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  1. With Toronto out, I think it as toss-up between Vancouver and Montreal for the final. I don't doubt that Montreal would do a great job if given the final, I'd even welcome it, but I think the CSA's thought process will go like this (with Vancouver getting the final nod): 1) Both Vancouver and Montreal have big stadiums (BC Place = ~59 000 capacity; Olympic Stadium = ~66 000 capacity, according to Google) and sufficient populations. 2) BC Place has a newer feel, with refurbishments recently done, whereas Olympic stadium is getting up there in age (too soon, in all honesty). The big O is held back by its history, which is centred around massive debts and questionable construction (we're always hearing about parts of it crumbling). Long story short, BC Place looks better to the international media. 3) Vancouver has a good history with hosting events. BC Place did pretty well with the Olympics. Earlier this year, Vancouver attracted about 55 000 for womens Olympic qualifying. From that standpoint, its hard to argue that they deserve it. The sheer experience of organizing alone is priceless. 4) For what its worth, the sight-lines are better in BC Place, with the crowd closer to the field. It creates a more intimate setting. And, purely in my opinion, BC Place simply looks like it was built to host soccer (when watching games being played there). Olympic stadium looks more like what it is, a multi-sport facility that isn't built for anything specific. This last point may or may not be a factor in the end. Again though, Montreal getting the 2015 final isn't out of the question at all. As I said up top, I think they'd do a great job if given it.
  2. Its disheartening to see Ottawa drop out like that. If they're planning to have CFL and NASL going in 2014, how will the stadium not be ready for an event that's supposed to be preparatory for something larger? At least let the CSA deem the stadium situation unpredictable and let THEM decide against it. I hope this isn't a sign of more delays for the NASL club. As for who will host, I agree with the gist of this thread. Moncton/Winnipeg are good choices to let them sort any issues before the big event. As has been mentioned, the final should go to Montreal, as Vancouver will likely get the 2015 final. That would leave Edmonton as the last city, with Ottawa out and Vancouver, unfortunately being out only due to not enough slots for host cities. Is Montreal planning on using Saputo or the Big O?
  3. This. Take Cuba as a serious opponent going in, play the usual tactics and formations, but realize that we're free to press whenever opportunities present themselves. Focus on getting that first goal and keep the blowout victory in mind. Hopefully we see the situation where we pump Cuba and Honduras loses (which is the result I'm expecting in that match btw). We'd be all but through heading into Honduras. As meaningless a match as you can get, barring disaster on our part. To answer the question in OP, I'll say 4. I'm actually hoping for more, but expecting 2-3.
  4. Awesome! I do remember your area getting lucky with the draw. At first I thought the same person won, which would have been crazy. And yes, it did soften up a pretty agitating evening.
  5. I had lots of fun at Gracies in Ottawa. I'll definitely go back for future Canada matches.
  6. Absolutely ridiculous from Quitero for them (the stretcher crap). If CONCACAF had any decency, they'd make that a straight booking. He was on the pitch literally a minute after looking like he got shot. Good job on the sea of red for the drowning boos. That's exactly the type of attention it needs.
  7. **** result, but expected. Our boys have to come out fighting tonight. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!
  8. There it is, 1-0. Di Viao.
  9. They're playing great, but they need a goal badly. Columbus is right behind them in the standings, with a couple of games in hand. I'm not sure if a draw is good enough tonight. I'm not taking anything away from the Impact though. They've been really fun to follow this year. If everything stays on track, they should be a formidable side next season.
  10. Discussion of MLS and its crazy rules aside, good for Nana. If he still has the talent we've seen from him, this is a great move to reboot his career. At this point, he has to restart in a league like Finland. In due time, hopefully he gets offers from bigger clubs. He's 23, at a stage where he still has time, but not much of it. I wanted to see him do something this transfer window, and he did. If I remember right, he had personal issues of some sort before he left TFC. Obviously, its none of my business what they are, but hopefully they've been settled and he can get back on track. Best of luck Nana!
