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  1. Here's the second half as they had to fix the stream at halftime.
  2. This is the live link. You should be able to watch the whole thing again later as long as they don't delete it.
  3. The turnaround time between Nike signing the contract with the CSA and today was short so I understand them using a template. At the same time - why are they giving us the most boring template they have? I sure hope the CSA got paid well to put up with this crap.
  4. Obviously we will be getting bespoke off the shelf templates from Nike. I went ahead and put the CSA logo on five of them that I could find. Which of these do you like best/least?
  5. Thankfully we have so many attacking options at the senior level right now that no one will scream "CAP TIE"....
  6. The ref is just giving Guadalupe calls out of mercy because they can't beat us on talent.
  7. What was clear to me was our lack of pace. In the modern game, if you know your opponent is going to have most of the possession, you have to be able to threaten them with quick passes and pace. How many times did we get in behind and when we did, how many U.S. defenders were able to get back into the box within 3 seconds? It was a mistake IMO to not play someone like Rose up top in order to allow Sinclair to operate more as an attacking playmaker. In fact, it was a mistake to not use Rose at all.
  8. USVI is getting beat so bad the police have been called.
  9. No Petrasso or Atiba either but can't really complain as this is a really solid lineup. About as close to our best 23 as we can get, minus injuries.
  10. adrenaline

    CPL General

    14 home games = 28 total games. Sounds like everyone will play each other 4 times, assuming it's 8 teams at the start and single table.
  11. I would say that when it comes to keepers, age doesn't matter. It's almost better to have older guys because of their experience. Let's face it, no one in our program, man or woman, is better at wasting time than Borjan.
  12. That's right, CONCACAF, we've traded all of our defenders for attackers now.
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