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  1. Almost did it with Rusty in the first half.
  2. For me personally, I think this is the next massive step needed for the CPL. We've seen what's been done with 3 academies. Add 8 more to compete with the big guys for the elite talent. Whitecaps and TFC programs are the most susceptible to seeing the ramifications of increased opportunities for kids.
  3. I've always liked Rusty, even from u14 provincials and he snitched on us older guys lol... But like someone said above, hes too deep on the depth chart. MAK is being moved out of position, and he 9x out of 10 should play over Rusty. Hes in the mold of Will Johnson... All heart, and hustle but sometimes we need more than that.
  4. MAK Daddy with another assist. https://streamable.com/s/xe1pu/pxpchc
  5. Ahhh this is it. Makes complete sense. Reminds me of the Rogers Centre grass issues.
  6. This aint it either... Toronto fc and argos have done fine to my dismay. Again the field has only be bad 1 year because of TFCs long CCL run.
  7. Whats the reason why BC place doesn't have grass? If it did, it could be the favourite.
  8. It was more TFCs CCL run last year then the Argos. The field never had time to repair.
  9. The hybrid of grass and sand lol. @apbsmith they havent installed it yet.
  10. No... As someone stated the Obama rules have changed. And less we forget we are in a Trump America
  11. Ahh i get it. I hope we get the US twice then. I pray we do.
  12. Did i miss something that states something in regard to not being able to draw the same teams?
  13. Fuck BC place and the bouncy trash turf. We're no longer playing with low-league-trying-to-get-a-contract players. We have quality players that play on grass pitches. (Side note... Why can't BC place have grass again?) If turf isn't a factor in selecting the venue, then bring the game somewhere it hasnt been... Like the Mosaic in SK or IGF in Winnipeg. Ultimately its BMO or Saputo for me.
  14. Let's be real. Its bring on anyone except Mexico.
  15. @Corazon Great points. More friendlies. We have to be able to rotate the squad while balancing cohesion. Cant wait to see (well I hope) what friendlies we schedule.
  16. I get so giddy sometimes explaining to my soccer buddies about where Canada is going, just excited for the future. Excited for this culture shift/change that is happening. Im excited for Gold Cup, and Nations league. Wooooooowoo
  17. 1. All of them were born in Canada. 2. None of them were going to play for their other country (Tesho wouldve got Teal'd) 3. Starting no... Just shows how time can change. I do believe Aird and Tesho can play themselves into the 23 though.
  18. As we all know, alot can change in a year within football. Lets be honest. He's not going to play at Chelsea, regardless of their impending transfer ban. They currently have Rudiger, Azipicueleta, Christensen...then vets in Luiz, Cahill... Then the loan Rangers in Kurt Zouma, Jake Clarke-Salter, Michael Hector, Matt Miazga,... List goes on. He'll need a transfer to some PL team and play to get considered for the ENT. Just look at someone like Jack Grealish.
  19. But FIFA rules dont work like that though... Right? How many generations deep can you go. Doesn't eligibility go as far as a players grandparents.
  20. Don't think it would benefit Jamaica to be match fixing. But the goals although suspect, I think Blake got caught between to minds - it happens, see Karius in the CCL final. They ultimately just looked unprepared, and probably underestimated them. Its their first lost to El Salvador since 2000, when their coach Theodore Whitmore was in the squad.
  21. Look all im saying is more game opportunities, allows us to prevent/mimic Teal Bunbury type situations. He may not get another sniff for the US team but he would be depth at least for CMNT.
  22. As a Jamaican and Guyanese descendent... Its crazy for me to see that Guyana has not only qualified for the GC, but also potentially in group A CNL over Jamaica. Looking at these standings, Jamaica is probably the biggest disappointment especially since their previous GC success, and their quality vs the rest. I love the nations league already!
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