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  1. Hoilett on one side, Davies on the other with Arfield, Hutchinson (until the gold cup), David and Cavallini as the front 6 makes me all tingly inside.
  2. I just hope the csa and their twitter account provides exactly 50/50 coverage 🙄
  3. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-14/fifa-boss-infantino-claims-support-48-team-world-cup-qatar-2022/10619418?pfmredir=sm It looks like 48 teams is a possibility still. The article states concacaf would have 6 spots and there would be a 6 team (one from each confederation?) intercontinental playoff to find the last 2 participants.
  4. That’s the beauty about Wikipedia, there’s an edit button. In Canada we need to spread out the games because venues are booked BY OTHER TEAMS.
  5. Alex

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Derosario vs Costa Rica in September 2007. The first canmnt game at bmo, I was there, it was a left footed strike off the bounce, from the top of the 18, game ended 1-1.
  6. Alex

    Suggested 2022 WCQ Formats

    Here are the available wcq 2022 dates for the next few years for concacaf: June 2019 (2 games) June 2020 (2 games) Sept, Oct, Nov 2020 (6 games) March 2021 (2 games) June 2021 (2 games) That leaves 14 games. Add 6 more if there’s no nations league in the fall of 2021. Maybe there isn’t but I was under the impression that it would take place every 2 years due to the fact that there’s promotion/ relegation and it serves as a gold cup qualifier. Logistically it makes more sense to copy Europe’s schedule exactly and have it the same year as the World Cup. Maybe the next one will be right before Qatar 2022 so we will have all of league A going to gold cup 2023 and the 4 promoted teams? I’m also assuming if we do get into league A right now we automatically qualify for gold cup 2021? what a shit show. The way I see it is if the rumours are correct and wcq starts sept 2020, it’s going to be short and will look much much different than ever before.
  7. Alex

    Gold Cup 2019

    Since we’re all complaining that we’re playing minnows only and we don’t have a tough test to see how good this team is, then I suggest we look no further than a date at Honduras in the gold cup. Let’s put out a mid field of Davies, Hutchinson, Arfield, hoilett and Osorio and finally put this baby to bed.
  8. Alex

    Suggested 2022 WCQ Formats

    The problem with this is that there might not be 22 match days available from sept 2020 until the World Cup starts because of the next nations league that would supposedly take place in sept 2021.
  9. Alex

    Gold Cup 2019

    I don’t know why we can’t have a “border battle” or some corny slogan haha. Have a game in Vancouver then 3 days later in Seattle. Or Toronto and Detroit.
  10. Alex

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Curaçao 6 Guadeloupe 0! Man curaçao looks like a force! I did watch the highlights and several of their goals were free headers and tap ins. Maybe Guadeloupe underachieved in qualifying? Either way curaçao looks tough.
  11. Alex

    Gold Cup 2019

    If they did qualify does anyone know how much cash they would receive?
  12. Alex

    Gold Cup 2019

    This gold cup it looks like there’s no French Guiana or El Salvador. Trinidad and Haiti weren’t at the 2017 tournament and they will be back.
  13. Alex

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    According to the Caribbeanfooty twitter account: Seems British Virgin Islands - Bonaire has been postponed until next March due to flight issues for Bonaire.
  14. My guess what the format will be: Get the 35 teams down to 28 via home and home. Round 2: 7 groups of 4 teams where the 7 group winners and best 5 second place teams go through to the final 12. Round 3: 2 groups of 6, group winners go to World Cup and the runner ups have a home and home where the winner goes to the show and the loser plays off for the half spot. This gives most teams 16 games and keeps more teams in it. It’s closer to the UEFA style which I’ve read is how they want to do it. Also with nations league concacaf doesn’t need the big USA - Mexico World Cup qualifier to happen so they will be more inclined not to have the hex anymore.
  15. Honestly... that’s probably the way it should be