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  1. El Hombre

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Individual Effort: Josh Simpson vs. Burkina Faso in the U20 World Cup. Team Effort: Ali Gerba vs. Guatemala in the 2007 Gold Cup.
  2. El Hombre

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Both defenders. Maybe we don't have to naturalize Nick Hagglund after all. 🙄
  3. El Hombre

    Emile Legault

    The kid is 5'10". He's between two monsters.
  4. El Hombre

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Does he play CB? If not, the management of this team is incompetent.
  5. El Hombre

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    This guy plays in the same league that just anointed Max Crepeau as a first team all-star, correct?
  6. So I guess no one's watching us lose to St. Kitts 2-0 in the first half? This is embarrassing.
  7. I think many will realize this in late September next year when we are playing quality competition in Central America.
  8. Alternate/corollary theory: our youth players believe, like many on this board, that we should walk through these teams and do not respect the talent available to our opposition.
  9. What? Don't you remember when Ryan Gyaki became a household name after single-handedly qualifying the 2005 team for the U20 World Cup and led the qualifying tournament in goals?
  10. El Hombre

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Because he scored on a second division Polish team?
  11. You're absolutely right. Why did the CSA convince Liverpool to refuse to release Millar? Makes no sense!
  12. El Hombre

    Matis Romero

    So, who exactly are the kids that have been overlooked?
  13. El Hombre

    Matis Romero

    So you're changing your main thesis from "The CSA doesn't know about players outside of North America" to "The CSA should play non-North American players regardless of skill level or competition at the same position"? Interesting strategy. By the way, every single one of those players was called into a camp in the lead up to major tournament at least once. And the ones that were with TFC were called in while they were in Europe. Give it up, man. The data doesn't support your bias.
  14. El Hombre

    Matis Romero

    Benson Fazilli Kosovar Sadiki Diego Gutierrez Tristan Borges Kris Twardek Emmanuel Zambazis Derek Cornelius Axel Desjardins Juan Cordova Caniggia Elva Patryk Misik Gabriel Boakye Sebastien Breza Josh Doughty
  15. El Hombre

    Ayo Akinola

    Speak for yourself. Also, every one of those players I mentioned above are eligible for our Olympic team. He can switch all he likes, doesn't mean he'll have a spot waiting for him.