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  1. sorry for the silence boys. It will be around a months time. Sorry once again. I have not stolen any $$$ and you will get what you paid for cheers.
  2. hahah Sorry boys. I have not done anything illegal with your hard earned money and sorry for the delay. THe money is currently in transit. The guys who have sent $$ via pay pal are L.T. Grizzly Hamiltonfan cheeta Hamiltonsteeler Acide Tone Markus Masster Massimo Noland Kur Thiessen ( no user name provided) Kicked RiverCity SIgma gwallace76 El Hombre Canuck Fan redhat Trueviking skaku_bert Michael Victor Miller (no user name provided) Kurosowa MAxG Varsity Tyler G.E. (ted) goodwin JF plus the guys that paid me @ the meeting Rudi BIll SPiers Morrison MAssive Attack David C Gian-Luca Metro Jeffery S sstacko Real Gooner Rocket Robin Busanbhoy Frenkey Breakwood As soon as I have more info I'll pass it along. Once again sorry for the delay and contrarty to Grizzlys belifs I did not go to Cuba Although I wish I could
  3. http://s15.invisionfree.com/U_Sector/index.php?showtopic=47
  4. Whats not cpsl about RDNY is the team sponsoring a free away trip to DC for RDNY fans.
  5. AMICA [)]:DThat club is a joke. Sk any fan of any team in Poland and they will say the same thing. AMICA is an appliance giant in Poland ( refrigirators, stoves, etc. ) Fans often kid that players get appliances as their bonuses. The team competition wise is competative though, just because of the $$$. They have made several UEFA cup apperances and always sit top 5 ( currently 3rd behind last season champs Wisla Krakow and current leaders Legia Warszawa. They won thier 1st 2 spring games convincingly. They impressed v.s @ home Odra Wodzislaw (4-0) and took out Pogon Szczecin (3-0) away. Good luck to Joel
  6. nothing need to be done. They are dooomed alrady.
  7. Its all in good fun. Many of the guys are married or in relationships. I would not look to deep into it. Although the group will be heavily dominated by males so some of this stuff is just bound to show up.
  8. I would rather be the guy who just pays and sits and waits for whatever it is I paid for. If I have to do it ( like in this case) I will. My guy was away for a few days but like I said at the meeting. If there is a Canada-Ireland game in MAY ( like it was rumoured) that should be our debeut with the scarves
  9. If the season was not bad enough for the "black shirts" last week their presidents and major sponsor died. ['] ['] [']R.I.P.
  10. Dynamo was the supposed to be reserved for the Detroit franchise according to Real Gooner . Too bad that name would be soo fitting. Kidding aside. Dynamo remind me of the eastern European countries. Ukranie, Bulgaria, Romania. etc.
  11. as bad as they are I they ( Hartrells) could make it work in a smaller city, where the community gets behind the team. In Toronto as big as the market is there are sooo many others things to do, during the USL season. A smaller city where the community would rally behind a team could be perfect.
  12. The U-Sector are all jumping ship to the MLS. Although we have stated that we will show up to support the Lynx during an important game. Maybe even make a roadtrip to the scum of all scums Rochester or Crotchester as we like to call it. I know that switching sides is the worst thing a fan can do and shall forever be labled a traitor and hunted down. This situation is different. If the Lynx were in the MLS and another team was formed in Toronto with a brighter outlook and we juped ship then I would personally go out of my way to "hunt" down the traitors. Or if the USL /MLS had a promotion system and a toronto team started out in the bottom of the bottom and worked its way up to the top and then we switched over. That would be unacceptable. This is much much different.
  13. Not only the pitch but the weather in germany was awful. This was a horrible game but I dont think many people care. It was a friendly. Most importantly we rested Zurawski ( picked up a slight knock) Our defense is our achilis heal. We are a much better team we just had a bad one yesterday. I was hoping to be smiling form cheek to cheak last night ( Canada and Poland wins) but now I'm just smiling
  14. Gloucester in FLA: "Cocaine's a hell of a drug, I'm Rick James B(I)ITCH"
  15. Then I think your on crack. There is a big leap between High school and the NCAA.
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