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  1. This is great to hear. In today's world, it should be standard for pretty much any start-up league in Canada.
  2. Yeah I don't know how he escaped at least a yellow. That was borderline red.
  3. Aleman and Fisk stood out for me, minus the golden break away chance Aleman missed. Both are good on the ball, but as others said, we need to play as a team more instead of a bunch of individuals. Piette had a disappointing half in my opinion. The only time I noticed him was that yellow card. We had two good chances by my count, but couldn't bury either. We need one in the second half... Loving the marching band. They were welcome in an otherwise boring half. Why doesn't CONCACAF rotate hosts for more of its events? There's plenty of footie culture in this continent that they are outright burying.
  4. Yeah I shouldn't have been so lazy and did some research before asking lol. It'll be on Sportsnet.ca and CONCACAF's site. Great, looking forward to watching. EDIT: That streaming info is according to the CSA's website.
  5. Will these games be streamed online or on TV? It may potentially be difficult to watch them.
  6. I've gained a lot of respect for this league in the last year. With Ottawa having another short club season (only the Fury for two months or so, 7 home games), I'm considering season tickets with FC Gatineau. The biggest issue for me is travel to their ground. I honestly don't know where it is at the moment, but its apparently far for people crossing from Ottawa, and my Gatineau IQ isn't that high anyway. Great to see Greg Sutton find a role in the league. The young former New England player is a promising development as well. Cheers to Quebec for getting this underway. More provinces should be looking to get leagues like this underway.
  7. This rings true right now. Its fine getting our young guys experience against top-caliber opponents, but we're way too demoralized for them at the moment.
  8. Great news. With Bell and Canadian Tire on board, we may actually get friendlies at home now. Or is that hoping for too much?
  9. I'm wondering this as well. If Gracies are doing both this and the USA game, at least one or two of us Bytown Boys will be there. I'd be interested in buying a V's scarf as well.
  10. That video of him in our centennial kit is disgraceful.
  11. This draft is now perfect
  12. Pretty good draft for the Canadians there. Good destinations for all three so far. Drew Beckie getting selected later on would make this perfect.
  13. Cheers to TFC for stocking up on Canadians.
  14. I don't know if it does us any good, but I'm quite enjoying his ****e situation.
  15. This please Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  16. USA and Denmark are good opponents. Great teams to measure ourselves against. But it would be nice having at least a couple of home games. We play more games in the US than we do in Canada.
  17. I don't think there's much we can do here. MLS is a double-edged sword for us. On the one hand, its a great league to have our best playing in, with the massive bonus of having it in the same continent and time zones. But, at the end of the day, its not our domestic league. It has extremely limited ability to actually find and develop talent for us, outside the three Academies for Canadian clubs. Its barely doing its job of developing US talent because teams are starting to look for internationals to lead them both on and off the pitch (both results and marketing potential). While our players have limited roster spots in MLS, we have to make sure that the players we send are good. It is OUR job to dig around the country and find talent. WE also have to develop that talent until we have a collection of MLS caliber players that can compete in the league, not because domestic rules allow them to be there, but because teams are willing to spend an international roster spot on them. If we have about 10-15 Will Johnson, Andre Hainault, and DeRo caliber players running around MLS, we're in great shape. Other CONCACAF countries are starting to figure this out. Most of their rosters play domestically, with their best starting to realize that MLS is where to maintain high caliber talent. Its time we start mining for talent in Canada. I don't care what we put below MLS and NASL anymore, I just want to see some sort of domestic league setup. The one mentioned in this thread (promoting existing clubs) is a great start. Otherwise, we'll continue to be mediocre while the rest of CONCACAF keeps pressing an advantage on us.
  18. I see your point. I just wonder how long it would take regional D3's to turn into a solid D2 in this country. We aren't exactly top class at running a domestic football league. But as you say, as long as whatever we get is well-run, it'll be positive. Hopefully we do get something. PJSweet mentioned the CSA having a 'pro-league committee'. If it were up to me, I'd have them all fired for the wonderful work they've done in the last 100 years.
  19. I hope you're right. Is the CSA's "announcement" they were talking about after Honduras still on track? The only thing that would make me forget that nightmare is if we start a national D2 in the next month or two. I think they'll go for regional D3's though. Which would be disappointing, but better than nothing.
  20. Me and at least two others will show up (the bytown boys crew). We may end up being pretty loud for this one . Just making people aware, in case some poor soul tries to show up for a quiet lunch.
  21. Awesome. It was fun tonight. I'd guess we had about 20 or so come out to Gracies.
  22. Thanks Rocket Robin! Yes, the length of the PDL season is a topic that comes up often with us, and was reflected in that show. I suppose what wasn't reflected is how proud we are of both the Fury as well as Capital City in their one year. It wasn't fit in only because of the sea of other topics that came up. It certainly will be mentioned in future episodes though. As for the W-League Fury games, they're actually in the plans of the entire group for next season. Unless things change between now and then (which shouldn't happen, but you never know), we are certainly thinking about showing up to their games and supporting them as much as the PDL club. The biggest issue we face is numbers. We need our membership to grow a bit before we can realistically commit fully to the W-League team. The hardest part is when both teams play on the same night (double-header nights, which Toronto Lynx / Lady Lynx may do as well). Our core is good, but small. Having the same people stay all night is a challenge. But in short, yes, we're definitely looking to add Fury W-League to the list of clubs we support, starting next season. I can't wait to see the Toronto Lady Lynx. Along with length of the PDL season, one thing I always complain about is the fact that we don't get to see fellow Canadian clubs at Fury PDL games .
  23. Firstly, just to give some background, I'll start by introducing us as massive Canada supporters who have a passion for developing interest for the sport in our local area (Hopefully winning Canada fans in the process). We're Voyageurs as well, we travel to support Canada when they're not in our area, with most recent games obviously being WCQ's in Toronto. Long story short, we'd love to have a positive, productive relationship with the Voyageurs and even supporters groups of other club teams in Canada. With that, I'd like to invite you to check out the first of our new series of podcasts - "Boots, Scarves, and 21 Questions", where we discuss local, national, and international football. In this episode, two of our members talk everything from how we started, experiences with regards to supporting our local PDL and CSL clubs, MLS/NASL, thoughts on recent CSL news (mostly Ben Rycrofts' match-fixing story), among other topics. We're looking to do two of these shows a month, with one being the two-person "news" style of this episode, and the other a fun round-table discussion, where various members answer quick footie-related questions and we basically take shots at each other. If your interested, find us in the stands at Ottawa Fury (PDL), Capital City FC (CSL), and hopefully Ottawa NASL games. Check us out through our website (http://bytownboys.webs.com/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bytown-Boys-Supporters-Club/210086449037106?fref=ts), or Twitter (https://twitter.com/BytownBoysSC). Thank you,
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