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  1. Might be a question to email to the team directly.
  2. You guys are being polite. This is bullshit, it screams minor league, I mean this guy wasn't even the top guy playing in CUSA Prem.
  3. They really messed up the upper tier ticket pricing. How dumb is it going to look when the ends of the pitch, yet next to nobody sitting in the middle 2/3. Walk-ups aren't going to buy tickets that cost that much.
  4. Here's the official information for the launch of the team. Prices et al. 2019_SeaonTicketing_Launch_lores.pdf
  5. I would think these teams are not generally going by their city names so they can leave the door open for other teams in their respective cities to develop over time. (For example a north Calgary team perhaps?) This makes even more sense when you take into account the stated goal to eventually have a promotion/relegation system in place. I like the name, it suits the location just fine.
  6. Wynalda's power rankings have Canada at #2? They must be playing somewhere that weed is legal.
  7. Whats with this straight to penalties nonsense?
  8. Mexico with 10 lineup changes today.
  9. Yeah, don't think there was much chance of Edwards coming on, really the only other option to send home would be Straith.
  10. The ranking of each team in each group will be determined as follows: Greatest number of points obtained in group matches Goal difference in all group matches Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches Greatest number of points obtained in group matches between the teams concerned; Drawing of lots by the Gold Cup Committee So.... a 2 goal win still gets us first in the group if CR-FG ends 3-0
  11. Win by 2 we win the group. What's the second tie breaker?
  12. Wasnt a sure thing at that time. Seems a big risk to take to be happy with a tie.
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