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    Love Soccer! originally from Mexico but adopted Newfie.. coached in NL with St Johns Club and Provincial level. Full time husband and dad of 3 awesome kids, B Provincial License coach, volunteering my time as TD of Kootenay South Youth Soccer. P.Eng. working in the mining industry in the environmental area. Converted CANMNT fanatic
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    Trail, BC
  1. I believe this is my first post even though I signed a few years ago... Not sure what to say.. Floro is a decent coach (saw him in Mexico coaching Monterrey) but some decisions have been strange. Regardless, players need to held accountable.. Ricketts needs to convert that chance, Straith needs to track the run and Ricketts needs to hold the ball in the last minute I dont expect much out of the game from Costa Rica.. and maybe that is for the best.. We should get through the next round of WCQ (maybe with some drama) and pray for the best.. It is frustrating and disappointing.. =(
  2. Im surprised that Japan didnt make it.. their program is pretty good at senior level but havent follow it at youth ranks.. Colombia supposed to have a decent women program.. they might be instead of paraguay Looking forward to this tournament for sure!
  3. Not sure if a 12 year old is ready for international duty... while she seems to be skillful, there is a long way in her development (physically, mentally, tactically)... will be a great experience for her but I would not be very excited.. She supposed to be playing 8v8 last year!
  4. none of those! =) Fighting Irish by Yellow Belly or 1892 by Quidi Vidi Brewery both local micro breweries... but I have to choose between those two.. I will go for Jockey for sure!
  5. I was just reading an article that criticized the youth development in Mexico (i.e. playing 11v11 at U10). I believe that soccer development in Mexico happens more as a consequence of the culture (kids playing soccer on the streets, fields for hours and or teams/leagues going on at all times for all ages) instead of a defined and structured development pathway. IMO a combination of free play/cultural influence with the LTPD program is the best approach and it is the one I am trying to implement in my region
  6. Hello Guys, Greetings from Trail BC.. just recently joined the forum but I have been a reader of CSN for a couple of years now and I follow CANMNT every chance I have.. (if you dont believe me... check this: http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/showthread.php?43745-Article-Canadian-Converts-From-Tampico-Mexico-to-St-John-s-N-L) I have volunteered in coaching for almost 4 years now and I am currently the TD of a small region in interior BC.. Would love to discuss LTPD and other topics in how to develop the game in Canada.. originally from Mexico but I call Newfoundland home. Cheers! Clemente
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