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  1. This is massive imo we waited how long for junior to commit? Injury aside, really excited for his future not only with our national set up, but his club career aswell still curious is Chavez owns his other 50% or if they sold it to a rumoured bigger club
  2. Why should we be worried? USL is a higher level right now
  3. That’s my fear aswell but hopefully CSA has seen that it just doesn’t work
  4. Herdman never said anything about this player being called in March, he just said that we have someone who has committed to the program even tho injured, eustaquio is a very exciting addition. he's the only one that makes sense at the moment
  5. Yes but I’m guessing he filed his 1 time switch before hand its not great timing but this is the one player that makes the most sense (regarding Herdmans statement)
  6. Eustaquio (Portugal u21) or Bassong (Belgium u19) highly doubt Tomori because of u21 euro cup this summer
  7. I’m sure it’s Eustaquio. he would of have to filed his one time switch and that’s a process , maybe even before the injury ? i think Tomori will commit eventually but not anytime soon considering, as mentioned, the u21 Euro cup where has been a starter for years i was also think it could be somebody totally off our radar but I doubt it
  8. I really hope he does although I don’t look at it as a competition we have the room for multiple high quality players
  9. Still haven’t heard anything about Comsia. It’s still very strange to me that he didn’t get drafted
  10. It’s a 50% deal I wonder if Chaves kept the other 50 or if they sold it to another club? On one report they called him a SportingCP u21
  11. I was thinking CPL or Europe it was strange to me that he didn’t even get selected in the later rounds , considering he won ACC Defender of the year
  12. here is another article https://3point.dk/luke-singh-kan-godt-lide-den-aggressive-maade-at-forsvare-paa/ google translate: Test player Luke Singh likes the aggressive way to defend in Brøndby, where he hopes to impress enough to be offered a contract. There was a new face on the training track, as the Brøndby players Wednesday morning had the first team training on grass. 18-year-old Luke Singh was with. He will be training in Brøndby for the next ten days, and the first training was a good experience, says the young middle man who has both citizenship in Canada and Trinidad & Tobago. - It was a good experience. It is the first time I am in Denmark and there is a different atmosphere, but it feels really good to be here, he says to 3point.dk and explains about the background for the trial training: - They saw me playing in Florida in November in a game where I played 70 minutes. I assume that they think I did it pretty well, since they wanted to see me again. Singh, who can also play at the defensive midfield, does not hide the fact that he wants to impress so much during his stay that it can be even longer. - I was really happy when I heard that the club wanted me here. I have been very pleased and this is what I want. I want to stay here. It is my goal to impress so much that I deserve a contract here. What are you for a type of player? - I'm middle defense and can use both feet. I'm pretty good in the air, can beat good long passes and are very aggressive. I like the aggressive form of defense here. Luke Singh will also be tested in battle, because he has to play with when Brøndby meets on January 13, BSF in the start-up first training match.
  13. Awesome news!!! would he count as an international or is there a deal worked out (Brian Wright/laryea/awuah) where does not use an international spot?
  14. You only get homegrown status if you’re signed by the club you’re a homegrown in so assuming that Vancouver doesn’t offer him a contract, that status wouldn’t count (as far as I know)
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