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  1. Seems about as credible as any other unlinked, unsourced, no "on the record" quoting tweet. I'll personally be taking this with a large grain of salt.
  2. ... nice troll dude... until recently he lived in Vancouver. Pretty sure he wouldn't mind going back for a visit.
  3. Yeah fair points, and like you said hard to extract cause and effect. Highly possible that it also contributed to a hardcore inferiority complex, and very different times but don't think the original NASL needed euro leagues on network TV to bring in a golden (but unfortunately fleeting) age of soccer in North America.
  4. I get the importance of keeping soccer specific journalists gainfully employed, but at the same time I've been a watching CL and EPL for over 20 years now on these networks and I really can't say having network TV coverage has ever done anything positive for our domestic game. I like watching Euro footie as much as the next guy on here, but I'm personally not loosing any sleep over this... streaming services like DAZN are the way of the future, and who knows, maybe domestic soccer content will fill the network TV void. Rogers/Bell do own TFC after all.
  5. Yes similar situation that went our way. But if he'd been given a sniff by Scotland he definitely would have chose them... and I don't think anyone would've begrudged him for it. Ya win some ya loose some.
  6. I could see him moving to Pacific if the money is good enough, and a coaching job is a firm commitment, along with money and sponsorship of his coaching education, which IMO is almost as, if not more important.
  7. Personally still rate Vitoria and Jakovic at least as good, and probably better than Edgar, but all three are getting on. CB in general though is looking a lot better than it did a couple of years ago. Now we just need two or three of those guys to step up and stamp their name on the game sheet for club and country.
  8. NDS seems to have a good eye for underrated talent, and Canadian players in general tend to get underrated.
  9. Yeah, but even if Larin had an interest in coming back to MLS, I doubt very much the MLS forgets they're parting circumstances. MLS contracts players centrally, and the head office has the final say on any contract. Larin forced a transfer by basically telling them their entire "club option" system of contracting players wasn't legal. I think it's extremely unlikely he'll ever be employed in MLS again.
  10. Except that part where Larin took a piss on the MLS.
  11. Fairly sure it's been stated on this thread in the past that Piatti is on record as saying he has no interest in playing for Canada. Re: Haggland, Cabrara, etc. in addition to number of seasons played in Canada (FIFA eligibility), their eligibility for Canadian citizenship depends on the number of days they spend in Canada per year. As an example Evan Bush has been with Montreal since 2011 and would already be eligible for Canada if he'd spent his off seasons in Canada, which he doesn't... no idea if Haggland or Cabrara spend enough time in Canada per year to qualify for citizenship. 12 years of MLS in Canada and zero nationalized players. Just saying.
  12. UK footie fans trolling on twitter... say it ain't so...
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