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  1. ktf

    General Discussion on CMNT

    FIFA eligibility is rather funny. I would be eligible for Germany, but as an interesting kicker, one of my German grandparents was born in modern day Czech Republic. So I guess I could probably make that claim as well. Playing hockey as a kid I always joked (in a semi serious way) about switching to Germany for hockey, if I was not good enough.
  2. ktf

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Former Danish National team player... Michael Silberbauer
  3. ktf

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    I was hoping the numbers would be a little higher as well, but I think that was only hopeful optimism based on my own excitement. In reality, as noted above, I have followed the CPL from the beginning and new about Victoria immediately, but most people I know (lots of sports people included) had no idea. I feel like I should be hired as a promoter the way I keep selling this team in person! I do feel like people will come, a significant portion as walk-ups, as the season approaches. The Victoria Salmon Kings were successful as a Minor Pro hockey team and consistently drew 4-5k a game (in a season with significantly more games). They only left because the owners always wanted the WHL and parlayed the ECHL success into getting a WHL franchise. I would be curious about how the operation expenses of the ECHL and CPL will compare. Weekly Salary cap in the ECHL is around $12,000 USD, but with housing and meals often provided. Back to the membership numbers... They are around 200 now and I feel that is probably good for at least 400-500 tickets being sold. I am member 80 and will purchase at least 2 tickets, but possibly 5-6 if some friends and I link together. Therefore, if the membership numbers eventually rise to the 500 area, there should be at least a reasonable base to start with.
  4. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    Some people still have the physical paper delivered. Maybe I will scan the next one!;) But I do agree on encouraging the coverage!
  5. ktf

    Coaches Speculation

    According to the Times Colonist this morning Riley O'Neill is a top candidate for Pacific FC. The article did mention that there were 3-4 candidates being looked at and they probably wouldn't hire until the fall.
  6. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    According to the Times Colonist this morning they will name a coach in the fall. Riley O'Neill is a leading candidate at the moment, but it says there are 3-4 leading candidates and others asking. O'Neill would certainly qualify as an attempt to develop young Canadian coaching talent. He also had a decent career, although nothing to write home about, in Europe for a Canadian who went through the NCAA. The article also mentioned Josh and Rob would co manage, which is probably a good way to save money in the early stages.
  7. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    The launch event was quite nice and gave off a good vibe. I was not confident in the purple, but with the lagoon blue I really like the combination. I think, in my incredibly bias opinion, that it is easily in the top two logos so far. I do really like Halifax as well. I am also member number 80! Sorry for not showing the tweet;)!
  8. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    I am not entirely sure on my feelings about the name yet. I like Pacific FC, but I feel like it could be better. Vancouver Island is a little unwieldy for names, which is why I find it hard to complain. I am less impressed with the fact that it seems purple will be the main colour. I was hoping for blue, but I guess we lost out to Halifax and Edmonton in that battle.
  9. ktf

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    This is a great hire for Halifax and the league. Hart knows the local community well, but also is a very experienced coach! Obviously, his Canadian National team run did not end well (to put it nicely), but he did get T&T to the Hex. It is also good that he has connections to many former/current CMNT and youth program players that he can recruit. He can also use his T&T connections to bring in some quality players on the cheap.
  10. ktf

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    No worries, those are valid points. For me it is more about the difficulty of playing away in out region. We always talk about it and yes they were inexperienced, but for a team that was in the European last 16 in 2016 it still demonstrates the difficulties. Also I have not changed my perspective over these friendlies;)
  11. ktf

