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  1. You can fuck off with that noise, fuck right off. Totera's total input on a women's league in Canada has been to say "it'd be nice to have one day down the road" (dude has barely even mentioned women's soccer on his youtube thing except to say Herdman flipping roles was the darkest day in Canadian soccer), so if that's dropping the idea of a women's league, then I'm the fucking pope.
  2. You'll never properly kill arena soccer, it'll always be lurking in the background. That said, Futsal is the future.
  3. @Toje: Good question. $20 doesn't seem over the top to me, but that said I'm not sure what MASL clubs sell individual tickets for; suppose we'll find that out when the Mississauga club begins play next year. @Jith12: There are differences, here's some off the top of my head. Arena Soccer is played on what's best described as an astro pitch in an arena, where the boards are in play. It's the classic type of North American indoor soccer. Games are 4 15min quarters as opposed to 2 20min halves, and teams play 6v6 (5 and a keeper) as opposed to 5v5 (4 and a keeper) due to the larger pitch sizes. The ball is a standard size 5 as opposed to the futsal size, and unlike futsal, teams aren't penalized with a penalty kick after conceding a certain number of fouls. That said the Canadian Futsal NT does feature several players who play Arena Soccer, keeper Josh Lemos and outfield players Vahid Assadpour, Ian Bennett, and Frederico Mooijen.
  4. Just curious if anyone has heard anything about the newly minted Canadian Arena Soccer Association (website: http://www.casasoccer.ca/), I know Mississauga is getting a MASL club beginning in 2018, and the CASA are scheduling a National Team friendly v Mexico on October 1 at Hershey Centre. Have they reached out to The Voyageurs at all? (This is probably a question best asked to @socceronly)
  5. What seems to have happened is that I wrongly assumed you only had 30 points to divide between the 4 categories. Teething pains
  6. Worst part is when I divided my stats out I set Goal-Stopping as the second highest attribute.
  7. Wouldn't mind the Pro/Rel option. But I'm open to whichever is easiest/the majority decides.
  8. Right let's have some fun. Club Name: Racing Club de Espanola Club Nickname: Le Roi de la Rivière Club Colours: Green, Blue, and Old Gold (oddly enough) Ground: The Riviera Sports Pavilion (which is definitely a real place and not something I just made up) Town Population: 4996 An aside: What a terrible town logo Espanola happens to have.
  9. Speaking of tickets, @socceronly are they being emailed out? Just asking as I'll be flying out Thursday evening and am yet to receive. Cheers.
  10. Finally got around to picking up a shirt, that's what laziness will do to ya. That said this forum alone is worth the price of the shirt while I wait.
  11. Also for anyone interested there are a few people looking to have a bit of a kick about at Parliment Hill on the Monday evening if anyone is interested. Jumpers for goalposts and all that, nothing too serious. Of course if any of the Ottawa supporters groups might have an idea for a more formalized match that might be cool too!
  12. Seeing as I couldn't hear much of the meeting/just wanted to drink on Tuesday I'm interested to see the recap.
  13. The smoke was let off by a TFC Supporters group called The Inebriatti. You can check their twitter feed, they even have a cute "nopyronoparty" hashtag. They seemed (to me) to be more concerned about making a spectacle of themselves than anything else, I mean why else would you smoke out the end you're defending? It's just an unfathomably stupid thing to do. I suppose the one good thing is that they don't seem to travel too far from the "Greater BMO Field Area"; I mean they weren't seen anywhere in Hamilton on the weekend, where we had two Canadian teams playing. I'll echo Cali and Aub in that it'll be nice to get away from BMO and the co-opted TFC songs. Even if it's only for a short while.
  14. That was my V's scarf. Felt fitting to me our best player in the tournament (and loyal solider) should have one! The kiss was class, like you said, all you need to know about his commitment.
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