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  1. Giving this a bump considering he is starting for FCC not sure if I missed anything but is he eligible for us or has it been determined that he is not?
  2. 18 year old Canadian on bench against one of top teams in the world while being on one of the top teams in the world this still blows my mind
  3. looks like Miller his making another start for Orlando along with Akindele and Johnson Positive start for his career
  4. It was on MLS https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/07/warshaw-five-mls-players-poised-make-big-leap-2019
  5. I’ve never been a fan of his work and usually don’t pay attention to his articles had a good laugh when Octavio Zambrano ripped him a new one on Twitter last year
  6. Brandon John will be with Orlando City B this season https://www.themaneland.com/2019/2/20/18233682/orlando-city-b-announces-2019-roster
  7. This is massive imo we waited how long for junior to commit? Injury aside, really excited for his future not only with our national set up, but his club career aswell still curious is Chavez owns his other 50% or if they sold it to a rumoured bigger club
  8. Why should we be worried? USL is a higher level right now
  9. That’s my fear aswell but hopefully CSA has seen that it just doesn’t work
  10. Herdman never said anything about this player being called in March, he just said that we have someone who has committed to the program even tho injured, eustaquio is a very exciting addition. he's the only one that makes sense at the moment
  11. Yes but I’m guessing he filed his 1 time switch before hand its not great timing but this is the one player that makes the most sense (regarding Herdmans statement)
  12. Eustaquio (Portugal u21) or Bassong (Belgium u19) highly doubt Tomori because of u21 euro cup this summer
  13. I’m sure it’s Eustaquio. he would of have to filed his one time switch and that’s a process , maybe even before the injury ? i think Tomori will commit eventually but not anytime soon considering, as mentioned, the u21 Euro cup where has been a starter for years i was also think it could be somebody totally off our radar but I doubt it
  14. I really hope he does although I don’t look at it as a competition we have the room for multiple high quality players
  15. Still haven’t heard anything about Comsia. It’s still very strange to me that he didn’t get drafted
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