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    Long time national team supporter and volunteer for CSA LOC duties in Edmonton from 2000 onward including chair of the Promotions Committee of the U-19 Women's World Championship in 2002. Former coach and executive committee member of various minor soccer associations and former ladies Classics coach.
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  1. My apologies to everyone else about talking CPL on this thread. I am unable to make the Winnipeg match because I made a pact with my father in law in Calgary. I will go to Calgary that weekend for the Cavalry season and home opener and he will visit Edmonton the next weekend for the FCE home opener. If not for that I would probably be.
  2. I assume that you will be there for the Valour FC home opener? You probably already know, but if you don't I should warn you that some FC Edmonton supporters are headed there for "Winnipeg Away". https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winnipeg-away-2019-season-opener-tickets-59797518989?fbclid=IwAR0sFHPBn39BgXmiEGYH5WmaxFf_aUgu-jjtYch-W5i5EwiPO8gpdNMBqQo
  3. Yes you will. Not leaving for France until June 7th. Looking forward to it.
  4. No problem with Match #3. But I will definitely take the Grenoble ticket if I may.
  5. As per Lord Bob's reply. Do you have any tickets for group matches two and three?
  6. My plans are also for all group matches and round of 16. Arriving in Paris on June 7th and departing Paris on June 28th. I believe Trillium plans to stay in France for the whole tournament.
  7. I will also be needing a ticket for all three group matches and round of 16. Would be interested in what you have available.
  8. Also curious about whether there is a plan for St. Kitts.
  9. We seemed asleep at the wheel on the first two goals. Not sure which one was worse.
  10. Holy crap. 2 quick goals and it's a 2-2 tie. Very generous of us to keep gifting these goals.
  11. Proposed drinking game for TV viewers. Take a drink every time a seagull goes across the screen. Shitfaced already!
  12. Three pages of debate mostly over who will/won't be there and who should/shouldn't be there and only one reference about actually going to the game. Houston is a great place to catch an away game and a chance to show some support for our friends in Texas that just got clobbered by Harvey. Is anyone thinking of actually going instead of armchair coaching?
  13. Not sure who he was. He was on the opposite side of the stadium from where Mapleblood and I were and we didn't get a chance to go over and chat with him
  14. Actually I waited until virtually ALL of the posts were made on this topic before I said one peep, and I never make a post unless I have read the entire thread and any other cross posted threads. Simply put, I do my homework and always keep sight of the historical perspective, unlike the hysterical perspective that some on this board default to. And when I did respond, it was to a post where you did not say it was YOUR system or your interpretation of A system, you said unambiguously that it was "THE" system. I could count the number of posts you had on the topic before I made a single one but frankly you seem to be the mathlete here and I guess I am not entitled to a little bit of free speech without getting three pissy posts in return. Step back, grab a bit of perspective on how you have handled this; there may be a teachable moment in all of this, if you are open to the lesson.
  15. Doug, can you show me a copy of the memo when the QPR, or even an EPL, rating system was adopted as the Voyageurs standard? You appear to be very adamant that everybody on the board adopt that system simply because you have adopted it. If that memo doesn't exist please stop being so prescriptive, or even downright bossy, about it. If the memo does exist, then I apologize as I most assuredly did not receive a copy.
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