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  1. So does this mean we need to create a new account there? Or will our info be transfered?
  2. I won't be surprised if we play low quality Concacaf opponents, and Herdman calls it a great warm up. I could only think that playing a Venezuela, Bolivia, or Ecuador would be better test. Even if its not on home soil.
  3. I just thought it was like a Google excel doc ala Canucks abroad.
  4. is this in a spreadsheet? can you post the link? @Corazon Might be better to view. Thanks as well
  5. It's how tfc spells it.... Or am I seeing wrong? https://www.torontofc.ca/players/jahkeele-marshall-rutty
  6. Jahinho Guerro

    CPL tickets

    Are the free tickets still available? I want to go to the game....but at 1:00pm and having to pay, I might as well go to the TFC game. Am I wrong?
  7. Looks like its his to take... But its still up for grabs for me.
  8. He will play it. GC requires squad rotation, so i expect to see him in that role at some point.
  9. And they pulled off a draw on the road, after DCU took 4 in their last game. ZBG and a few others staked their claim to play/start again.
  10. Keeps performing... Dont know how he doesn't get his shot.
  11. Apparently the groups will be unveiled tomorrow.
  12. .... Screenshot was from the 8th minute. Barely credible.
  13. Doesnt say much when you're team is shit tho lol
  14. That team wasn't built to play on that field.... Which effects the chemistry.
  15. Just remembered Hamilton will wear a gold jersey for their first game in June.
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