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  1. Wow, buzz-kill! I'm in favor of a centennial commemorative scarf. Perhaps let's remove ourselves from the oft antagonistic sentiments that can sometimes (understatement) be felt (in recent memory) towards the CSA admin, and consider this analogy: Consider a scenario where a club was founded 100 yrs ago, but it's dominant supporters group was only founded some 12 or so years ago. In those 12 yrs the supporters group had often been at loggerheads with the club over various issues, even actively organized protests against the club on several occasions. Do you think that supporters group would refuse to celebrate the club's 100th anniversary on the grounds that it "was not the club"? Like the current state of affairs at our national governing body or not, the Canadian National Teams are still our team, and this year is the closest thing they get to a centennial, so I say let's do it! And besides creating a little bit of hype here and there is never a bad thing IMHO. P.S. wrt scarves all being the same colour, I hear your point. Perhaps for simplicity sake, we could always design scarves that are the same colours as the current one; however, I don't think we have to be so rigid as to make that a criteria (unless others feel strongly about it)... If V's on mass don't want to change the colours they can always just vote for ones that have a similar colour scheme.
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