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  1. I've usually had good luck with CricFree - in fact I'm watching the stream now: http://cricfree.sx/football-live-stream However, I'm not sure how safe a site it is and there are some tricks to actually getting a game up. Close any extra windows that appear and any others that pop up.
  2. In case it didn't come across clearly on TV, we had a new player making his debut today - Laine Hume (courtesy of the PA announcer at the game). Even 'Laine' was surprised when he heard 'his' name announced as a substitute. One other quick observation from being at the game - Benito clearly showed he was frustrated with his players quite a number of times during the game.
  3. You can find the whole of last night's 'National' here - but not sure how long it will stay up: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/ID/2605449854/ The Harry Manson segment is at the 30 minute mark - use the tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Well done, Robert. Hope to meet you at the Induction Banquet on Sunday.
  5. Update: http://www.ontariosoccer.ca/OSABlog/index.php/archives/9550
  6. As an older Voyageur, I'm going with my grandkids. Grandson #1 and grand-daughter (to be): Canada, England and Italy Grandson #2: Canada, England, Australia and Scotland
  7. I may have missed out on some early games (pre-1993) - and still have to work on the CWNT games and Youth games - but thought I should put something up. As with Gian-Luca, wasn't sure whether to include the Canada/Portugal game in 1996 - the game Christina Stalteri wrote about recently. 1993 v. Mexico (L 1-2), WCQ, Varsity Stadium, Toronto 1995 v. Denmark (L 1-2), SkyDome Cup, SkyDome, Toronto 1995 v. Portugal (T 1-1), SkyDome Cup, SkyDome, Toronto 1995 v. Jamaica (W 3-1), Caribana Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto 1995 v. Trinidad (W 3-1), Caribana Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto 1997 v. Jamaica (T 0-0), WCQ, Swangard Stadium, Burnaby 1997 v. Mexico (T 2-2), WCQ, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton 2002 v. Scotland (L 1-3), Friendly, Easter Road, Edinburgh 2004 v. Belize (W 4-0), WCQ, Richardson Stadium, Kingston 2007 v. Costa Rica (T 1-1), Friendly, BMO Field, Toronto 2008 v. St. Vincent (W 4-1), WCQ, Stade Saputo, Montreal 2008 v. Jamaica (T 1-1), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2008 v. Honduras (L 1-2), WCQ, Stade Saputo, Montreal 2009 v. El Salvador (W 1-0), Gold Cup, Crew Stadium, Columbus 2010 v. Peru (L 0-2), Friendly, BMO Field, Toronto 2011 v. Ecuador (T 2-2), Friendly, BMO Field, Toronto 2011 v. USA (L 0-2), Gold Cup, Ford Field, Detroit 2011 v. St. Lucia (W 4-1), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2011 v. Puerto Rico (T 0-0), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2011 v. St. Kitts & Nevis (W 4-0), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2012 v. Cuba (W 1-0), WCQ, Estadio Pedro Marrero, Havana 2012 v. Honduras (T 0-0), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2012 v. Panama (W 1-0), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto 2012 v. Cuba (W 3-0), WCQ, BMO Field, Toronto
  8. It's under 'Documents'. Go here: http://www.federation-soccer.qc.ca/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=17:rapport-annuel&Itemid=635 and then select the 2012-2013 'rapport annuel'.
  9. If you check their annual report – from the QSF web site – you’ll find two pie charts showing revenue and expenses. Revenue – Protocole ACS – 1 552 123 $ (25,0%) Expenses – Protocole ACS – 1 548 548 $ (25,5%) $1.5 million seems about right for what the QSF would pay the CSA. OSA – with about twice the number of players – pays the CSA about $3.1 million. I suspect that the QSF shows what they collect on behalf of the CSA as (roughly) off-setting amounts on both the revenue and expense sides. Someone with a better understanding of French may be able to take a look at these pie charts and explain further.
  10. The proposed OPDL is an Elite Youth Development League starting at U-13 in 2014 and expanding a year at a time to U-17 by 2018 and then, possibly, to U-23. The proposed League 1 Ontario is a separate Semi-Pro League.
