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  1. Congrats on the win. Its too bad Toronto Lynx, Hamilton Rage and Forrest City London aren't in the same division as the Ottawa Fury. I'd love to see some fellow Canadian teams at Fury home games.
  2. Very true, well said. At the same time, I wouldn't say no to good fortune in other games.
  3. Agreed. Fairly poor play in the final third from both sides. We'll see how Honduras do in the second half, but they don't look particularly organized right now. Hopefully that sticks around till Tuesday. I'm trying to decide what would be the best result for us lol. A 0-0 draw would certainly be good enough for me.
  4. Get well soon Josh. Canada is not the same without you. Your hard work and class will be missed. So sorry to hear this news. But you will be back, stronger than ever.
  5. If this ends up happening, I think it would be a good direction to take. The idea of a set of provincial leagues culminating in a Memorial Cup (minor hockey) style final, where the winners of each league meet in neutral ground and battle for the national championship, is plausible at this point. The U23 focus is welcome as well, but teams should be given incentives to field U23's instead of being forced (ex. Canadian U23's can be less of a salary cap hit). - MLS Academies (and other CSL / PDL / PCSL teams) would be an excellent starting point. Of course, they'd have to accept invitations to join. - TV/Streaming can not be underestimated. They provide a means of interacting with potential fans and keeping interest up. They'd help the casuals stay connected with the team, hopefully leading to them going out to more games. NASL streams all their games free on U-Stream. That's a great move. - Amway Cup participation? Yes. Ditto for Salary cap. - The stadiums you described are a reasonable expectation, but with 1k-2k capacities instead of 500? A best of both worlds solution could be having the top half of every regional division qualify for the Amway Canadian Championship? Have them play in early rounds before MLS and NASL clubs come in.
  6. I don't often post here, but I lurk daily, and this is a topic I'd like to share some thoughts on: Firstly, is there a particular reason we're having these domestic league discussions? Is it based completely on the ReThink study regarding the viability of Canadian domestic soccer, or has the CSA actually given us a more concrete reason to hope for domestic football? Canada desperately needs a much larger pro soccer presence, for both increasing talent on the mens National Team AND to win fans who would presumably get drawn to the national team through their local football club. The way we're going, I see Canada getting about 4 NASL clubs for a total of 7 pro clubs in this country (MLS + NASL). I base the estimate of 4 NASL clubs on this quote from the league's commissioner about a week ago: In other words, he sees Canada as a source of cash for his league, but can't or won't give us many clubs because, at the end of the day, he answers to the USSF. In any case, having 7 pro clubs in Canada is acceptable for me, but NOT ideal by any means. I wouldn't be happy unless one of the following two things happen: 1) The CSA lobbies NASL to create a Canadian division which would have 8-12 clubs, with possible expansion to 12-16 in the distant future. We've got two on board (Ottawa / FC Edmonton). With Hamilton possibly being a third, five other cities would be required. I'm confident those cities exist in Canada, and they've been mentioned plenty of times in this thread (cities such as Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, possibly an east coast city, etc.). NASL needs attendances of about 3k-5k to survive. I feel that is an achievable target for Canadian cities. 2) If NASL isn't willing to give us that much lee-way, the only other option (in my opinion of course) is the Canadian NATIONAL domestic league, in large part what this thread is about. However, I can't see third division Canadian soccer thriving on a national landscape (assuming third division is CSL standard). The travel costs alone would bring it down. If its started, we have to have a goal of promoting it to second division status as soon as possible (no more than 3-5 years). There is also the fact that "third division Canadian football" is tough to market, whereas "second division", under only MLS, is much more plausible. I'd even be fine with the CSA altering their standards just to officially bring it up to second division (assuming that is possible). If we're to go down this route, I think MLS is a great template for the league to be based on. The single-entity structure with severe limits on costs are by no means enjoyable for "pioneer" fans of the league, but in todays environment, MLS did a great job working their way up to viability. I think its possible to replicate their template with a domestic Canadian league, on a smaller scale of course. The big financial issue is likely travel, which would most likely be countered by a regional focus to the league. Another possible solution to travel costs is to look at the Russian Premier League (Russia being another massively large country, of course). Through basic internet research, I haven't been able to find how they deal it, but they could be a nice lead. With the 2015 Women's World Cup coming to Canada, we're going to see stadiums and infrastructure come into place. It'll also lead to hype and excitement surrounding the game in Canada. If I'm the CSA, I'd target either 2014 or 2015 as a year to start a domestic league, particularly with NASL poaching our best markets for their league. But like I said above, I doubt it will happen, although I would be ecstatic if proven wrong. (Link to where I got the NASL commissioner quote -> http://the11.ca/2012/04/17/nasl-commissioner-speaks-about-ottawa-fc-edmonton-and-canadian-expansion/)
  7. I half-want us to sub Cavellini. A second yellow would be a huge blow. And Haber needs to do something in the second half. All it takes is a good play to get a striker's confidence back up. He needs that right now. Not the best first half from us to be honest. That's half-expected though, coming off the huge game against the US. Lets settle down and pot another goal or two.
  8. Great half from us. Shea and Adu are getting frustrated, and we're closing the middle of the pitch off really well. Their offense hasn't penetrated yet. The pressure is now on them.
  9. Yup. Ah well, I guess CSL has in interesting year coming up. I find its very difficult to get news and info on them. I'm guessing lots has been going behind-the-scenes in the last couple of months, yet not much more than weak rumours being made public.
  10. That's definitely true. Sorry, was just venting initial feelings.
  11. Capital City won't be participating this year. http://www.capitalcityfc.com/news/index.html?article_id=106 The CSL is really that much of a joke? I'm personally disappointed.
  12. Best of luck to all those guys. Clint Irwin is an excellent goal-keeper. And I look forward to seeing Caceros with FC Edmonton. Anyone know when the schedule comes out? They sure are taking their time.
  13. I know this is a picky demand, but anyone have an english stream? . It helps me keep track of what's going on. We started good, but Armenia did a good job of applying pressure later on. We couldn't string two passes together. Have to figure out a way to deal with that next half.
  14. Unfortunately, I think this is true. As I see it, there's no way the stadium will be finished on time (they haven't even started construction yet). I'd love to be proved wrong, but I doubt it will happen. Hopefully the bureaucratic red tape delaying its construction doesn't push the team past 2014.
  15. PM'd you. Thanks a lot Trevor! I appreciate the work you put into this. Sounds awesome. Have fun Diego.
  16. I'm thinking about travelling to this game on my own. But I'll gladly buy tickets in whatever section you're in, hoping to meet you guys there. I'm hoping they have clear, designated away support section. Not much info on this so far.
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