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  1. Well, you've already got my name up there, so I suppose I should show up too
  2. The entirety of Section P is 44 rows of 16 seats, and one row up top of 12 seats = 716 seats. There's now way we'd sell all of that out. There's anywhere from probably 150 - 500 in any of the endzone sections (that's just an educated guess)
  3. As others have mentioned, we've typically been in Section P at Commonwealth, but if we could be more towards the middle, that would be great. The trick is, there's no way we'd fill an entire section, especially in the middle. We could fill one of the smaller sections in the North endzone, but that's not great for viewing - plus, we're not seen on TV, and that certainly doesn't help our cause. If we could buy out X number of rows (depending on how many people are going) from field level up, that would be great. I agree with Rob with his priorities, but he's got his sections backwards. Sections N - Z are on the East side (TV side), and again, I believe this is where we should be.
  4. This was posted by The Voyageurs account on Facebook: "Women's World Cup Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but only the stadium passport tickets. We will be buying individual game tickets which come later. Our sections and pricing will be available shortly. So please stay tuned, don't panic and continue being the awesome supporters of Canadian soccer that you are.... carry on."
  5. Got an e-mail with the pre-sale code...are we doing tickets that way, or doing something through the V's/CSA?
  6. Hey all, I've officially got the go-ahead from work to have the day off, so I'll be there...trying to wrangle up some more support too...also love the Pint/Sherlock combination, seems to work well here in Edmonton. Mike, if there's anything you need help with, just message me...I'm off for the next couple of days as well, so I can help out with some legwork if needed.
  7. Central it is...I'm off tomorrow, so I may pre-game a little earlier...I'll throw the info on Twitter mid-day Wednesday, as an invite for others...see y'all there...and yes, it certainly won't be the same without a couple of faithful regulars.
  8. We went to Central Social Hall back in May before the Men's game...decent location, close to the LRT...should we go there again, or somewhere else? I know the ESG is partial to the Pint off Whyte too
  9. I'll be going...as for a pre-game, I haven't heard of anything, but would totally be up for getting together...has it maybe been discussed on the FCESG forum?
  10. Fantastic stuff boys, well done to all who made the trek to Pasadena, Seattle, Denver, and any combination of the three!
  11. So IF (and, I mean, this is a massively huge, almost impossible, not gonna happen, IF) we beat Mexico, and Panama and Martinique draw, could you imagine the panic in Mexico? It's a b-team from Mexico, granted, but still...
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