  11. Thought some of you might be interested in an e-mail I came across recently to a contact in Western Canada. This outlined a proposal from the CPSL to create a series of Regional or Provincial Semi-Pro Leagues across Canada to support the A-League (at that time the D1 league in North America). This e-mail dates from October 1999 when I was Chair of the CPSL. Despite the KPMG Report - and now the Easton Report - we really haven't progressed much in the last 14 years! Time to get moving! Oct 26, 1999 First, I understand that the KPMG report was not ready in time to be reviewed by the CSA Board of Directors at their recent meeting in Ottawa. In fact, it is still not ready but expected shortly. Second, the meeting to review the report - originally scheduled for November 6/7, 1999 - has now been postponed until late January or early February. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I was hoping to get that report out of the way before seriously pushing for the option we believe in - expansion of provincial or regional leagues along the lines of the CPSL as a second division to support the Canadian teams in the A-League as first division. However, the CPSL and similar leagues could also support a CSL instead of the A-League although I still have serious doubts about the feasibility of a revived CSL at this time. My preferred approach is four provincial or regional pro leagues across Canada. Starting in the west - the better teams from the PCSL and the Vancouver Metro League to form a BC semi-pro league. In the Prairies - the better teams from the Alberta Major Soccer League - along with 'franchises' in Regina, Saskatoon and, perhaps, Winnipeg to form a semi-pro league in the Prairies. Ideally, Alberta could provide a couple of teams from Edmonton, a couple from Calgary and perhaps one from Lethbridge and other major population centres. This would provide for a nice 8 or 10 team league. In Ontario, we already have the CPSL but hope to expand to other major cities in the province rather than being concentrated, as presently, in the Greater Toronto Area. In Quebec, the Quebec Elite Soccer League possibly upgrading to semi-pro and taking in one (Halifax) or more teams from the Atlantic provinces. As a big supporter of the CSA National Club Championships - at U-15, U-17, U-19 and Men/Women - I would then like to see a similar National Championship for the four pro leagues over the Thanksgiving weekend. I notice there is a renewal of posts on Voyageurs on this issue. I haven't much of a chance to add my comments to the latest round but will do so when I get a chance. To answer your specific questions: Club Budget We have proposed a 'model' club budget of $125,000.00 of which almost half would be in player salaries (which doesn't go far even amongst 10 players) and salaries for the coaching staff. In actual fact, the club budgets varied considerably within the CPSL with, as you would expect, the Olympians above the proposed the 'model' budget and some other clubs way below. The other major expense we have noted - both at the club level and the league level - is in marketing and promotion. An advantage of the CPSL concept across the country - especially if the other leagues would be willing to go by the names CPSL (B.C. Division), CPSL (Prairie Division), CPSL (Quebec/Maritime Division) would be the possibility of co-ordinated marketing and the opportunity to bring some national sponsors on board. However, the one thing we have learned in trying to bring the CPSL (Ontario) along is that you have to have the product in place before you can start marketing it. The CPSL (Ontario) league fee for 1999 was only $10,000.00 which in my opinion was insufficient to run the league properly as a professional operation. We still relied too much on volunteers (such as myself) to get the work done. Let me know if you would like any more specifics. If you would like a copy of our Membership Prospectus for 2000, give me your address and we'll mail you a copy. Regards, Bill Spiers
  12. Thanks! The team pages gave me the information I was looking for. The main change being proposed in Canada - which is based on comparisons with other countries - is the small-sided game for the younger ages. However, it does seem that more is being included in the "this is what other countries are doing" heading than is actually true. Having said that, the "no scores, no standings" philosophy has been adopted by a number of countries - England and the U.S. being two that quickly come to mind.
  13. I assume you have a good understanding of the system in Spain and know that 'prebenjamin' means U-8. (I wouldn't) Can you help me out with the other classifications shown on the FCB web site. What age groups do they represent? Benjamin ? Alevin ? Infantil ? Cadete ? Juvenil ?
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