking forward to potentially meeting you at the Gold Cup match!
  17. Resting Osorio and Tiebert makes sense to me, but I would have liked to see at least one be brought on in the 60-70 minute range, especially considering that it was still scoreless. With three games in seven days, and the fact that El Salvador is our weakest opponent, I can actually agree with Floro's plan of starting a second tier midfield and planning to win a low scoring game (by nicking a goal at some point). Where I don't understand his thought process is the substitutions. We still hadn't scored by the 60th minute, so the plan was in trouble. I didn't see him adapting. We reacted way too late in 83rd and 85th minute subs. How coaching staffs think players can affect a game if they're only on for 10 minutes is beyond me. Tiebert still had an excellent chance in those 10 minutes. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Haber. If the plan was to rest starters, I would have put him on in the first half, then switch him for Larin at halftime or the 60th minute. He was decent at being on the receiving end of crosses, which is all the mids were supplying last night. I was nervous about Stematopolous, but more comfortable with him now. He was solid, apart from the one event. No clue on how to read JDG being out because of a failed fitness test. I'm hoping he's not out for the tournament. At least fatigue won't be an issue throughout our mids against Jamaica (not sure if they rested anyone?). That'll be an advantage. I feel Floro really tried to nick a result with a second tier midfield last night, and put too much hope into it happening. Hence the late substitutions. Tiebert, Osorio, and JDG to a lesser extent should be starting next match. Agreed.
  18. Can't argue with this. The midfield not delivering had a bit to do with it, but both Larin and Akindele were largely invisible.
  19. Our usual inability to create opportunities when we have the ball is frustrating. Passing to the back four, only to have them go for a long ball is useless. El Salvador have been attacking more directly. How can we not do that? The diving, flopping, and acting from El Salvador is disgraceful.
  20. Stematopolous coming up big a few times. We're having trouble doing anything whenever we have possession. Creating chances isn't our strong suit...
  21. I was happy to see those goals. If we advance, it's more likely to be at Jamaica's expense (instead of Costa Rica). Three points for Jamaica puts us at an early disadvantage. If Costa Rica is going to advance anyway, they may as well keep points away from everyone else.
  22. Jamaica up 1-0 on Costa Rica. If Jamaica gets a result, I think it shakes our group up a bit.
  23. USA - Honduras very entertaining. Najar is indeed a tricky prick.
  24. It would have set a world record for a lop-sided match, but Micronesia are either not a FIFA member, or it was a U23 tournament (the article wasn't too clear which was the case). Either way, they were lucky to escape such a distinction lol.
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