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  1. I hear you its been 12 years of agony with me and MNT im not even going to bother with them since they arent even bothering to play their harts out im so sad for derosario he will never get to the world cup but maybe its better to get destroyed here then at the world cup because we obviously cant compete
  2. The answer to your question is hart is drunk or has defected maybe hes been paid off
  3. Well the idiot he is he starts rickets and jackson up front i am deeply disgusted makes me sick
  4. Anyone find a sportsnet feed ? please post here
  5. Its do or die today no excuses boys play your hearts out we are behind you all the way make it count
  6. Hi Guys I was wondering if someone can post the link to the live sportsnet stream since there will be many in spanish cause sometimes adt dont have them Thanks
  7. Aparently i think the pregame is at 4pm on sn can anyone clarify this
  8. Does that mean that sportsnet will be behind by half an hour cause on their website it says coverage starts at 4pm so i assume the kickoff is at 4:30 may someone pls clairfy this
  9. I completly agree Villus get the first goal and honduras will have a tougher time it is crucial that we score first !!!!!!! but for that to have any chance of occuring Rickets or jackson cannot be the strikers. So who do we start hume and then sub on cavalini ?
  10. we need to play for a win not a tie Im happy cavallini is called but knowing hart he wont put him in the line up so imo he will prob sub him.. I say he starts hume up front not ricketts or jackson
  11. Im happy cavallini is called but knowing hart he wont put him in the line up so imo he will prob sub him.. I say he starts hume up front not ricketts or jackson
  12. Hart will not change his tactics I hope he is smart enough to realize that to survive this game we need to score the first goal and by doing so it will put honduras in a worse position we need to go for the jugular I just hope hart doesnt call friend!!!..
  13. What time is the game at since it was originally at 4pm east but now that panama arent offically through i think the time changes?
  14. I say hart calls cavallini or haber to add another striker to the list and I also say that ocean has poor finishing with all those chances he missed it really lowered my opinion of him.. If our boys go into honduras with the mindset to just tie we are finished we need to go there to win no excuses we will now see what our team is made up of... Im sure hart can call someone at last minute cause I dont want to see jackson or ricketts up front in the striker position just doesnt work... if we start hume then who else do we have? cause we need to score goals at least 1 or 2... also what time is the game at in eastern time
  15. Hey can anyone find a sportsnet live stream feed i dont want to see the game in spanish
  16. any news on kluka? or will we be calling morgan and hopefully cavallini
  17. Ya same here it says sportsnet one on the TV sched are you sure? can someone confirm this?
  18. Question guys how does the goal differential work to our benefit if we go to honduras lets say after a 3-0 win at home we would be +3 which means that honduras would have to beat us by 3 goals? just want to make sure i understand this
  19. Im just saying cuba is better then we all think and we arent a high scoring side so the way i see it 1-0 max because cuba will be defensive keep in mind against puerto rico we barely scored so imagine here in our nation where we tend to perform more poorly then away matches
  20. Really well then tell you what if your predictions come true and we smoke em like you say maybe ill consider you a worthy analyst to what i just wrote instead of attacking me when im being realistic what makes you ay we will smoke then tell me ? Do you think our attacking strategy can succeeed when they put 10-11 players in their own end and wait for a counter... do we have the firepower to score 3 goals we havent done it so far look i love our national team but its a reality we dont have the quality up front and hart either knows this or hes an idiot because he really needs to change his strategy cause every team we face knows that we will attack on the wings they just wait look at most we will get a 1-0 but i could hardly call this a smoking tell you what Canada1 if we smoke em ill send u some cuban cigars and you can smoke em all you want
  21. We lose 1-0 since we cant score and cuba will play the counter also hart will still use the same system as always and our boys wont be pressing like in panama I hope im wrong but I think we are done!!! at best we get a 0-0 tie call me negative but it would seem that the system hart has in place is not effective enough I just dont see our team creating enough chances we play a more patient football and in these next two games patience will get us no where we need goals
  22. One of two scenarios here either Hart tried to get Haber or Cavallini and they couldnt come or he just didnt want to consider them either way I would of called friend in at least as another option up front for set pieces etc... Also why in the **** is bernier called he sucks at taking corners and was even more stand out horrible in the panama game then most others Its as if Hart wants us to lose we need goals and for that we need strikers in the line up hell I would even call Gavin Mccallum in this case
  23. Forget the time of day and just win or tie.. regardless of time our boys played at night in panama and gave a poor showing so the way i see it if they play their hearts out like I expect we should squeak out a tie at least but honduras will come on strong Im more worred for the refs because we always get screwed against honduras Im worried in general especially without dero
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