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  1. They definitely did. It was North Mississauga SC... They made a video about it and everything. So with Singh, a transfer fee isnt required, but the mandatory training compensation is required. And its based on an algorithm of years + age = compensation amount (iirc)
  2. @jordan Was just about to post this. Thats a sour taste that can make a player wait to be capped tied.
  3. Googled his images, and it doesn't appear so. If he did need to play with those big ass ACL braces... It could be detrimental in regards to a physical.
  4. You do mean, USL Championship right? Playing in USL 1,you might aswell stay in college.
  5. I agree.... Will do it just. Totally forgot about being you know bilingual
  6. 1st - Milan Borjan: 166pts 2nd - Alphonso Davies: 110pts 3rd - Jonathan Osorio: 96pts
  7. @Kent He was actually goal side of his man... To say he left him all alone is false. He just didn't deal with the crossed ball.
  8. I just found out the ignore feature doesnt work if you guys keep quoting the nonsense. So please brothers, spare those who have done a smart thing.
  9. Ive been advocating for this kid for a long time. To me, hes in par with Max and this comking season we shall see how both do, because both teams dont have clear number 1s.
  10. I think @Xavier design is perfect.
  11. Nike has been slickly targetting real issues. The Kappernick thing...the refugee standpoint with whats going on in the USA....the new Raheem Sterling advert against racism.
  12. Holy shit... Im so excited to actual wear decent fitting jerseys. Definitely should for youth.
  13. This one was better than his last week one. He beat two mans, and then the curler my God does he do that in his sleep.
  14. Sigh... Thought there was something new on him. Does anyone know how to ignore on mobile? First time im doing this.
  15. He definitely will. Orlando City is sooo shit.
  16. Just signed with Tampa Bay Rowdies in the USL Championship. https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/974728
  17. Love his countless years of service to the program, but i cant help but think he's done.
  18. Hope so too. I never watched him this last season so I hope hes got stronger in goal.
  19. How is his resume not adequate to what is leading us?
  20. First time seeing this. And i think its better than Hoiletts. He had control, vs just putting his foot through it. Both class goals, but i think JR got a little lucky.
  21. You're right. I just don't know if it's possible to rank style vote. Is it? Externally we would have to use some thing like a Vlookup to ensure people who are voting match with there actual member name.
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