  11. Saw this after I just posted. This would be great if it ever happens.
  12. I'm actually not sure. I had a passing interest in the team (and their league) before they suspended operation, enough to get snippets of news on them, but nothing too detailed. Apologies for not being useful there. @BBtB, I may have been vague with what I meant by "Canadian league". I certainly don't expect them to go outside of Quebec. If they don't, they're still a Canadian league, albeit a provincial one. Your suggestion of playoffs is interesting. If Ontario ever gets its act together with either CSL or a new 'Ontario Premier League' of some sort, I think it would be great if we played Quebec teams in special matches. A 'Champions League' sort of thing, where it would start with something like league winners playing each other, hopefully to be expanded later on. If more provinces get on board with provincial leagues like this one, we may be able to have Champions from each league playing for national recognition (I may be getting ahead of myself with this thought though). For now, I'm happy for Quebec and wish their league all the best.
  13. Beautiful! Hats off to Quebec for getting this off the ground. I look forward to seeing it grow into a good Canadian league. I'll certainly make my way down to Gatineau games if they ever get the team. If anyone is still wondering why Gatineau didn't end up playing, I believe it was due to slight financial issues, particularly with securing funds to lease their stadium. I believe their government wasn't willing to give (or loan) them the slight amount of money they would have needed (something like $40k). Take that for what its worth though, I am by no means an official source, and I'm relying on memory from about 2-3 months ago. I'd like to see something similar to this Quebec league formed in Ontario. Basically CSL, but better (or more professional).
  14. Playoffs aren't completely out of the question yet. Its just an unknown with all the games-in-hand DC and Columbus have. They still have to win those games. DC, with their 5 games in hand (how does this happen??) are favourites to surpass them for now I suppose. At least the silver lining in that scenario is having DeRo and Jakovic playing meaningful playoff games.
  15. Personally, I don't usually give our Elo ranking much thought. I know its supposed to be more accurate, because the FIFA ranking suffers from mathematical inconsistencies. They're both mostly nothing more than an interesting stat, with the exception of the odd time when they're used to rank us for draws. Either way, its extremely difficult to truly quantify world rankings without errors of about +/- 20 or so. Even though its almost worthless, I do have a strange interest in our FIFA rank. I want to see it as high as possible, despite the fact that its artificial. I believe our current Elo ranking is 68, which, give or take, is around where we float in the FIFA rankings.
  16. oh, Sorry about that Juby. My apologies. I know this will seem hypocritical, but I'll retract my statement about not discussing future domestic leagues on here. Although honestly, I don't have much more to contribute, so I'll probably stop doing it anyway. Cheers.
  17. If you're referring to me, then alright, I'll stop contributing to these discussions with this last post. I have little hope of getting any decent leagues in this country anyway. The domestic soccer scene is messed up here. Only our big three cities get unquestionably professional soccer that is capable of drawing and keeping interest. After that, secondary cities get to take shots at something similar with NASL. If they don't get it, the best they can hope for is playing in amateur settings in front of fans who may or may not stick around. Before NASL came around to poach more of our cities into American leagues, WHY DID WE NOT HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR RUNNING? All we ever do is come up with excuses as to why it CAN'T happen. Travel, money, etc, are obstacles to any league. NASL has to deal with them too, but they survive. We're just not trying hard enough. Its like a kid in school saying they couldn't do their homework because they couldn't find a pencil. NASL is certainly getting their homework done, and their attendance figures aren't exactly impressive (1.5k-2.5k average?). MLS had to rely on the 2007 TFC to show them how to support a team. Unfortunate that Toronto fans showed Americans how to support footie, instead of fellow Canadians. I don't know why I'm getting frustrated actually. My city has managed to win the NASL lottery. I suppose I feel bad for Canadian in fairly large cities who don't have attention-grabbing soccer to support. Its also a massive missed opportunity for player development and supporter growth for our national teams. I know you're going to tell me I've gone of topic again. Well I suppose this will be the last time one of my posts does that. And, that league 1 Ontario website sucks. I love how the FAQ section has no frequently asked questions, or the fact that it hasn't been updated since April. Just goes to show how much the CSA (or OSA in this case) cares about domestic soccer.
