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    Long time national team supporter and volunteer for CSA LOC duties in Edmonton from 2000 onward including chair of the Promotions Committee of the U-19 Women's World Championship in 2002. Former coach and executive committee member of various minor soccer associations and former ladies Classics coach.
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  1. Support local football, support local business. Either way, the money you pay is worth it; even if it is a couple bucks more.
  2. Hell yeah! That would be a lot of fun. I like using the iconography from the original Voyageurs as much as possible and it gives the non converted something to look at and talk about.
  3. Thanks Jamie. Let them burn a hole in our inboxes when you get to it. See you at the AGM.
  4. I am in for both meetings and Mapleblood will probably be there too.
  5. Welcome aboard Eric. I think you are going to like it here. Although I will take some pleasure in seeing my Eddies triumph over your Furries but other than that I am sure we will get along. Any thoughts about coming out to see Canada in the WWC this summer?
  6. Do you happen to know if any arrangements have been made to bring some of the banners I mentioned to Vancouver for that game?
  7. Are you referring to El Rancho, Los Comales or Acajutla? Also, my apologies for thread hijacking; my bad.
  8. Thanks for the info on this. I was actually thinking about bucking up (along with hopefully a few other local Vs) to get something made so that we actually have something here in Etown to display for games. If you had those made, is there a chance to get any more made through youur contact? My hope would be that any additional products ordered would be cheaper if they have already digitalized the artwork as opposed to starting from scratch with a custom flag / banner manufacturer. With respect to the existing banners that Jamie and Sam have, I think we would be willing to pay the freight to h
  9. With the two CWNT games coming up vs Japan in Edmonton and Vancouver, I am trying to figure out how to improve the number and size of banners that we display in Edmonton. In order to do that, I would appreciate any info that you have on the following questions. Of the existing banners that I have seen, I think the Voyageurs one (maybe there is more than one?) with the circular logo on the left and the large Voyageurs script on the bottom from centre to right and Allez Les Rouges on the top right would be the one I am most interested in. Who has one like that and where did it come from? If a s
  10. I understand that you may have misgivings about that chant but I have to say that if you are trying to get the non traditional soccer supporters involved, you have to start with something that they know rather than the unfamiliar and (to them) obscure soccer chant. It's kind of like being the lead singer in the bar band that wants to play all their original material from the last album but the audience wants a cover version of "Smoke on the Water" as their big request. Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want and they will follow.
  11. I absolutely have to concur with Rob and Monte on this. Tuscan is totally a never say die (or dry) capo when it comes to getting the uninitiated off their ass, on their feet and signing or clapping along. It is one thing to lead the experienced and willing who have already converted to the way of the Voyageur. But to take the newbies who don't quite know what they have gotten themselves into and lead them into having the whole corner of the stadium just rocking............ now that's impressive. Even John Herdman noticed; in one of the interviews he referred to the time the whole stadium got g
  12. If we do our own voting then I see absolutely no potential for homer bias coming into the equation. Absolutely none; no it would be totally objective for sure.
  13. These sound like valid areas to focus some attention on and a good start. After that it would be helpful if there was a way to keep up the focus more consistently. As opposed to months of radio silence puntuated by short bursts of intense activity to play catch up. I hope you are well Jamie. When you are on it things are generally running really well. Perhaps delegating some activities, as you suggest with the regional coordinators concept, is a way to avoid having too much pile up on one person.
  14. The total lack of information coming back form "the centre" on topics like paid memberships and items promised is appalling. The same goes for the total neglect on CWNT tickets and "Mission 2015". Why is there absolutely no accountability on any of these items? Perhaps a more formal governance structure is required for the Voyageurs because I believe we are at a stage that we have outgrown the "ad hoc" methods used up until now. Perhaps a little more professionalism is required for us to be successful going forward. Either that or we give up all pretense of promising that, "we will be all t
  15. So we have announcements from the CSA that they have scheduled 4 Pre WWC 2015 friendlies against the #1, the #2 and the #3 ranked teams in the world. Great news and cause for Vs all across the country (those that support Frauen Fussball) to get together and plan how to show our Women's Team the highly committed support that the Vs are known for. All we have to do now is get our tickets together in the designated supporter's section with our Voyageur's connections to the CSA and we are good to go!! Wait, what's that you say? There are no tickets available from the Vs? Nothing at all on the
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