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  1. Sorry for such a late response, I haven't posted in a couple years. I will be heading over to the Touchdown Pub with 3 others. Hope to arrive for 5:30.
  2. Are there any V's or CSA desktop wallpapers floating around the internet anywhere? I haven't had any luck finding any and I figured this would be the best place to ask....
  3. I really am not sure what to expect tonight. It seems way too good to be true for Canada to qualify for the Olympics but at the same time I have a real good feeling for tonight. I'm going to say the game will be 1-1 after 90 minutes, after that who knows what will happen BUT.... GO CANADA GO!!!! Make us proud boys!
  4. Armenia 2 Canada 1 Second half goal from Jackson.
  5. No leaked photos of the new kit yet? The ceremony is just under 7 hours away!
  6. Simeon Jackson scored at the death again for Norwich City to earn them a point. I missed the goal but I'm dying to see it. Does anyone have a link you can supply?
  7. For the the top three stores are.... 1) Women's World Cup Failure 2) Men's Gold Cup Failure 3) Vancouver Whitecaps' first season in the MLS/Montreal Impact officially joining the MLS It is unfortinate that the top 2 stories are negative ones.
  8. I just posted this in the 2012 Jersey thread.... I'd like to see Canada go with the simple old school 'sash' design. Just like the shirts Peru and River Plate of Argentina wear. Peru's new jersey is a perfect example because they are also sponsored by Umbro. The only difference is their home shirt is white and their away is red where ours would be reversed: http://kaneonlinestore.com/peru-jersey-c-219_579_595.html
  9. I personally have no problem with the current or previous Canadian logo at all. It has a Maple Leaf, soccer ball and says CANADA on it. What more do we need? I'd like to see Canada go with the old school "sash" styled jersey. You know, like Peru and River Plate of Argentina wear? Peru's is a perfect example because they are also sponsored by Umbro.... http://kaneonlinestore.com/peru-jersey-c-219_579_595.html Sorry for the link but for some reason I can't upload a photo into this post.
  10. This has got to be a joke. A Brazilian who follows Canadian soccer because his favourite player is FRINGS?!?!? First of all, how does anyone in Brazil know about TFC? Second of all, who in their right mind would consider Frings as their favourite player? I Don't wanna be a downer but really!
  11. Gold Medal match vs. Brazil, extra-time about to begin. 1-1 thanks to an 87' equalizer from Sinclair! http://www.firstrowsports.tv/watch/88550/1/watch-brazil-vs-canada-[pan-american-femenin].html GO CANADA GO!!!!
  12. Someone should make a petition to send to EA Sports about this. I think we can gather up quite a bit of signatures on here alone. EA Sports was founded by a Canadian wasn't it? I'm still waiting (have been for years) to see EA Sports create a CFL game but that will never happen. As far as creating our own team, I always use last years FIFA to create the Canadian team. I transfer all the Canadians in the game to TFC.
  13. I'll be following live commentary via @CanadaSoccerEN's Twitter account.
  14. The CSA has released an iPhone and iPad application for all levels of the national team(s) today. The application is free to download and it is looking great! It is very easy to use and has 8 different categories to navigate through: Matches, Teams, News, Tickets, Twitter, Facebook, Videos and Photos. http://www.canadasoccer.com/news/viewArtical.asp?Press_ID=5056 Enjoy!
  15. Both penalties in the Gold Cup were "dubious" in Craig's eyes. I mentioned this exact thing in a previous thread. Both Craig and Gerry are far too negative towards the national team when they should be saying more encouraging comments. As if Canada doesn't lack confidence already. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wish the CSA would hand the rights over to The Score and let Sharman and KJ take over. They know the game well and are always encouraging. Read their tweets throughout last nights match, all positive comments, no negativity. Another thing me and some friends discussed after last nights game was the coverage we get on Sports Centre. Following the match we tuned into to TSN to see just what kind of coverage we would recieve. Surprisingly they showed the majority of the highlights but it was still terrible. They didn't even show the third goal, and the highlights came on after baseball and even NASCAR! Following the highlights of the match they switched right back to baseball. So us fans get bashed for not properly supporting our team (empty stadiums at home games/more away fans than Canada fans) but they don't even take the time to provide us with proper highlights and feedback on the countries biggest sports channel. How to they expect the casual fan to gain any kind of interest with minimal coverage? It's pathetic really.
  16. He is starting tonight but is usually Puerto Rico's second string GK, or so Canada Soccer's twitter page says.... #canMNT - Puerto Rico says it will feature a 4-3-3 starting XI. No. 1 goalie Terry Boss injured on match day one, so Eric Reyes called in
  17. CANADA - 3 Puerto Rico - 0 All 3 goals will come in the second half, first by a De Rossario PK in the 56th minute. First and only booking (for Canada) to Dunfield in the 88th minute.
  18. Silly rabbit, basketball isn't a real sport! That is irrelivant.
  19. This would be a great poster to edit for our home fixtures. Much better than the ones previously posted. Much more eye catching.
  20. Does anyone know when we can expect to see a confirmed starting 11 for tonight's match posted? I'm really looking forward to having some buddies over, drinking a few beers and cheering on our boys in white (at least for tonight). CANADA - 3 Puerto Rico - 0
  21. I really liked how promotional cards were handed out at Maro yesterday. I took mine, and the three other guys I was with portions and handed them to a manager at one of our soccer pubs we have here in Hamilton (Augusta Street), and asked him to just lay a few across the bar until their all gone. Hopefully they go noticed.... I also have quit a few left from people who didn't take theres. I'll find a home for them....
  22. A great experience last night, especially at Maro meeting fellow V's & board members. ^ remember me Gator? Picked myself up a Voyageur's tee shirt and scarf and feel like a true V now. The march to the stadium was something to remember, got some good videos on my phone. Oh and the match, right... very disappointing first half, I was embarassed by our performance to be honest. Second half showed loads of improvement but we really shoould have put this one out of reach well before the half time whistle. We didn't give the opponent enough respect and it showed. Let's hope we can improve for Tuesday's match, probably our toughest game in the second round.
  23. 4-0 CANADA First goal from Dunfield off a corner kick scramble inside the 6 yard area. No cautions.
  24. That is odd because I also bought my tickets through ticketmaster (sorry guys) and it cost me $20 even per ticket. Mind you I went to the BMO box office to avoid service charges but even with services charges, not sure how that guys ticket came to $40 unless he bought a pair and you misunderstood him?
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