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  1. Congrats Jamie. Thanks for all your hard work - looking forward to a bright future for the V's and Canadian soccer.
  2. I don't post often but I check this site daily, specifically the CanMNT and CanPL forums. I can say that, personally, the V's forum is the primary avenue that got me into Canadian footy and continues to be my primary source for daily updates and excellent discussion. I became interested with the TFC/MLS hype in 2007 and discovered the V's & CanMNT through there. It was/is the forum itself - specifically, getting ongoing info and discussion from relatively intelligent posters - that keeps me going with Canadian footy. I find the ongoing news and conversation in the threads a great way to keep up with the CanMNT and it's players - possibly the best there is in Canada. There are issues. When I joined, it did feel as if a new member needed 'molding' into posting etiquette specifically for the forum. For example, knowledge about Towrads and Sponsons was a big deal. It's fine that there's a dedicated community of hardcores, but, especially in a world where Reddit is emerging and hitting online forums, it's a good idea to make it simple for new members to come in. Perhaps just create a 'V's forum posting etiquette' guideline for new members. The CanPL threads got a bit dicey at times. I think this was mostly a result of a few hardcores excited for the league and little to no information coming out for a long time. As a result, there was circular discussion without much substance while people were edgy waiting for something to happen. Now, each team has its own thread and things are changing a bit. What's essential to get new posters is to make coming in simpler than Reddit and more worthwhile than other social media. We have a forum that easily out classes anything on Reddit, filled with informed users and daily content/discussion. Posters like tg11 can be a good thing with help into getting started. Just a welcome 'etiquette list' and maybe a daily posting limit for everyone would help steer contructive content. There's obviously some fluff that gets posted, but that's simple enough to scroll through. Generally, I find this forum a great source of info on Canadian football that is supported by how long it's been in existence and ties to the national team supporters group. With bit of loose moderation, I can see it being an incredible staple to the Voyageurs.
  3. Hi, Welcome to the V's board. Great to have you on here
  4. Do tickets get us in both matches (Jamaica / El Salvador being the other)? Is it possible to leave the stadium between matches and re-enter with the same ticket?
  5. Great to have you on here, and looking forward to potentially meeting you at the Gold Cup match!
  6. Awesome. Welcome to the forum!
  7. The Voyageurs feature looks really cool. Any chance of more details?
  8. I understand what you're saying in terms of being the only one you know following the CanMNT. I've felt it too. When Ottawa was in PDL, I joined the supporters group and it helped (this forum does too). Even if PDL may not be your cup of tea, meeting others who share a passion for local footy, bringing supporter atmosphere to those low-level games, and generally interacting with the club helps with finding people who are into the national teams.
  9. I'm also a fan of 'mob rule', as you put it, where moderators only step in for concrete issues (ex spamming, hateful language, etc). Overall, I'm fine with leaning towards less moderation. Having said that, there are topics where discussion gets personal between a couple of people and insults begin to fly. In cases like that, a 'take some time off and relax' type post from moderators may help in avoiding escalations.
  10. Hi Eric, welcome to the V's forum. Great to have you in here. I love this board. Plenty of great banter and discussions. It's my go-to source to keep up with news and events in Canadian footy. Hope you enjoy it here, Mustefa
  11. Welcome Stuart! Great to have you on the V's board . Its one of my favourite places online to follow and discuss local (and sometimes non-local) footy. I love it as a place to get informative news and updates on all aspects of Canadian soccer. We've met through an Ottawa supporters group. Looking forward to your contributions on here. Mustefa
  12. Just saw it on The National. Congrats and well done, Robert! Very inspirational story and great research on your part. It's great that you took the initiative to uncover this lost bit of Canadian soccer history. I'd like to share it. Does anyone have a link to the piece which aired on The National?
  13. Strangely enough, our capo with the Bytown Boys in Ottawa wears a 'Support Local Football' shirt while doing just about every game . I'll still spread the word though lol.
  14. I've got two MNT and one WNT caps. MNT vs St Lucia (September 2011) MNT vs Honduras (June 2012) WNT vs USA (June 2013)
  15. Hi Older Goaler. Interesting to hear that you moved to Ottawa and attend Fury matches. If you ever want to meet a couple of us Ottawa V's, feel free to drop by the supporters section during those games. We'd love to hear about what it's like supporting with U-Sector. You'll find me with Bytown Boys. I know at least one person from Stony Monday Riot posting here. Welcome (or, welcome back ) to this forum.
  16. I'll be with the Bytown Boys . It would be interesting if the two groups face each other. A mini-derby match lol.
  17. This sounds like a great event, I'm looking forward to being there with one of Ottawa's supporter groups. Looking forward to seeing you there as well, fussball_eh! It would be awesome to create a V's team in it. Problem is, a lot of us in Ottawa are already with either one of the two Fury SG's. If I wasn't with one, helping out with a Voyageurs team would be a pleasure (I'm not sure if we'd have the numbers, anyway). But this cup is still a great opportunity to wear a V's scarf and help promote Canadian soccer .
  18. First, I think this is a great idea! Second, I think the Georgetown is the place to watch EPL on Saturdays. With the Ottawa Fury having an 'Extra Time' event that night, the Bytown Boys (Ottawa supporters) might (key word, might) have a viewing party for an EPL game that afternoon. If you guys are in, I'll personally make sure you're welcome. Wherever you go, please share, you'll have at least one or two Voyageurs in Ottawa interested in joining.
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