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  1. Yeah, youre right it's a joke, nobody cares. Let's not even play because Mexico isn't bringing their best. Who cares.
  2. Well it's the confederations championship, the gold cup. If it's not a "good tournament" how come Mexico lost in the semi finals last year? Clearly they have work to do
  3. Question, now maybe I'm thinking way too far ahead but who qualifies for the 2021 gold cup? If nations league qualifying doubles as 2019 gold cup qualification.. then the actual nations league qualifies teams for 2021? I'm asking because they can't play another nations league between march 2020 and summer 2021 with wcq going. I'll assume then that everyone who is in league A and the winners of league B in nations league go to gold cup 2021. If I'm right then 28 out of 41 countries have a chance at both tournaments. That's league A (12 teams) and league B (16 teams).
  4. On the other side of the coin here are wins you left out since 2011: 7-0 vs st Lucia 3-0 vs Cuba 4-0 vs st kitts 4-0 vs Mauritania 3-0 vs Puerto Rico x2 3-1 vs El Salvador 4-1 vs st Lucia 4-0 vs Dominica
  5. The easiest draw goes to Belize. Check out who Belize play: Bahamas Montserrat Puerto Rico Guyana they avoided played a pot A team because they got the extra B vs C team on that match day instead
  6. Usually it starts the summer after the previous tournament, so summer 2019. But we will have the gold cup and then nations league until the end of 2019.
  7. The teams in pot d routinely get smashed by 4+ goals by pot b and c teams. We have never played any of them before. For example in 2016 dominica beat British Virgin Islands 7-0. A couple years before that French Guiana beat Turks and Caicos 6-0. I feel they are a step below teams we've beat before.
  8. If we end up playing a team from pot D... oh man it could get ugly
  9. It's my understanding from what I've read that LoN replaces gold cup qualifying (which is what the Carib cup is) but not World Cup qualifying. I'm assuming that Uncaf will do away with the copa centroamerica because it is also used for gold cup qualifying.
  10. Thanks will that site work on an iPad?
  11. So I'm at a place tonight that doesn't get tsn2!! Help!! Apparently tsngo only works if you subscribe to the actual channel it's on. Is there a YouTube stream?
  12. Yeah after watching that Mexico does not scare me.... I'm very excited for the knockout rounds... buckle up folks it's gonna be a good one!!!
  13. They suspended malouda for 2 games? Lol that's the best part, he can still come back!!
  14. I'm assuming yellows don't carry over to the knockout stages???
  15. If the USA loses tonight it means they will likely finish 2nd. If we win the group that means we play them in the quarter finals and they bring in some big guns. I'd rather they won tonight. But it is nice seeing them lose haha edit: excuse me if they lose they will be 3rd probably, a draw and they might be 2nd
  16. what if concacaf did this: penalize French Guiana by giving them 0 points and -3 goal differential. But leave the 0-0 result for Honduras. So you penalize French Guiana but Honduras doesn't benefit and no other teams feel cheated by concacaf allowing Malouda to step onto the field in the first place.
  17. best post ive seen in a long long while hahahahaha
  18. Couple things here, guadeloupe fielded a player in 2007 that previously played for France, everyone knew this and there was no problem. Did malouda play for french guiana during gold cup qualifying? If he did then technically they shouldn't have qualified because he's ineligible
  19. It has to stand up. If it didn't guys could technically kill each other out there with no repercussions. Then again it's concacaf and they let Malouda play...
  20. Remember angloma from 2007? He played for Guadeloupe, and was in a similar spot as malouda. He had played for France previously but at the time was deemed eligible. Guadeloupe was good that year, lost in the semis.
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