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  1. I put my deposit in, and if there's anyone looking for a room mate, I'm available.
  2. I am definitely in, but so far, it is just myself. Looking for a room mate or two to bring the cost down. Should I pay the deposit now? Or wait until I find them?
  3. Two of my friends backed out, so I have two extra tickets if anyone is looking for some. As well, I bought tickets for Saturday's doubleheader (BRAvESP and CRCvKOR) if anyone is interested. Posting on Facebook as well, or PM me
  4. I'm all for TIFOs. We're always outnumbered by the away support, but we are louder and this is a special occasion at home! Considering it's two games, price point is fair.
  5. Great news for Hamilton. I will be there for sure. Might be easier to get some people from Brantford down too.
  6. Danielle and I will be at the games tomorrow and Friday
  7. I'd head down if this were to happen. Cheap flight from Buffalo to DC would be well worth it.
  8. 1) Will Johnson 2) Jonathon Osorio 3) Kenny Stamatopoulos
  9. Canada only for my kids. GREAT things come from Brantford.
  10. I too haven't received anything either, membership or the order I put in to the store back in May.
  11. Men's Sept. 2010 Vs. Peru - CAP TIED!!! (Friendly) June 2011 Vs. Ecuador (Friendly) June 2011 Vs. USA (Gold Cup, Away) Sept. 2011 Vs. St. Lucia (WCQ) Oct. 2011 Vs. Peurto Rico (WCQ) Nov. 2011 Vs. St. Kitts (WCQ) June 2012 Vs. Cuba (WCQ, Away) June 2012 Vs. Honduras (WCQ) Sept 2012 Vs. Panama (WCQ) Oct. 2012 Vs. Cuba (WCQ) Women's June 2013 Vs. USA So I'm at 11. Great idea to get this going again, Finch.
  12. Nothing yet in Brantford. Did you combine my membership with my order from May?
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