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  1. Sorry I closed it a day or two ago I wanted an even amount of teams...
  2. Hey in case any of you want to join MLS fantasy (head-to-head or foot-to-foot?) League on http://fantasy.mlssoccer.com (Yahoo needs to get on this big time) League is called KickingFantasy2013 here is code to join: 7157-1470
  3. Oh don't get me wrong I agree with you (Neagle), I was just saying that "maybe" next signing will not be European thus at least probably cheaper...
  4. Don't be so sure...Here is a tweet from Joey Saputo after Neagle trade, "The lastest trade now opens the door to go after a foreigner; will he be from Europe or South America? My bet is South America. Stay tuned" South American..anyone have any ideas?
  5. Ya I think Blake Smith will make the first team as for other draftees maybe Monge especially since our attack is a tad thin (barring any signings) On D we look alright (if we stay healthy) Center Mid not bad but we need Bernier/Felipe to play on there heads also I'm hoping for a big year for Mallace. On wings Pisanu adds some depth for sure but I'm not sure what this Swiss coach is going to do with Mapp & Arnaud. I cannot see a European coach playing a slow RM (Arnaud) I see him losing his starting spot to Pisanu and maybe bringhinh him on as second striker here and there.
  6. At the moment barring if we don't sign anyone... we are pretty thin up front maybe Ilcu will get a shot?
  7. At the moment we are at capacity for Intl roster spots...Does anyone see any movement? Also what are your draft picks for the Impact? I really like Bekker so far also I think we will draft a forward for sure. Zavaleta (big target forward or central defender)? Bennett? (also Canadian passport)
  8. My $ is one Crepeau for 3rd string GK spot.
  9. GK: Perkins/Bush/possibly Crepeau? = Pretty Solid D: With Nesta, Ferrari, Rivas, Camara we seem to be pretty safe in middle as far as R/L sides Valentin, Brovsky, Camara...maybe need some back up on both of the sides? M: Bernier, Felipe pretty safe to be starters..Warner, Arnaud, Mapp I'm not sure are that safe especially with a likely eurocentric coach on the way. I think Mallace will get more subs in but we need at least another wide man and maybe another creative central mid in case Felipe gets injured. F: Di Vaio, Wenger, Nyassi...We for sure need a target man striker with some size...Wenger has size but still only 2nd year pro I would'nt want to pressure him too much plus he needs to work on finishing. Di Vaio also should be more used to MLS style this year (hopefully) Nyassi, speed but no vision.. I would say at least 2 forwards need to be signed (1 MLS exp. , 1 Elsewhere) ?
  10. We were not going to play him anyways so not too bad...
  11. Anyone think we will grab anyone from re-entry draft? My "choices" Segares? LB/step up on Brovsky BUT he would count as Intl I believe (Costa Rica) Gjertsen ? Slightly kidding on this one but he is a former impact player (USL Days) and might be a slight improvement on Mapp lol.
  12. Cool thanks for article! Agouram: Slight hope if he can improve in the next year? Probably not.. Di Lo: Happy for him to be playing in Chile's first Division (one of my faves in the NASL/2nd Division) hell I would have kept him for a sub for Mapp... But physical nature of MLS would have him injured more than likely Billy: Probably belongs in Ligue 2, 3
  13. The Gerba story is nothing less than a sad and frustrating one... He clearly has had some issues with managers in the past but what has been pointed out MDS did a great job with him thus proving there is hope with having Gerba be a better 2 way forward. That being said he pretty much got paid to stay home last year when he could have at least made a NASL team roster. So it will be interesting to see where he lands (MLS, NASL etc) since he is a free agent technically or at this point hate to say it he may just hang up his boots...
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