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  1. shermanator

    Local affiliates?

    I think the points I mentioned earlier sum up my frustrations. You mentioned it earlier; this group is nothing more than a forum with games in between. But I can't convince people to join this cause when the forum, which serves as the public face, is the way it currently is. There are a lot of great voices that want to support Canadian soccer. Don't have them continue to be drowned out. Communication with local SGs is the second point. I keep having to ask about the results of CanPL 2018 t-shirt plan, and your post earlier stating that the plan made $1300 and that you're going to use it to promote local SGs is the very first I've heard of it. The plan itself is great, but how is it that I, as the guy largely running things out of a CPL city, am just finding out now? Unless there's someone else in Calgary that you are working with? Also, the last time I saw Jeff he tried to convince some Egyptian girls the pyramids were built by aliens...
  2. shermanator

    Local affiliates?

    So given that I've opened up a can of worms, what was the end result of this plan to help out local SGs from a few years ago? Did it just end up breaking even and that was that? I know I received a box of CanPL 2018 shirts for free that I haven't been able to do anything with, and will to end up donating. Note that the third reply in was me indicating that you had my complete support in Calgary for this nationwide project. Contrast that with my responses earlier in this thread and it is a good example of how disenfranchised those of us involved at the local level have become. Not trying to beat a dead horse, just trying to open up the dialogue here so that I can get motivated to care about this group again...
  3. shermanator

    Local affiliates?

    I'm just passing on what I hear. But it's not just from people in Calgary. It's from people I talk to in Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Kitchener, Ottawa, etc. Some are long time V's who are ingrained in the lore of the group. Maybe it's just the people I talk to, but the sentiment is very much real. If that is a small fraction of those interested in the national team, then that would be awesome. Also, appreciate the kind words. As I mentioned earlier, perhaps we rebuild some of that momentum when CPL and Gold Cup gets underway next year. I do always enjoy watching games with you @Obinna That's the thing, people have let the few posters who overwhelm discussion drive people away. One poster, who was an obvious troll,. was banned. And even then, you had to start a thread asking people what to do about them. Because certain posters constantly expressing their opinion ad nauseum has continued and will continue to drive people away. And those posters are still here. Perhaps I'm being harsh here, so I'll focus on what the positives I've heard are. I've heard the away trips are legendary. While I myself have not had a good time in a V's section (small sample size), I've heard great things about home games. Perhaps if you filter money made via Voyageurs initiatives at the national team level to help out local SG's, that will help strengthen the bond between the two. IIRC, wasn't this what the CanPL 2018 t-shirts supposed to do? I'm not exactly sure what further feedback I can give, considering there is nothing public on what's actually coming. I think a major issue here is that everything that is done by this group appears seems to be single sourced through you with very limited or last minute information. The post below, while a little extreme, kind of sums up how things appear. Or is that what the whole "local chapters" thing is trying to alleviate? I have no idea. So I guess my feedback is to be more transparent. Build a plan for 2019 that is public for all to see, get feedback, actually start and finish the items on the plan, get more feedback, and continue on. There's a tifo happening for WC 2019? Sounds great, put that on the public plan. Communication is key. Here's an example of what we do in Calgary. Chatter over a supporters trophy for Cavalry / Edmonton builds after some friendlies, and we want to set it up. We elect a small group from each SG to meet in Red Deer to outline our plan for the trophy. Prior to the meeting, I reach out to those not at the meeting to get suggestions. The group meets, and we outline our plan. We tell our respective groups what the plan is, and get feedback on how to move forward. Now we execute on the plan.
  4. shermanator

    Local affiliates?

    Below is the post I am referring to. In the 3 months since this post, nothing has changed. So, the public perception of the Voyageurs amongst those in Calgary (which may or may not be a high percentage of people interested in the national team, I have no idea) that I talk to is the same. That this board is just a bunch of nutters with a lot of really good posters who've gone silent. Promises and platitudes about all the great things to come won't change this. In Calgary, I'd say interest in the national team is at its highest since I've started following them, but interest in the Voyageurs is at its lowest. All the momentum we had built in Calgary through World Cup qualifying through Gold Cup 2017 is gone. For the Gold Cup QF I was able to get 30 people out to a game on a Wednesday night at 5:30 pm, but for a CNL game against Dominica I can't even get 1 person committed. Perhaps we will regain some momentum as CPL kicks off their first season, and we can get watch parties for games, such as Gold Cup and World Cup Qualification, that are at a time when people can watch them.
  5. shermanator

    Local affiliates?

