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  1. Jahinho Guerro

    Atiba Hutchinson

    lol you lost me with your first quote @BuzzAndSting .....
  2. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    I think what will also be interesting is that CDN quota for the Voyaguers Cup.
  3. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    ... I see trolling is that you Tg13 In the current state, i think everyone can understand why the Voyaguers Cup winner would currently be awared a CONCACAF Champions League (CCL) spot. Simply because the CPL hasnt kicked a ball yet. But I think lots of logical thinking needs to be done if it continues to be so, even past a few seasons of the CPLs existence. The reality is the CSAs D1 governed sanctioned league will always play 3x as much games as the VC that they administer. So which champion is deemed greater? One would assume the league champs, as it would help achieve the CSAs plan of exposing & developing Canadians on the CONCACAF stage. Another thing, take a look at the CCL now. The qualified teams are only league champions or league runners up of their respective leagues (or CONCACAF League champions) .... only in the USA is the cup champion (which I even think should be given to SS champ/r-u and MLS Cup champ/r-u) awarded a CCL spot. I think that the Canadian MLS teams being connected to that makes it weird for them in cases like Toronto FC in 2017. But isnt the CanadianToo movement about trying to distant ourselves from being dependent on the USSF? That's why I can see the CSA making the MLS teams have to qualify to the CCL through winning the CL via the VC Champs. Now thats if the CSA is awarded 1+1...significant changes to the tournament would have to be made if they are awarded two automatic CCL berths. Yes it would be ideal/beneficial for both CPL and MLS teams. But again, where would the logic be in that when some federations with proven history are only awarded 1 CCL berth - See Costa Rica. Very loaded, but prove me wrong.
  4. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    All this CONCACAF Champions league talk I think got mixed up in me asking if the CPL should get a CONCACAF League spot. I simply don't see how the governing body doesn't award/completely ignore a D1 champion of a league they govern. Then some say the Voyageurs cup is the main competition... while that made sense before the existence/approval of the CPL... It really doesnt anymore.
  5. Jahinho Guerro

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Oh so every BC player is supoose to sign with yall? Lol gimme a break....actually give the kid a break. The cantera rule aint real clearly.
  6. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    In a few years, I think what will and should end up happening is that Canada gets 1+1 spots. The catch being the CPL gets the Champions league spot and the Voyageurs champs get the League spot. I just want to see how the logic will be determined.
  7. Jahinho Guerro

    Raheem Edwards

    This.^ As much as i don't want Davies to play at LWB. It also allows us to have our best players on the field.
  8. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    So they wont get a new spot to CONCACAF league? Its crazy how well Canadians teams have done, to not warrant a second birth. Especially when I see a country like El Salvador has 1 automatic champions league birth +2 concacaf league births.
  9. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL General

    Question..... Has it been confirmed that the CPL champion will be awarded a Concacaf League spot?
  10. Jahinho Guerro

    Nail your colours... 2019 CPL Edition

    Same boat. Durham United FA has a team at least. Until then it's neutral all the way, looking at talent that will be called for the CMNT.
  11. Jahinho Guerro

    Luke Singh

    Wait what. ...How does a player go on loan to a first team when they don't have any sorta club contract? Or did I missing something. Second. I think he would be perfect for this month's U-23 camp, even if he gets into the first team.
  12. Jahinho Guerro

    Juan Guillermo Cordova

    But really "who the fuck is glasscity"
  13. Jahinho Guerro

    Zorhan Bassong

    I believe since it was an unofficial U19 match and the fact the he was born in Toronto he will not have to. I also believe next month is a U23 camp...so he cant be cap tied there as well.
  14. Jahinho Guerro

    Zorhan Bassong

    Most def. Their other LB is on loan from Monaco, so he should have a chance to win the spot. Real question is will we see him in camp next month?
  15. Jahinho Guerro

    Ranking Our Top 5 Prospects/Young Players

    The rest is literally a toss up....