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  1. I don't think he would be a good fit for Ottawa; nostalgia for his best years might work well for the Voyageurs but I don't think people outside of the 'soccer community' really care too much about his twilight. I'm sorry to be so blunt - he has given a good effort to Canada and done well in the MLS - but I would rather see younger Canadians getting field time at the Fury and I am skeptical about his ability to be a positive influence. One of my most disappointing moments was to hear Canadians supporters demand for his presence in Toronto in the match against Jamaica over the younger guys on the field who were playing well. I don't want to bring that to Ottawa but I also don't think it would have the same 'impact' that fans in Toronto believe it would.
  2. I hope there is a Canada section that we can help organize to fill.
  3. I think it is unfortunate that the grounds for a discrimination case is being waged over the turf; in one sense it does work symbolically because they are attacking the unequal field of play but on the other hand, many people realize the inequality but are trying to take positive strides to ending the discrimination between men and women soccer players. That position is not being recognized by this type of action and is creating a lot of friction. That the CSA, and other national federations, does not have any clear plan to expanding semi-professional and professional women's soccer in this country (paying for a few players in the NWSL is okay but needs to be a stepping stone not a end-point solution) should be more central criticism. Women have a very hard time reaching professional levels and that is, in large part, because of structural discrimination.
  4. Women still are banned from attending major sporting events in Iran as spectators: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/31/verdict-due-british-iranian-woman-volleyball-sports-event http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/11/iran-urged-end-ban-female-football-fans-20131171494737790.html According to this article, women have only been allowed into the stadium for the men's national team once in the past ten years: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/06/iran-womens-volleyball-barred-entry.html# Their women's team has never done very well (they lost bit time to Thailand and the Philippines in qualifying) but they do have one and they do compete, after briefly being banned for requiring players to wear hijabs.
  5. I'm hoping we can pull in a group from Ottawa for the Montreal game. I know Stony Monday Riot (stonymondayriot at gmail.com) is looking for a few road trips and will be willing to organize at least a bus from the city for the Vs supporters section if it is possible. We will also be willing to sell tickets.
  6. We should plan a bus from Ottawa to the final in Montreal. Have faith that the Canadians make it that far .
  7. By having the rows in front participate in the songs. Not hard. A megaphone in a crowd that big is useless because singing alone would out power it. If you can't get to the back of the rows, the problem isn't the capo its the rows directly in front of the capo not really following along that loudly. If people don't participate loud enough then other strategies are needed: different songs, different positioning, better engagement with the crowd. amplified voice = a cope out and is oppressive. Why a competition is not a good idea, whats the point of comparing a 'capo'? As Bob pointed out not everyone uses one in the first place. Second, seems like if there is something 'competitive', it is between complete sections of supporters not just one person (with or without a megaphone). Third, how do you compare Victoria with Edmonton or Ottawa with Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver? Whats the point of that? The real rivalry is on the field and between supporters. Not between individual persons (with their megaphones?).
  8. megaphones are for the weak. More importantly: why a competition? Seems like a not good idea.
  9. Wanna move your studio to downtown ottawa and do the same thing? there are a lot of new lcbos opening that you could choose to locate in front of.
  10. It is about business - MLSE has deep pockets with Bell and Rogers but they are trying to remake the sports culture in Toronto/Canada so that they can continue to make money off of their sports platforms Sportsnet and TSN. A shift towards soccer is a big deal for these companies as it is the world's largest television market. Big owners are going to be projecting farther into the future. Gate revenues are a big part of the income of every sports team - though it varies. For large European clubs gate is between 15 and 40% http://swissramble.blogspot.ca/ . The moves are going to be a mixture of 'sportive' and for the business model because the business model is sports and being 'successful' on the field is one way to gain loyal support (customers), though as the leafs show not the only way.
  11. I'm more worried seeing Canadian players slide in to break messi's leg for a friendly just before the world cup...
  12. Cavallini has to start trying to break into the first team, then either to Argentina and more likely try to get interest in Europe. If not a career in Nacional would be decent. But so much work just to get into the first team regularly. MLS is not the right path.
