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  1. Jonathan David has a good intellect. Not sure if the video is edited in a certain way but this 18 yo has more logical sense than the head coach. Which is at the same time promising for the future of the CMNT and scary for the present.
  2. Officially signed with Cavalry FC https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/cpls-cavalry-fc-signs-ex-whitecap-goalkeeper-carducci/
  3. The older brother at Man Utd is actually the lesser of the 3. Chris was one of the top Arsenal youth prospects but decided to try a different route signing a 5 year contract with Benfica. Joe the youngest at 19 already has 12 Arsenal caps. If all 3 decided to declare for Montserrat it would make for a really interesting experiment.
  4. Do Santos has almost a clean slate to start with. Even though I'm a TFC fan I hope he can get them back on track. Fantasy move would be bringing in Leutwiler as GK
  5. Yikes Dallas with all the bad CMNT news.
  6. No Wiki page nor is he listed on club''s wiki. But here is soccerway page https://int.soccerway.com/players/nassim--mekideche/585112/ his team is on a good run, 2nd place. If he starts getting games than its def someone to follow.
  7. Completely reasonable. The exposure playing Euro youth tournaments far exceeds anything except Gold Cup or Hex for Canada. For their careers it makes sense to stay with their Euro nations. But hopefully for us and unfortunately for them the Senior options don't materialize and Canada becomes the pathway to WC glory!
  8. Its hard to evaluate Cornelius, I guess he hasn't embarrassed himself, played solid same as Henry but the attacking competition of course has been poor. Obviously having a starting CB as a bench player in Serbian 2nd Div (actually he doesn't seem to be even making the bench??) isnt a good look for a nation aiming for WC. Hope the exposure brings some interset from other more prestigious leagues.
  9. That's what I'm thinking as well. The BMO crew had a rough one this past year so with TFC in Chanpions legue once again want to limit the cold weather field thrashings. Good for Vancouver but the indoor games means we lose the cld-weather advantage.
  10. He refused a call-up to the U17 declaring Canada a 'Kick and run' nation. Now he is 20 playing 4th division. The top division has 20, 2nd 22, then 3rd 80. So thats 122 club above 4th level. In the 4th tier there are 360 teams! His loan club is below mid-table so ranked lets say for sake of round number 178 out of 360. That would mean he is turning out for the 300th best club in Spain If aligning with England that would land them in the 8th tier.
  11. Was really hoping that since the next game is at home that scheduling a 2nd friendly would be a possibility. be nice to see more of the guys being called in to camp but not getting minutes. But the FG match is scheduled for March 26th, the FIFA window closes that same day. So again will be a 1 game window unless they're crazy enough to schedule a friendly before the key game.
  12. Pretty much guaranteed to qualify for Gold Cup, a win or probably even a draw gets them into the A division. Taking 1st place is likely a lock with a +4 win at home vs French Guiana. The competition for 1st Cuba and Haiti actually play each other. Haiti is +2 on Canada, can definitely catch them. A draw or loss to Cuba even is conceivable.
  13. This is getting chippy. Need to weather this early onslaught.
  14. Why single out this player with a dedicated thread? Gabriel Bitar was the 1st overall pick there's no thread for him. These draft picks are basically 3 month unpaid internships. If any of these players at 20+ years of age had a big future they wouldn't be featuring in Canadian Universities. Its crazy when I click around on the wiki pages of Euro clubs there's sometimes a young American player on their roster that is no where near their national team. Then here we are appointing a 22 year old unpaid intern to a CPL team as a future CMNT player? That's a very low standard. Will everyone that signs with a CPL club get their own thread?
  15. Check Jackson's wiki page, he was on Canada's radar as an under 20 with 7 caps. Got his first games in League 2 England as a 17 year old then continued to improve. Sure he dropped down to Conference league at 19 and 20 yo but was scoring like crazy there, I'm sure the standards exceed Canadian College by miles. At 22 he was the top scorer in league 2. So there was a some real accomplishment to back the idea this was a player worth tracking. Needs to be a reasonable threshold for a dedicated thread, maybe professional contract? This CPL draft is only a 3 month opportunity to join a CPL club.
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