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  1. My dad and I are in for the LA game. He just wants me to find out where the Canada fans are sitting before he springs for plane tickets.
  2. Honestly when I heard that we were hosting the women"s world cup I thought it was wrong that the games were going to be played on a non-grass field. That being said the bind included the fake that they were going to be non-grass and the only counter bid was Zimbabwe, which even if they didn't pull out would have never won based on their security problems with their leadership. The men's world cup would never have to deal with this because of the fact their are nations tripping over themselves to bid....which "should increase the quality of the bids because of it (cough caugh Qatar). Honestly if FIFA had said no...literally no other country was next in line (which in itself it really sad) We passed the FIFA safety standards...which both men and women have played on. If they sue they won't win, but maybe they can get FIFA to drop money on the CSA for temp grass...but is that safer?
  3. Yeah I'm going to make the trip to Toronto. Sadly only one ticket for me
  4. So is there going to be an option to buy tickets through this site for the tournament or should we just buy them off the website?
  5. I know that many people are saying her Twitter account had some pretty awful things being said, but to mention Vancouver 2012 as what she was talking about seems strange to me. I figure we would have heard about that by now or west cost supporters would have said something. Also GoGreen I guess when people said they were their and didn't hear anything they were RIGHT. I can't say anything to the second part of your comment but maybe you should wait for more information before saying things like "Canadian soccer fans are in denial."
  6. I know for one that I was shocked when this popped up on the news feed. I was in 114 and I didn't hear anything that could have been racial. Taking this quite personally actually, so it better not turn out that she's saying it to deflect from her own actions.
  7. Dominguez Nooooo! The last 30 seconds and you had to get that yellow. Must be disappointing for him.
  8. A ref giving a yellow for simulation in central america? What's next? Unicorn sightings?
  9. Yeah if you have any extras next week I would like some. EDIT: Never mind I just ordered one for the Hard Core section (normally stand here when I go alone anyway...too intense for friends and family). I was just asking before for friends and I'm getting tired of the phone tag I'm playing with them. Their loss.
  10. Where on earth does that deserve 3 mins extra? EDIT: ok so it was actually 1 min...that seems right
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