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  1. Also to note, that he started their first game at LB... A position he never played during preseason. I think when they signed Godoy he was always intended to be a backup cb
  2. Based on these rankings. My mock draw (dont judge me) has Canada in group 2. Group 1: Honduras, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago Group 2: Costa Rica, Canada, Curaçao Group 3: USA, Jamaica, Cuba Group 4: Mexico, Panama, Martinique This would be a favourable/ideal draw for us to win the group.
  3. Exactly what I meant, thanks Kent for breaking it down to layman's terms.
  4. Full season loan eh. Wow. Question is, what will tfc do when it comes to the VC. Since they have offloaded a bunch of their Cancon.
  5. I feel like he was signed from earlier this year... And they just announced this. Cuz I still don't know how a academy player gets sent on loan, before they have a contract.
  6. Rob Gale is putting a squad together
  7. I play with him when he comes back home during his offseason..... I asked him if he would play in the CPL, he said they couldn't pay me. I do wonder if any team had contacted him.
  8. Man based on our current crop of players, we have to get our best players on the field. And that's a 3-5-2 formation. The reality is we don't have any standout fullbacks at the moment. And our wingers are most deployed in formations where they currently have to do a lot of defensive work. Hoilett at Cardiff, and Davies - his career. So let me be a tactician here. In attack we look like this: And in defence, we transition to this:
  9. Victor Cabrera is in his 5th season with Montreal. I'm sure he's nearing enough time to qualify for citizenship no? At 26, and a CB he could be a good get for the MNT.
  10. Signed with OCSC. https://www.orlandocitysc.com/post/2019/03/01/orlando-city-sc-signs-2019-mls-superdraft-pick-kamal-miller Let's get it!
  11. I was being cynically serious. I just gave the response you should get.... No one here should be saying hip hip hooray for you finding guys and posting your findings lol. This whole thread is hilarious, and we're so Canadian that we allow it to exist.
  12. Wanderers about to have one of the weaker sides in the league.... Did I say that already lol
  13. At 33 this year, Hainault hasnt played for the NT for almost 3 years now.... How he is making it into people's starting XI/ 18 is beyond me. If he's in I want to see Massih Wassey 😏
  14. I think currently Calgary is one of the weaker sides on paper...but this is a good signing for them. They get Charlie and could be even better.
  15. This pisses me off about Airlines in Canada. How the hell am I suppose to experience the rest of Canada when its substantiall cheaper to fly down south to warmer pastures.
  16. I love Edgar's consistent commitment to the MNT program. To me he has nothing left to prove, so go ahead and cashout wherever that is. At 31, sign with whoever is willing to give him the longest and biggest contract. The reality is, his career has been on a downward spiral ever since that catastrophic accident. He hasnt been able to return to the level needed to be given a sniff. Yes his leadership, and experience is valuable to the young boys. But you gotta think Herdman is going to be more willing to call up a player in the CPL, rather than 5th tier England. Like you gotta think Ledgerwood, and De Jong would be picked over Edgar now just for the CPL clout. .... Oh yea testimonial talks need to stop lol
  17. Smoke and mirrors. This aint happening without CONCACAFS stamp. If it does....it wont be approved by FIFA meaning the stars will have the summer off.
  18. Scored first and sent off in the 90 minute of his teams 1-1 draw in the Copa MX rof16. They lost on PKs.
  19. They have to be dropping in anytime now. At least well before the Vancouver game which is now
  20. Welcome aboard. We all pray for a fast, fast recovery!!
  21. Im happy with the media deal, and the revenue and professionalism it brings to the league. ... But what i want to know is will fans be able to watch these games on TV? I hate streaming matches or the process to get a stream on a TV.
  22. Definitely shouldve started, for what he was doing when he came on instead of playing a LB.
  23. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    Has there been any mentions of academy teams? Seeing how consistently strong TFCs academy has been against other MLS teams... I wonder when the Forge and the Niners will start to take away from them.
  24. lol you lost me with your first quote @BuzzAndSting .....
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