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  1. Here I thought the pun was on the word "irons". You know - golfing accident...
  2. Rank Your Hall of Shame Posters: tg11 Miro Kliment Robert Amanfromvancouver Who were other notable candidates?
  3. Two shots on goal according to MLS website as well. Not bad for 3 mins of play. Highlights don't show his shots but commentator says how big and strong he is...
  4. afun

    Impact 2017 Season.

    You forgot the other Canadian striker - tops of the list: Jordan Hamilton with 1.50 goals/ 90.
  5. I really like Zambrano so far. Compared to his predecessor his ranking is off the charts. However, two things I do not agree with: 1. M.A Kaye selection and his playing time. His play looks like a deer lost in the headlights and so does the expression on his face. There are much better options than him imo. 2. The zonal marking defending on set pieces. It isn't working. I hope he will make adjustments to this tactic as it is very obvious after 3 games that we are giving up way too many opportunities here despite us generally being the taller, more aerially inclined team. Aside from this the greatest change from the Floro era is that Zambrano believes in his players and allows them to express and enjoy themselves, which in turn makes the players play like they can.
  6. What a breath of fresh air the coach's tactics were! Can't say enough about the young teenage phenom. I am guessing Floro would not have allowed Davies to be so aggressive or even start him. Really excited about Zambrano's squad selection and coaching so far.
  7. Does anyone know the url for the website of the blog that showed all the Canadian player's minutes on each of the Canadian teams? (You can't sort by nationality any longer on the MLS site which I find annoying). Thanks,
  8. My first take on that goal was that he knew he had already lost his mark. He lets up a little at the end so as to avoid clipping Quito heels and thereby taking a foul in the box. If so, I was impressed he didn't end up slide tackling him from behind which I would've expected him to do from previous games. Maybe his IQ has improved...
  9. Floro can't go soon enough. He says he couldn't select Will Johnson because it is critical players are able to play 90 minutes. Half the team he fielded couldn't play for 90 minutes. And that just compounds it onto the other players who can play 90 - you could see Arfield couldn't even move anymore at the end. Putting players in their natural position and starting players that are getting 90 minutes week in and week out can't be overstated. Our players relative to Honduras are very comparable. Mario Martinez looks like Messi when he plays us but is he really significantly better than Osorio, Teibert, Johnson, Aird...
  10. It was an entertaining game for sure. But one thing really irked me was watching Gio after the goal was scored and during the trophy lift. He's drinking from the water bottle not celebrating at all. He looked like he couldn't give two shits about winning the Championship and that with a goal at the death. It's hard to catch without a pvr and rewinding but I get the sense and I think I confirmed that he feels he's too good to care. Really irksome and can't be positive for team morale.
  11. It was a great game to be at. I thought all the players played with heart and played well - Atiba was definitely a cut above the rest. Not to stir the shit but did anyone notice JDG throw his hands in the air when he first realized he was being subbed off? (it wasn't shown on the broadcast). It really was the same reaction that Osorio had - I found that quite humourous.
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