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  1. Randomly stumbled across this on twitter: Any ideas?
  2. Worth a bump. Draft 9th overall by New England in the Superdraft. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/01/11/revolutions-superdraft-pick-tajon-buchanan-culmination-long-journey
  3. If he ends up 3rd on the MNUFC depth chart, maybe a loan to either their USL club or Valour FC would make sense to get him some playing time close to MNUFC coaching.
  4. Drafted 7th overall by Minnesota United in the Superdraft. https://www.twincities.com/2019/01/11/minnesota-united-picked-goalkeeper-dayne-st-clair/
  5. Drafted 4th overall by FC Dallas in the Superdraft. https://www.bigdsoccer.com/2019/1/11/18178229/fc-dallas-selects-callum-montgomery-mls-draft-2018
  6. https://gotigersgo.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=8141&path=msoc Michael Thornton - Went to Monarch Park in Toronto and is now a freshman at Memphis. Has played 4 games so far this year.
  7. I rarely post, but this news is something that everyone who checks these forums should be celebrating out loud. What a wonderful day to be a Canadian footy fan! Get your tickets to Canada v Dominica folks! It could be the next time Davies plays in Canada and the first time as a member of Germany's most successful club. I've already gotten two people who've never attended to head to the game. This news certainly has the potential to help boost ticket sales.
  8. Another one to watch. He had a trial at Sunderland once upon a time and moves incredibly well.
  9. The early substitution for Osorio was brutal decision. He needed to let Larin and Teibert play together with Oso. I think a sub for De Guzman with Edgar moving up to DM and Hainault playing CB would have been a better idea.
  10. I'm surprised at how harsh the criticism is of Floro. I was infuriated throughout the match with the way we were playing, but with 6 games in three days, it makes sense not to use your players to the point of exhaustion. Although we were outplayed, we should have won that game. If Larin taps that breakaway in, we win. We got the point, and we're officially still alive fighting for anywhere from 1st to 4th until the game in Toronto. Oso and Teibert should start both of the next two games.
  11. Would Andrew Wiedeman be eligible? Although, I realize that he would be low on the pecking order, he's been in Canada since the 2012 season and just signed with Ottawa. He played 4 games with the US U-18's.
  12. I was checking out his wiki page and it says that he's on loan to El Tanque Sisley in Uruguay. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Cavallini
  13. This is good news for the Canadian team as he was also available to suit up for Jamaica, his country of birth. According to his wiki page, his mother wanted him to play for Jamaica (sounds a lot like Junior Hoilett's father) The England call up was probably going to happen eventually because he played for them at a youth level, but it might have two implications that I can think of. 1) Junior Hoilett isn't as inclined to play for Jamaica because Stirling has chosen England instead. 2) Hoilett may see this as a chance to play for England since they are clearly starting to bring younger players (not born in England) into the fold and will hold out for an England call-up. Any thoughts?
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