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  1. How long was that green card tifo up in the first half? It only made a brief appearance on the TV broadcast.
  2. I don't get many chances to watch a full Impact match as they're rarely on English TV, but today at least Piette was a beast.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if those seats sell out yet, especially if, as seems likely, the Jets are no longer involved in the playoffs by then. Still a miscalculation and one that will affect attendance at matches beyond the opener.
  4. I've been checking in on the seat map on Ticketmaster every few days for the home opener on May 4th, and it's starting to look like a good crowd. Lots of progress in the last week. The unfortunate bit is that the club seems to have miscalculated the maximum ticket price fans are willing to pay as the two centre sections are still looking pretty thin.
  5. Supporters' marches to the stadium will be 10k runs.
  6. I assume the jerseys were available for sale at the event. Did they say where else they will be going on sale locally? I notice they haven't yet gone up on the Valour FC online store, and so far only the home jersey is available at shop.canpl.ca.
  7. If the goal is keeping the American Outlaws/Sam's Army types silent or out of the stadium entirely, have the game in Winnipeg. I think most of them hated being here so much during the WWC that they won't be coming back.
  8. I'm curious about this as well. If this is in fact true, neither his transfermarkt and soccerway profiles have him playing anywhere professional in the last few years other than the NZ top division, so it may be some kind of amateur level?
  9. Haven't bought seasons, as I have quite a few conflicts with the home dates, but will definitely be picking up a mini pack at least. Or I may just get the season ticket anyway. Trying to get this sorted with a friend.
  10. It is fair to be disappointed with the marketing efforts to date, but I've been surprised how much awareness and interest in the team I've noticed among colleagues and friends, none of whom are cansoc nerds or have kids in youth soccer. I hope this interest among normies translates into good attendance and support for the inaugural season.
  11. It's hard not to pick David having seen what we have from him with Canada and in highlights from Gent. He's not a better player than Davies (at least yet) but due to the positions he plays is more likely to get goal scoring opportunities. And David's best feature as a goalscorer, unlike most players we're used to watching with Canada, is his composure in front of goal which is frankly astonishing for a teenager in his first season of professional football. Larin figuring things out is the other possibility but at this point seems less likely.
  12. None of our strikers of this century, bar Ali Gerba, have a good record of producing in important matches.
  13. The original tweet, both text and graphic, spelled the players name Guitierrez. The corrected version had his name as Gutierrez (no initial I) which I believe is the correct spelling based on other sources.
  14. Maybe their social media person is reading the forums?
  15. I haven't, but will be making a point of attending as many games as possible.
  16. If Saskatchewan is to have a team, and only one team, in my opinion it should be in Saskatoon. It is larger, and in my experience, more "cosmopolitan", to the extent that any Canadian prairie city can be described as such. It also has the added advantage of not having to compete with the Riders in the immediate local market. And selfishly, despite being a longer drive, it is by far a more enjoyable city to visit from Winnipeg than the provincial capital.
  17. Farago is a legit pro. Sacramento has less of a resume, but is still young-ish.
  18. I think you are confusing who was cast aside and by whom in this situation.
  19. He should save that red card for his final match so the crowd has a chance to acknowledge him.
  20. That tweet actually says that Awoniyi shot over the net from a David cross. David actually scored the equalizing goal, seemingly off a rebound:
  21. Depends on the opponent. If we're playing someone with a guy who needs to be man-marked/pressed into oblivion, Rusty's a better option than most. If we want to pile up the goals, different story.
  22. Could also be a reference to Voyageurs Cup matches.
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