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  1. Can't tell if I'm coming down with the flu or if the waiting is making me ill. It'll all be over soon - probably.
  2. Yeah, four years ago I was going into grade 12 and now I'm starting the last year of my undergrad. Who knows where I'll be the next time Canada plays a crucial WCQ in Honduras... ps, does anyone know if there'll be water breaks for this game? I'm pretty sure FIFA has rules about this, but I feel like the referee will just disregard it unless the Hondurans blatantly ask for them.
  3. Honduras 0 Canada 1 Canada 1 El Salvador 0
  4. I have no idea why (and I have no real basis for this), but I'm feeling fairly optimistic about tonight's match. I'm sure that'll change once the game actually starts, but hey, who knows what'll happen tonight...
  5. If we do end up playing in Toronto, I'll be in line to see my first men's national team game live.
  6. Any chance someone will upload this match? Got home from classes today with the intention of watching this game, but started a paper and kinda got absorbed in it and lost track of time. Thanks!
  7. 1) Will Johnson 2) Russell Teibert 3) Atiba Hutchinson
  8. Simeon Jackson set to make his third consecutive start in the Bundesliga for Braunchweig as they face Eintracht Frankfurt. I must admit, I never thought Jackson would be playing as much as he is right now. Hopefully he can bag a goal or two today.
  9. Jackson is starting for Braunchweig against Borussia Dortmund! Live on GolTV at 11:30EST EDIT: Jackson plays the full 90 for the second consecutive time in the Bundesliga. Braunchweig put up a brave fight as they fall to Dortmund 2-1.
  10. Simeon Jackson can be seen on GolTV as Braunshweig take on Werder Bremen! He's starting. Braunshweig lose to Bremen 1-nil. Jackson played okay. Missed a pretty good chance around the 60th minute, but towards the end of the game he set up his teammate who essentially had an empty net, but hit the ball into the only defender on the line. He played the full 90 minutes in his Bundesliga debut.
  11. In a game where you must win, there's no excuse for a 0-0 draw.
  12. I dreamt we were leading Mexico until like the 80th minute then quickly conceded two goals... So that's something I guess. You know it's bad when my dream didn't even let Canada win... Or maybe it was a very subtle nightmare, I don't know. Should be a massively fun game to watch if we played the way we did against Martinique... /sarcasm
  13. I think this is a great move. Especially if he gets regular playing time in the Bundesliga, which he hopefully will since Eintracht Braunchweig is a newly promoted team. Although I'm not familiar with their team, especially their options with regards to strikers but here's to hoping that he will feature more than he did for Norwich in the EPL.
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