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  1. I watched the whole game, the refs were right to call back the goal, it was offside interference. My 8 year old saw it before I did, Pajoy ran towards the ball, it is pretty cut and dry. I thought the reffing was good, they didn't allow any diving and didn't take crap from players, they had control of the game throughout as well.
  2. Anyone watching the game in East End of Toronto? An Sibin?
  3. Never had anything that bad but I coached a Futsal team this year that went 0-11 for the season and the best scoreline was 3-2, but most looked more like 9-1 and had one result of 14-0 I was pretty proud of the kids (2004) for still showing up to all the games. In fairness to the kids: I know dirt about Futsal, nevermind coaching it. Also they were 2004 and there was only one other purely 2004 team, the rest were either 2003 or 03/04 Anyway, nothing wrong with losing as long as you don't think that it's OK to lose.
  4. Looks like we may not have to play USA in the hex, if they don't make it we have a very good chance of going to Brazil! Two words: ROAD TRIP!!!
  5. If we keep playing like we have been playing I have no doubt we will go to Brazil, would be nice to see Hoillet on the squad too to seal the deal.
  6. Can someone please kill all JDG2 threads and ban them from this site forever!!!!
  7. And I don't have to be embarrassed and literally have strangers walk up to me on the street and ridicule me for wearing V's stuff! Almost popped one douchebag in the mouth a while back...
  8. ME!!! Kids sizes? PLEASE??? If some seed money is needed to do the run contact me, I don't have a ton but would be willing to help out with $500 to make sure they happen. Maybe an order basis? Eagle Beaver does all that stuff and is reasonable on price.
  9. Anyone been keeping up on him? I remember seeing him in the super draft and being impressed. Also wondering if AM would be a more appropriate position for him given his incredible speed. Which leads to another question, anyone know how often a college player ends up playing a different position professionally? Seems to me that if someone is the best on their team they will often end up as a forward, (unless a gifted natural defender) but once in pro level they are likely not best on their team so maybe striker isn't the position they would be most useful.
  10. Julian should throw him a brotherly beating for that one! Brotherly meaning no hospital for anyone, but that is fukass lame **** dick move!
  11. I think we can come out with even better Panama v Canada win Canada v Panama win Hondo v Canada tie/loss Canada v Cuba win 13 points baby! We're going to Brazil!!! Son will be 10, great age to travel with!
  12. I know what you mean but we DID deserve to win that. Even a couple of Honduran supporters said to me that we got robbed. Seeing as Hondo is the hardest team in our group the hex is looking very possible, would be lovely to have 6pts w/ 4 games left though!
  13. That was the best quality live football match I have ever seen! Thanks to Jaime for hooking me up with tix, we were beasts in Mid and ruled that game. Still high on it!
  14. ****! Lost my hard tix, anyone have any extras?
  15. Lost my tix, anyone have an extra pair they care to sell me?
  16. Sad: Sporting FC regretfully announces that one of its star players passed away on Monday, June 4th, 2012. Christopher McCurbin-Parkin, Captain of the U16 Rep Team, and son of Paula McCurbin, was doing what he loved to do most… play soccer. Unfortunately, Chris collapsed on the field during a game and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he entered eternal rest.....At this point in time, it is unclear as to why this unforeseen tragedy occurred.
  17. I think we see 15-16 Win Cuba away Win all 3 home Win Panama away Draw/lose Hon, away
  18. I am a Serie A convert, friend got me watching at end of season and IMO it is the best quality play with the most parity between teams. Still don't have a favorite team yet, leaning towards Inter or Bologne
  19. You have to admit, he is a pleasure to watch on the pitch!
  20. Anyone on PS3? What is your user id? I am lattes2020
  21. Also, can we bring some of our own food to BBQ? Son is allergic to wheat.
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