    The Voyageurs name is all but dead in Calgary as far as I'm concerned. Until the problems that I had mentioned in the "what should we do with the Voyageurs forums" are cleaned up, which they haven't been, I don't think the perspective of the Voyageurs changes much in the mind of local supporters here. There is a definite cross section of supporters for Cavalry FC / Calgary Foothills and the national team, but it is fairly small. National team supporters haven't really supported local clubs, and vice-a-versa. With the advent of CPL, the local supporters scene is growing, and perhaps with that comes better support of the national team, but I really don't think there will be any momentum until the 2019 Gold Cup at the earliest on that front.
  6. Doesn't look like there's any appetite in Calgary for a watch party for this. A couple maybe's and that's it. 5 pm kickoff on a Tuesday makes it very hard to get people out.
  7. shermanator

    CPL General

    I don't think Calgary will sell out, but I'm starting to get optimistic that they can beat FC Edmonton's best NASL average of 3400. But I also have a very cynical view on the Calgary sports scene as a whole. They sold 1500 tickets to a prospects game where there was little seating, in a terrible location in the city, during 3 degree weather, at prices which many were screaming about as being too high.
  8. shermanator

    CPL General

    Cavalry almost at 1000 members
  9. shermanator

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Cavalry almost at 1000 members
  10. shermanator

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Yes, I meant age. Although I'm sure the winky face means you knew that.
  11. shermanator

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Agreed, that Davies is better than Adams is a no brainer. By the time Adams had made his second MLS appearance, Davies had won a Golden Boot in the Gold Cup, was already a regular MLS starter and MLS All-Star, and secured the most lucrative transfer in the history of the league to a genuine super club. Not only that, but his rags-to-riches story is now internationally known, and was featured in a major marketing campaign just a few months ago. When even MLS boldly state that "He is the best prospect ever produced by an MLS academy, and the trail he’s blazed has been noted literally throughout the soccer world.", it should be fairly obvious. But you know, Adams is 19 and more consistent and will one day have a big transfer (to the parent of his current club) so he's a big deal too, right? Or at least, that's what the American MLS fanboys are claiming.
  12. shermanator

    CPL General

    Here's a great video on the experience at Spruce Meadows...
  13. shermanator

    CPL General

    Yup. If there's one thing both supporters groups can agree on, it's that we're damn sure not letting Julian de Guzman destroy this league.
  14. shermanator

    CPL General

    2-2 draw at Spruce Meadows yesterday between Cavalry and FC Edmonton. Ian Allison mentioned they had sold around 1500 tickets, and I'd guess about 1200 were at the game. Given the many reasons people cited that they wouldn't go before the game (weather, stadium location, ticket prices, level of play), I think that was a decent crowd. I thought both supporters groups were fairly even in their boisterousness, although I'm sure FC Edmonton posters will claim they were louder. On the pitch, I don't think anyone really stood out for me. Nico Pasquotti was man of the match, building on what was a strong season in PDL. Ajay Khabra's strike for Edmonton was a thing of beauty. Randy Edwini-Bonsu has pace, but I didn't see any real quality from him during the game. Dominick Zator was quite solid in his clearances. Dylon Powley also knows how to rile up the crowd as he kissed the FC Edmonton badge after the second goal in front of the supporters section. As for the venue, I'd say the experience was quite positive. The shuttle bus from the Somerset-Bridlewood station was remarkably efficient. Once passing through the ticket gates we were led through a heated merchandise building, which I thought was quite smart. Can't say much on the stadium as it's very much unfinished, but the grounds outside of the stadium were tremendous. The view from the supporters section was great, and the sunken bowl helped block the wind, which made the temperature more pleasant. There was some indoor seating with bleachers inside of a building on the East end, but most people chose to sit on the hill instead. My biggest complaint would be the significant amount of time it took to get food and drink at half time, and the lack of washrooms near the south end of the stadium. And for a few photos...
  15. shermanator

    CPL Merchandise (Official and Fan)

    Lots of new Cavalry FC merch available now. New caps, zip up hoodies, toques, fleece, long sleeve T's and stickers. http://shop.sprucemeadows.com/cavalry-fc.html