  13. From the stadium of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro on the opening of the inicial 2013.
  14. Saw on Fox Sports Argentina that Urruti is doing his physical for Toronto.
  15. His facebook says born in Montevideo https://www.facebook.com/pages/Juan-Cruz-Mascia/175665062535878?sk=notes; transfermarket had some bad information on him somehow and that has spread into other corners of the internet. One important bit to note is that when you change into spanish, Ottawa only comes up in transfermarket websites. I doubt even if he was born in Ottawa the circumstances would have been favourable for Canada given that there are youth records in Uruguay going back to a very young age... Back to Cavallini??
  16. Also working off of wikipedia? The wikipedia was editted by an ip that has never worked on an article before on May 16 2013 claiming that the transfermarkt said he was born in Ottawa. That person wrote that he was born in Ottawa to Uruguayn parents. But there is no actual reference to that story. Sounds like someone was making stuff up at this ip address:, which is in Montevideo.
  17. Makes a lot more sense if he was born in Montevideo playing for Miramar Misiones in his youth. Sorry guys.
  18. but i am drinking yerba mate ... with ice cold water, still in a thermos though.
  19. The Fury is kinda similar - plastic pitch (you can even see a few of the prominent seams, which must be really dangerous) that is out of the way at Algonquin College (though not as bad as the middle of nowhere). The 'stadium' is a bunch of metal bleachers. I think its just cheap because the Fury runs their youth programs there but there is one or two better places to play (uOttawa now has a small stadium, Carleton will have something, and there is the small stadium at Mooney's Bay). There is very little media coverage -hard because Ottawa wants to be a 'big city' and perceives these things as small town stuff so wont promote it. Just like Montreal I presume (but what other sports are there really going on? CFL once and a while? In Ottawa there is NOTHING else). They show games here on Saturday on local cable Rogers. The quality -at least live, TV is different- is not bad because the Canadian teams are comparatively well run and put money into attracting players (I think Fury offers some soccer-camp counsellor positions to the unpaid players). Not sure why, but the women's game also tends to highlight the skills of a player more so it can be a bit more entertaining to watch I think. But how to get people into the stadiums, especially people who haven't been given free tickets by their youth team/club, is a big question.
  20. Canadian born and raised, burlington is where i spent most of my days . another secret: no latino blood either.
  21. It takes a special person to threaten to people in the stands to "**** you up" (multiple times) "kick your ass" and "meet me after the game" in response to "we were told not to talk to you" followed by "that is inappropriate sir" "referee, did you hear that? I consider that a threat". If anyone here is associated with the Lynx program for the women, I would recommend getting involved in changing the coaching of that program. A lot of young raw talent on that team does not seem to be getting the best coaching and training, which is too bad. If he cannot keep his cool because a few people are singing loudly over his confusing directions, he is not keeping his cool while providing the really important lessons to his players away from the match. Needless to say there are going to be some references to the angry scottish man in bytown songs, sorry Lynx but you'll not live down the hilarious insanity of your under-qualified manager.
  22. I blame it on Toronto's coach . When they came to Ottawa, he complained to the referee because we were yelling stuff like "hack the bone" with a scottish accent. Clearly he prefers playing in silent parks. Disappointing that the referee and the Fury didn't tell him "that's too bad". Someone from the Fury came over at half time and said there was a complaint and that we should stop. Part of the W-League management (and players) don't want it to have spectators I suspect, and those that might like spectators don't a good idea of how to do that and what consequences it will have.
  23. If Nacional can make it past the first and second stages, where they will play some smaller clubs from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia or Paraguay... Not saying the best of those countries isn't very good (Paraguay is in the finals with Olimpia), and while the best often does rotate from one year to the next, the third place clubs often aren't that great. Of course Nacional also finished third last round . I shouldn't hate on Nacional if Cavallini is going to play there but it is hard!! haha.
  24. Ole, Ole ole, ole, Aleman, Aleman! OLE, OLE OLE, OLE, ALEMAN ALEMAN!!!!
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