  18. No doubt at all. Looking at the support the women's team have been given over the last couple of weeks, I think its obvious that Canadians understand and are willing to support soccer, but only if given something respectable to support. Pro soccer can easily draw figures in the 1000's per game if a professional atmosphere is delivered, as opposed to a university or amateur setting. I don't need to remind anyone that we broke attendance records at the 2007 U-20 World Cup, when, again, Canadians were given something respectable to support. The perceived quality of a league can be improved just by having teams play in fairly large stadiums, with proper facilities, concessions, etc. Personally, I believe a Canadian league similar in size and stature to NASL can be successful (with 8-10 teams). But frankly, I'm getting frustrated thinking about it, because I'm starting to doubt we'll ever get anything more than what we have now (MLS + NASL and a large array of leagues filling our div. 3). At the very least, I'd like to think that the amount of support Canadians are starting to accumulate (between the WNT, 2007 U-20 WQ, and even our MLS teams) will lead to more sponsorship cash flowing in (add the upcoming 2015 WWC for extra measure as well). One less hurdle for a Canadian league, right? What ever happened to that study the CSA was supposed to have finished in the spring of this year? I remember they got a recommended league structure (regional div.3 I believe). Are they planning on putting that into motion anytime soon?
  19. I do this as well in FIFA Ultimate Team. I don't know how many kids I run into who don't take me and my Canada team seriously until they're down 2-0 off DeRo and Simeon Jackson blasts. I concur that there is no excuse for Canada not to be in. But its not just us who are being snubbed. FIFA has a huge Europe bias they need to take care of. Off my quick math, 24 of the 29 leagues they have are European. As for national sides, they break down like this: South America 7/10 -> Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Oceania 1/11 -> New Zealand North America 2/35 -> Mexico, USA Europe 26/53 -> Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey. Asia 2/46 Australia, South Korea Africa 4/53 -> South Africa, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Cameroon In particular, North America, Asia, and Africa are horribly done. If they're approached with this perspective, they wouldn't have much excuse not to include Canada along with one or two more from our region. Their game series is called FIFA, not EURO. They should be making efforts to live up to that. Having said that, I do enjoy BC Place in the game . At least Vancouver gets home-town treatment, even though Canada doesn't.
  20. Its too bad really. There was a time when he was a really promising prospect. Now, his future with the national team is in serious trouble.
  21. Yup! Ottawa Fury move on to face Carolina Dynamo. Forest City London tops Thunderbay Chill by a score of 1-0. They move on to face Michigan Bucks. Both games are this evening (July 22).
  22. First of all, I'll give a shout out to the Ottawa Fury and how they played their first playoff game on Tuesday, beating GPS Portland Pheonix 3-2 in a game that went 120 minutes. I felt our local supporters group brought the noise well, and we couldn't ask any more out of our boys. So with that, we're set for the PDL playoffs to 'really' begin. We've got three Canadian teams playing in a pair of games tomorrow: - Ottawa Fury vs Ocean City Nor'easters - 4:00 PM (ET) - Forest City London vs Thunderbay Chill - 8:00 PM (ET) Unfortunate that two of our teams had to be drawn in the same game, but that happens I suppose. At least we're guaranteed one going through. One question I do have: Does anyone here know where we can watch these games? Are they streamed anywhere online? Best of luck to our Canadian clubs tomorrow!
  23. You know, I try to keep an unbiased view of CSL even though my local club (Capital City) had the awkward exit last year. But, this is all I hear about the league. Kingston FC are a third club where I've been hearing rumblings of problems (admittedly, through grapevine talk, so nothing official there yet in my view). Does the CSL serve any purpose I'm not aware of? It should be dissolved, and the CSA should go for a true nation-wide Canadian Soccer League. I'll stop talking here though, because I know the thought of a nationwide league is something the CSA can't or won't do.
  24. I think Julian should go back to Europe after this season regardless of what options he has in MLS (barring a club like Dallas splashing another $1.9 million DP contract he can't refuse). Its been clear (to me anyway) that the style of play he brings is not suited to MLS, but is valuable to Canada. He plays best as a holding mid where he has to read and break up attacks from opponents more skilled than what MLS offers (with due respect to the league, of course). He's been noticeably great in Champions League games for TFC because he has to face possession and skill focused clubs, instead MLS clubs who rely more on pace and strength. Luckily, the types of opposition Canada faces is the type that Julian can play against. If I were him, I'd go to any club in Europe willing to make an offer, and work up from there. I don't have much doubt that he'd be able to impress in Europe. And from a MNT perspective, I'd like to see him work on being a technical holding mid, instead of dealing with strong, pace-filled MLS attackers running by him every night. As for McKenna, it would be beautiful to see him at TFC, but I'd prefer he stays in Germany at least until the end of the current WCQ campaign, for the same reasons that I'd like to see JDG in Europe.
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