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  1. El Hombre

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Rose, PC and Erice have not impressed me. Maybe I'm missing something. I think MDS' system will suit Teibert well with his engine. I was originally down on Lass in the first game but his second game impressed me. Bair isn't ready.
  2. El Hombre

    Jadon Villfort

    The comparison is based entirely on considering them "homegrown", not their talent level. Davies was considered "homegrown" and a "product of the residency" when he stepped on the field after less than a year in Vancouver, let alone with the team. All of the development he did with the team was after this. Just pointing out that charging that Ottawa Fury is doing something subversive while not recognizing that this is done everywhere, is a little disingenuous. Same would go for TFC when they promoted Osorio. I think he spent more time with Nacional than with TFC. He had the same trajectory as Davies where he spent the fall with TFC Academy and was then an MLS starter. Jadon has probably trained with the Fury as much as Davies and Osorio did with their teams prior to being first team players.
  3. El Hombre

    Jadon Villfort

    August 2015 - Joins Whitecaps residency. February 2016 - Attends preseason training camp with VWFC first team. July 2016 - Makes first team appearance with VWFC. Really impressed with what the Whitecaps residency was able to do over the winter break to mold him into the player he is. The hairs we are splitting are so fine.
  4. El Hombre

    Jadon Villfort

    Yeah, it's not like Alphonso Davies who came up through the ranks attending Whitecaps youth camps growing up and graduated through the ranks of the U15 and U17 team to the MLS.
  5. El Hombre

    Liam Millar

    I don't think that is exactly the question I would be interested in. I'm much more interested in how many Barca youth players make the step up with a reputable first team and not necessarily with the Barcelona first team. I'd be interested to know the average career length for players from a youth team of a top tier club as compared to those from a youth team for a lower tier club. They don't necessarily have to graduate to their own first team, but to someone's first team.
  6. El Hombre

    Derek Cornelius

    Not since the glory days of Nevio Pizzolitto and Gabe Gervais...
  7. El Hombre

    Liam Millar

    I think if Spitfire edited his post, it might be the cordial thing for @SthMelbRed and @Obinna to edit theirs as well.
  8. El Hombre

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Individual Effort: Josh Simpson vs. Burkina Faso in the U20 World Cup. Team Effort: Ali Gerba vs. Guatemala in the 2007 Gold Cup.
  9. El Hombre

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Both defenders. Maybe we don't have to naturalize Nick Hagglund after all. 🙄
  10. El Hombre

    Emile Legault

    The kid is 5'10". He's between two monsters.
  11. El Hombre

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Does he play CB? If not, the management of this team is incompetent.
  12. El Hombre

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    This guy plays in the same league that just anointed Max Crepeau as a first team all-star, correct?
  13. So I guess no one's watching us lose to St. Kitts 2-0 in the first half? This is embarrassing.
  14. I think many will realize this in late September next year when we are playing quality competition in Central America.
  15. Alternate/corollary theory: our youth players believe, like many on this board, that we should walk through these teams and do not respect the talent available to our opposition.