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  1. I’ll bite. I’ll tell you what the problem was back in 2000, I remember it fondly. We rolled out a steel drum band and the red carpet for Trinidad and basically gave them an extra home game. Then Dwight Yorke showed up and scored. We lost 2-0 that game and at Azteca. We couldn’t win in Panama (0-0 draw) and tied Mexico at a cold varsity 0-0 after Corazzin hit the post but by then we were already out. The game before in Trinidad we choked and lost 4-0. It comes down to away games and a lack of talent. We won with holger because of sound defence and the counter (see Richard Hastings). Even though I’ve been beat down many times, we have more talent and frankly a more intimidating home atmosphere than we had before.
  2. Hutch has 80 caps, nine behind de Guzman. Is the caps record something he has eyes on? I know he said he will play until the gold cup and if that’s what ends up happening he would be a few appearances short. It would be nice to see a guy like him stick around until the fall and nations league to maybe hit 90!
  3. The one time, ONE TIME we really feel like we have a team. Like we can qualify by kicking down the front door and announcing our presence on the world stage and I hear they are seriously considering making 2022 48 teams and also - what I consider to be more detrimental- people want to merge qualifying with CONMEBOL?!?! What the hell. We need to legitimately qualify before 2026, I just feel like people will dismiss us if they add 16 teams for 2022 and say we wouldn’t have qualified otherwise.
  4. I agree 100%. Those front 6 all have to start and will start and to me that’s the best way to sort it out formation wise.
  5. Borjan godinho——Henry—- Cornelius—- adekugbe davies—- Hutchinson—- Arfield — hoilett ———— David ——— —— cavallini ——
  6. Let just remember, French Guiana lost to st Vincent at home in October.
  7. From watching the interview I get the impression that he wanted to go back to England no matter what. I feel like his goal is to impress enough at Hartlepool that league one teams or higher come calling. CPL teams probably did inquire and he said just that.
  8. Alex

    League Trophy

    Stanley Cup, grey cup, voyageurs cup. It needs to be a cup with no corporate name
  9. Imagine with this formation we get a game vs the US in nations league THIS YEAR?!? Buckle up!
  10. Hoilett on one side, Davies on the other with Arfield, Hutchinson (until the gold cup), David and Cavallini as the front 6 makes me all tingly inside.
  11. I just hope the csa and their twitter account provides exactly 50/50 coverage 🙄
  12. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-14/fifa-boss-infantino-claims-support-48-team-world-cup-qatar-2022/10619418?pfmredir=sm It looks like 48 teams is a possibility still. The article states concacaf would have 6 spots and there would be a 6 team (one from each confederation?) intercontinental playoff to find the last 2 participants.
  13. That’s the beauty about Wikipedia, there’s an edit button. In Canada we need to spread out the games because venues are booked BY OTHER TEAMS.
  14. Derosario vs Costa Rica in September 2007. The first canmnt game at bmo, I was there, it was a left footed strike off the bounce, from the top of the 18, game ended 1-1.
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