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    Winter out at TFC???

    Steven Goff on Twitter said that Winter is out & De klerk is in at least temporarily. Goff is one of the best soccer journo on this side of the Atlantic, so i'm assuming there has to be something going on
  2. McGuire

    Whitecaps against City

    Will the game be on TV, by chance??
  3. Actually Bunbury did say he couldn't imagine not playing for Canada, so he did pull the ol' bait & switch & is a duplicitous traitor in his own right, just like OH. But i'm with you that i've got nothing against Jono De Guzman, he never made any guarantees to us about playing for the CMNT or wax poetic about how great it'd be to play for Canada, that & the fact he was living in Holland since he was in his early teens, I gives him a pass.
  4. Doesn't make it right no matter where it happens & who it happens to
  5. On paper it's clear that DC got the better of the deal, so it makes me wonder what the RB's have up their sleeves or if Bakce got tired of DeRo's act.
  6. I dunno I like the black shorts, but it looks a million times better with red shorts though
  7. Jamie Redknapp too, weren't all the Spice boys on the U17 team at one point or another
  8. In an ideal world it'd be nice, maybe something for the academy kids. Can't see the 1st teamers being interested in playing in it.
  9. You seem to have forgotten one Robbie Fowler, who I certainly include in that list.
  10. Carson's been a dud as a starter wherever he's been, Charlton, Aston Villa, WBA, you name it. He was a perfect fit as a backup to Reina at Anfield, & wouldn't mind seeing him return there in that role
  11. Very sad to hear about this, all the best to his family & friends
  12. I tweeted last nite that if that traitorous piece of **** ever signs for TFC, i'm becoming a Whitecaps supporter. No no absolutely not, never
  13. Friend is a target man, & we do need another one, & he is an upgrade over the one we got now, Gordon. Can we do better than Friend, yes, but are we better with him?? Yes again.
  14. 2014 is not realistic, so long as we get a decent draw, a better one than the last one we got, then we have every right to expect the team to make it into the hex. 2018, if things work out as hoped, then we should start demanding the CMNT get to the WC
  15. Good luck to him, although it'd be nice to see him playing back over here again. But hopefully he can just get his career back on track.
  16. If I had to venture a guess probably 20+ places, which means we'll get a brutal draw for the group stage or so it would seem
  17. I noticed the same thing as well, also his composure, Seems to have it together upstairs. Certainly one for the future.
  18. While i'd certainly like for this to happen given Frings' obvious quality, even at this stage of his career, & Friend being the kinda forward we need, with him being a target man & all, I'll belive it when I see it confirmed by the club.
  19. Look it's nice for us supporters to wave the flag & call for a Canadian replacement, but our options are quite limited in this regard. The only Canadian coach I can think of that be good enough is Frank Yallop & there's zero chance he'd take the job on again. So who to take a risk on?? Peschisolido?? perhaps Dos Santos?? not a fan personally. If we were to take a gamble on a coach, how about Carmine Isacco?? I think he has a bright future but I do wonder if his time is now
  20. Hoilett in the end is just a higher quality version of Jackson, doesn't offer much different than Simeon. I dunno if the 2 would actually work well as a tandem
  21. If Hoilett decides to spurn Canada for another country, after the way we played at this tournament, i'd really have a hard time blaming him.
  22. 3 will probably be enough, the only problem with that though is that we'd likely end up playing Mexico. 4 is more than doable. I'd be extremely disappointed if we don't end up with all 6 still up for grabs
  23. Soehn does have a good eye for talent, he just can't coach for $#it
  24. Well IMO, the teams in CONCACAF except for the US & Mexico are certainly no better & in most cases of a lower standard of play than MLS. I think TT would be a good coach for Canada at this point & time
  25. Agreed, Teitur deserved at the least, to see out the season. To me he just doesn't have the chops for MLS. But I was thinking that should Stephen Hart not get the job done at the Gold Cup, that teitur could be the next CMNT head coach. Thoughts??
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