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    I agree that we maybe lack some of the starters we used to have, but since the 2002 WC qualifying campaign when I started watching, we certainly have the best depth in that time now. The last three years is the first time I can confidently say that a second 11 could be competitive in regional competitions and that there are players that can;t make my ideal 11 or squad that I like or 10-15 years ago may have started.
  12. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    Some fair points, but some slight misinterpretation on your part or lack of clarity on mine. 1. In terms of Nanaimo, I do love the possibility and think it would be a place to consider. However,if it is a national CPL2 depending on where the other teams are it could be logistically an issue. Imagine trying to travel from Nanaimo to [insert any location Ontario East]. If the CPL2 comes to have divisions, where there are teams in places like Kelowna, Red Deer, etc. than I agree that it would be an ideal location. 2/3. I did not say in my post that a Victoria name was a bad idea or I preferred a Vancouver Island name. I did specifically say that Victoria United is certainly better than Port City FC and BCFC. The name can have Victoria in the name and still be branded to the whole island. For example, the use of the emblem from the flag with a Victoria name can be effective. I also agree that having a Victoria name will not dissuade the fans from making the trip. From Cobble Hill/Mill Bay to Langford is only 30-35 minutes (my sister lives close to Brentwood College and the trip to Costco is barely 25 without construction delays) so it really will be not a bad trip if the times are good.
  13. ktf

    Victoria CPL

    This is really exciting for many of us from the area. It also lines up well as my last year teaching in Oman ends next May and I will be back in time. I will definitely buy season tickets (even if I go in on a few seats with a friend). There are so many good potential names. Victoria United certainly is better than Port City FC or BCFC. I think using Vancouver Island branding is the best approach because it is unlikely there will ever be a second island team (Nanaimo would certainly start in a second division, if ever). I grew up in the Cowichan Valley, but have lived most of my adult life in Victoria. However, I know plenty of people who would make the drive to attend games, especially in Langford. Even if this only accounts for 50 to 500 people/G that is not bad. Game time/day will be a big factor. They should use the emblem on the old Vancouver Island flag in some way.
  14. ktf

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    This was a very impressive showing and hopefully they can carry this over into Concacaf competitions. Although, as was noted by someone (sorry to whoever that was) in the General National Team thread, Concacaf is not so easy as Northern Ireland and Scotland both were completely outclassed vs Mexico and Costa Rica. So hey maybe we are not that bad! Also, I see this group of youth players as one of the first set that could fully benefit from the CPL. Obviously, we hope many of them (Miller) jump into higher European leagues, but for those who do not, it would be nice to see them turn to the CPL rather than disappear in 3-4 years.
  15. ktf

    CPL General

    Some really great points being made on here that I feel the need to validate/comment on... Firstly, the AHL, CFL, and other minor pro leagues generally do have added perks that cut down the cost of living substantially. These can include big things like housing, but also various little expenses (transit pass, fitness/gym facilities, full medical benefits notably dental, food on the road/pre-games) that when put together make a salary of 30 to 40k very livable. I feel that if CPL teams have a "package" of this kind it could be highly attractive. For example, Victoria is a costly city, expecially housing, but add in some form of housing subsidy (or even a few team flats for younger players), a transit pass (85$/month), a gym pass, perhaps work with sponsoring restaurants/stores for food discounts for players, and add in coaching/running camps on the side and it would be very attractive to any young footballer looking to break into professional football. Secondly, like the CFL, I assume many players will take advantage of the 4 to 6 months available to them for secondary income. I know people can see this as being a semi-pro aspect, but it has worked for the CFL for a long time. Thirdly, I think they could use to make an announcement relatively soon. I understand the idea of trying to wait until they can unveil the whole package for next year, but if they do have any franchises (beyond Winnipeg and Hamilton) that are completing ready to be announced, why not give the fans a taste and unveal a couple more now and the rest in "60 to 90 days." Finally, in terms of names, I feel they could use to be less creative! I suspect many of those are just back up options, but if many of us have to guess/have no idea who the name is for, that does probably not bode well. The York name works. BCFC for Surrey could be interesting if they plan to have other BC teams. What is wrong with simple city names? I know North America has an obsession with catchy names, but thinking about the European teams, why not just stick simple? HWFC, Victoria United, Calgary FC, etc.