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  1. I think the points I mentioned earlier sum up my frustrations. You mentioned it earlier; this group is nothing more than a forum with games in between. But I can't convince people to join this cause when the forum, which serves as the public face, is the way it currently is. There are a lot of great voices that want to support Canadian soccer. Don't have them continue to be drowned out. Communication with local SGs is the second point. I keep having to ask about the results of CanPL 2018 t-shirt plan, and your post earlier stating that the plan made $1300 and that you're going to use it t
  2. So given that I've opened up a can of worms, what was the end result of this plan to help out local SGs from a few years ago? Did it just end up breaking even and that was that? I know I received a box of CanPL 2018 shirts for free that I haven't been able to do anything with, and will to end up donating. Note that the third reply in was me indicating that you had my complete support in Calgary for this nationwide project. Contrast that with my responses earlier in this thread and it is a good example of how disenfranchised those of us involved at the local level have become. Not trying t
  3. I'm just passing on what I hear. But it's not just from people in Calgary. It's from people I talk to in Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Kitchener, Ottawa, etc. Some are long time V's who are ingrained in the lore of the group. Maybe it's just the people I talk to, but the sentiment is very much real. If that is a small fraction of those interested in the national team, then that would be awesome. Also, appreciate the kind words. As I mentioned earlier, perhaps we rebuild some of that momentum when CPL and Gold Cup gets underway next year. I do always enjoy watching games with you @Obinna
  4. Below is the post I am referring to. In the 3 months since this post, nothing has changed. So, the public perception of the Voyageurs amongst those in Calgary (which may or may not be a high percentage of people interested in the national team, I have no idea) that I talk to is the same. That this board is just a bunch of nutters with a lot of really good posters who've gone silent. Promises and platitudes about all the great things to come won't change this. In Calgary, I'd say interest in the national team is at its highest since I've started following them, but interest in the Vo
  5. The Voyageurs name is all but dead in Calgary as far as I'm concerned. Until the problems that I had mentioned in the "what should we do with the Voyageurs forums" are cleaned up, which they haven't been, I don't think the perspective of the Voyageurs changes much in the mind of local supporters here. There is a definite cross section of supporters for Cavalry FC / Calgary Foothills and the national team, but it is fairly small. National team supporters haven't really supported local clubs, and vice-a-versa. With the advent of CPL, the local supporters scene is growing, and perhaps with
  6. Nations League and Gold Cup are the only ones I'm looking at. I don't think there's any real interest in our youth teams outside of the hardcore support, and not sure about women's qualifying either.
  7. Appreciating that you can't exactly control this, what exactly is coming? All I see are more games nowhere near Calgary. If there's ever a national team game in Calgary, give me a shout. But given that it hasn't happened in my lifetime, I'm not holding my breath. In the 3 years I've organized the watch parties in Calgary, we've grown from 5 people around a 4 person table in a strip mall pub watching a small tube TV with no sound, to a dedicated section in the busy entertainment area, with multiple big screens and sound with 30+ people. Every bit helps, but I don't know how much promotion
  8. Yup. The Voyageurs are not a known entity in Calgary outside of maybe a dozen people, given that they've never actually been in Calgary in their truest form (e.g. as a supporters section at a Canada game). That doesn't mean I won't advertise Canada watch parties on the Facebook group, but it will be through our CPL supporters group.
  9. I'm not planning anything for Calgary for any streamed games. To add to this, I'm no longer using the Voyageurs as the vehicle to promote Calgary watch parties for national team games either.
  10. A good example of some of the crap that is on this board every day, take a look at the posts today from the MOACA thread. It's petty crap like this that I was talking about earlier. And I know that I have in the past been a part of the problem; I have been no shining example to follow on this type of thing.
  11. I know you're trying to be fair here but there has been some irreparable damage to the Voyageurs brand via certain posters. I just think that a promise to moderate in the future isn't enough, given that there has never been much moderation to begin with. Why should someone like myself post again if I know that nothing tangible has changed? While supporters groups (and forums by extension) should be available to all, in reality they cannot be truly inclusive as there are always outliers who will cause damage just by simply being themselves. I'm learning first hand in Calgary the damage th
  12. What I will add to my point about moderation, is that it needs to be retroactive, not just on a go forward basis. The posters who have driven people away need to be banned or else nothing will be perceived to have changed. And if that means I am banned, then so be it! 😉
  13. Honest feedback, when people think of this forum they think of the crazy posters, not the quality ones. I think significant moderation is needed to get those of us who are heavily involved at our local level back engaged on here. There are a few posters here who are universally detested amongst fellow Voyageurs I talk to (which to be fair is not a large percent of who is out there); they are simply a joke over a pint. I will gladly offer myself as an example of someone who wants to post on here, reads some of the crap being posted, and thinks twice. And the odd time I do post, there is li
  14. Formed in 2015, this group currently supports Calgary Foothills FC PDL, and Calgary Foothills WFC UWS clubs. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a CanPL club in Calgary, and will be supporting that club when it arrives.
  15. Sounds like there's a great supporters culture brewing in Hamilton. Great to see.
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