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  1. True. She left rather quickly when realizing what she was asking for was ridiculous. It's been a long time since we had a national team match in Ottawa. Lots of growing pains yesterday.
  2. Thanks to everyone who came up to Ottawa for this match! It was great seeing everyone tonight. Apart from some mishaps with CSA rules and flagpoles, we did pretty well tonight and had a great time. The V's section was lively and energetic for a full 90 minutes. Scoring that last minute goal sealed a fun night.
  3. It'll be really interesting to see how Ottawa responds to this game, particularly around our section. It's shaping up to be a solid night in terms of both supporters presence and attendance. People seem interested on both ends. The Voyageurs section is slowly coming together. We have a new set of capo's who seem keen. I'm sure the section's dynamics will sort themselves out. It's been so long since Ottawa has hosted a national team that I'm sure we'll be figuring some stuff out that day. For people coming in from the Toronto match: it would make a huge difference if you bring up some V's banners and maybe flags that we could bring into our area. We don't have much in the way of V's equipment yet. Thanks to @Olympique_de_Marseille for all the work he's put into making this organized.
  4. Based on what they did in previous years, is it safe to predict that the Whitecaps will trot a reserve squad for the away leg and play their starters at home? I feel this is what they're going to to.
  5. Should be an interesting match up. Guyana are a weaker CONCACAF (technically South American lol) team, but they have their moments. We should beat them imo, but it won't be straightforward. Conditions at their home pitch should be similar to Central American away matches (ie Honduras) so, all in all, this is great WCQ prep for us.
  6. A 2-0 loss at Azteca isn't bad. Where we messed up in this round is letting Mexico beat us by more in Vancouver. If we kept that score under control, we'd be looking better. We could even lose in Honduras and thump El Salvador at home, then go through on goal differential. Pressure is on Honduras to beat us next match. If they don't, their qualifying campaign is virtually done. At least we'd have El Salvador at home to make up points and goal differential. Akindele was a nice spark plug when subbed on in the last 10 minutes. He deserves to be on more imo. I'd even start him over Larin in Honduras (Not sure if he plays complete striker or just a winger?). He's more pesky and will give the Honduran defense problems. In any case, I wouldn't expect much from Larin in that match, so he can't be worst.
  7. I'm shocked that Floro didn't fully park the bus and go for a 0-0 draw. We do that against teams that are similar to us, then we're more adventurous against Mexico? Makes no sense to me. Could be worst though. USMNT supporters have it pretty bad tonight lol. *edited better to similar - makes a difference...
  8. Mexico just lulling the match and finishing off the clock. All I want is a goal. It looks like we're content to end it 2-0.
  9. Cyle Larin is another striker with a disappointing first half. He created a half chance and skied a fairly decent one. Agreed that keeping goal differential is a big deal now. Mexico beat Honduras 2-0 in San Pedro Sula. If we keep it at -2, we're still ahead of Honduras (since we both drew El Salvador away, but we have a home victory against them).
  10. That's brilliant, even though it means nothing towards getting us to the hex
  11. Mexico are giving us opportunities. We've got to bury them much better. I thought we'd sit back a lot more, given what we've seen from Floro since he took over. It was a shitty first half, but the El-Salvador result makes things better.
  12. BC Place is packed in red and the atmosphere is amazing. V's section is incredible. Absolutely beautiful to see
  13. Thank you Cyrus! I'll spread the word to others who may be interested. Matt, thanks for the effort. We appreciate it
  14. I agree, but it showcases how pathetic North American leagues are for ignoring the FIFA calendar. The fact that NASL's league final falls right between big WCQ games for the two countries it's based in is pretty amateur. I do think he made the right choice, but the choice itself was unfair to him and Fury. Still, country > club.
  15. Great turnout at Gracies in Ottawa tonight. Thanks to everyone who made it!
  16. Maxim Crapeau is the highlight of this match. Not much else to get excited about.
  17. Looks like they've given up on the stream's audio lol. The video is fine at the moment.
  18. I love what it looks like. Very simple to access and follow.
  19. Yup its gone. Only audio. We weren't convincing in the first half, but seem to have settled as the game wore on. It looks like we found our comfort zone after the first goal, when the passing got better. It's nice seeing some creativity and attacking play for the first time in a while. Panama was down to 10 men for a lot of it, which factored, but, overall, we did what we had to. Petrasso was solid today. He has the makings of CanMNT stud. Jackson-Hamel is a pesky playmaker too. Gasparotto and the defensive core held it together, but weren't facing as much as they could have. Crapeau is a good shot stopper, and can work on other aspects of goalkeeping (namely distribution). Clarke is no finisher, but he has good vision and is decent at creating plays. At least twice, he had nice dummies that ended up in the ball traveling to a team mate who ended up with a scoring opportunity. Pretty positive day overall.
  20. Jackson Hammel is pretty lively as a striker. Him and Crapeau our best players so far imo.
  21. Decent counter attack between Jackson Hammel and (I beleive) Manella in the 68th minute. Creating opportunities like that is positive against stronger teams.
  22. Good choice in my opinion. While we do want relatively cold weather, pushing zero degrees starts to put our own players at a disadvantage. A cool, 10-15 degree Vancouver day would be perfect for getting Honduras chilly while letting our boys play how they want. Good to hear about the roof being open.
  23. Hi, Welcome to the V's board. Great to have you on here
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