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  1. Bikerack

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    You only get homegrown status if you’re signed by the club you’re a homegrown in so assuming that Vancouver doesn’t offer him a contract, that status wouldn’t count (as far as I know)
  2. Bikerack

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Comsia and Montgomery both made the All-American first team!! congrats to both and hope to see them drafted High in the MLS draft
  3. Bikerack

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    I think he’s the same announcer from mighty ducks 3 😂
  4. Bikerack

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    So with Victor Cabrera , Piatti, and Hagglund staying with Canadian teams this year, would that make them eligible for citizenship for 2019?
  5. Bikerack

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    this is so nice to finally have someone playing for a big club and not having to think "i hope he plays for us" HES ALREADY OURS!!!!
  6. Bikerack

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    For the MAC conference , Marcel Zajac and Sam Tojega from Akron made the second team
  7. Bikerack

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    I haven't looked at all the lists but Alex Comsia has won ACC defensive player of the year and Callum Montgomery has won CUSA defensive player of the year Also, Tajon Buchanan got ACC first team Honors ( aswell as comsia) Kamal Miller got ACC third team and Ryan Raposo got ACC Freshman team
  8. Bikerack

    The Mother of Voyageurs Canadian National Team(s) Caps

    here is my list CMNT: 23 May 27 2000 Varsity Friendly Canada 1 v T&T 0 July 12th 2003 Foxboro Gold Cup Canada 1 v Costa Rica 0 July 14th 2003 Foxboro Gold Cup Canada 0 v Cuba 2 June 13th 2004 Kingston ON WCQ Canada 4 v Belize 0 June 16th 2004 Kingston ON WCQ Canada 4 v Belize 0 Sept 4th 2010 BMO Friendly Canada 0 v Peru 2 June 1st 2011 BMO Friendly Canada 2 v Equador 2 June 7th 2011 Detroit Ford Field Canada 0 v USA 2 Sept 2nd 2011 BMO WCQ Canada 4 v St Lucia 1 October 7th 2011 BMO WCQ Canada 0 v Puerto RIco 0 November 15th 2011 BMO WCQ Canada 4 v St Kitts & Nevis 0 June 3rd 2012 BMO Friendly Canada 0 v USA 0 June 12th 2012 BMO WCQ Canada 0 v Honduras 0 Sept 7th 2012 BMO WCQ Canada 1 v Panama 0 Oct 12th 2012 BMO WCQ Canada 3 v Cuba 0 Sept 9th 2014 BMO Friendly Canada 3 v Jamaica 1 June 16th 2015 BMO WCQ Canada 4 v Dominica 0 July 14th 2015 BMO Gold Cup Canada 0 v Costa RIca 0 Sept 4th 2015 BMO WCQ Canada 3 v Belize 0 Nov 13th 2015 BC Place WCQ Canada 1 v Honduras 0 March 25th 2016 BC Place WCQ Canada 0 v Mexico 3 Sept 2nd 2017 BMO Friendly Canada 2 v Jamaica 0 Oct 16th 2018 BMO CNLQ Canada 5 v Dominica 0
  9. Does anyone know when the squad will be released?
  10. I see some very good points people are making but I really would like to believe he called because he is talented and JH sees a future for him , maybe not at Juve and not just because of his pedigree , but because he is a good keeper Way different culture and players from the begovic/lensky days
  11. Bikerack

    Kyle Bekker

    i think he has shown he is capable of getting at least another shot at MLS but would he count as an International on US team rosters?
  12. Bikerack

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    “I think Christine Sinclair made her opinion on this matter and it’s her opinion on this matter and this is what she thinks in the matter so I’m sure this is what she thinks” -tg11
  13. Played 78 minutes , the last 2 goals were scored after he went off
  14. Bikerack

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    As mentioned before, Syracuse has a strong Canadian contingent and so far a Canadian has been involved in every goal(7) after 3 games including 5 goals (buchanon 3, Raposo 1, Goldhar 1) Very exciting if they make it to the final tournament with so many Canucks
  15. Bikerack

    Milan Borjan

    I’m pretty sure it was against Liverpool ?