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  1. I watched a bit of the Montreal game yesterday. Sean Rea impressed me (except for his penalty effort).
  2. Tajon Buchanon got 10 minutes last week and just subbed on in the 72' against Atlanta. Down 2-0. Was the final substitute for NE and kept Agudelo on the bench.
  3. You're just a ray of sunshine, ain't ya?
  4. Boo hoo. That's every Canadian playing abroad (and domestically in some cases).
  5. I think you might be sacrificing a little bit of speed with that pairing. On a plastic pitch Ferreira's wheelchair might move a little bit better than on natural grass, but I'm sure it would really hamper him against speedy central American attackers.
  6. LBG is someone I will never understand. He seems like that prototypical player that always appears in national team games but I cannot fathom why. I file him with Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault, Ethan Gage, JGL, Chris Manella etc. They must be beasts during training because they look out of their depth during games.
  7. I expect to see Simeon Jackson in CPL soon. After that penalty, I think it'll be hard for him to find a job anywhere on the island.
  8. I don't understand this. Why do you think Herdman won't go back to Atiba and Piette (or another DM with Piette)? I think this lineup was pretty indicative of the way things will go, especially because games will only get tougher. I see Piette and MAK (or any two-player combination of those two and Eustaquio) being a tandem in front of the back four. That will allow the fullbacks to get forward more and both can destroy and play the ball forward. You then have the option of the remaining four being pure attacking options.
  9. Yes, he's played in every single Herdman game but we've also played with 8 attackers in those games. For Osorio to play against a top opponent one of Davies, David or Hoillet will have to sit. I don't see that happening.
  10. Does Zanatta not qualify?
  11. So what's the scoop? Will anyone else be there? @JamboAl can go screw.
  12. Yeah, but I'm an old grump.
  13. That is where you and I differ then. I've moved on. Much prefer to talk about Perruzza and Bair. Mentioning Akinola in the same breath as Tabla and Millar as was done above, is sacrilege.
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