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  1. Appreciated. Adam's the cohost on the Loyal Co of the River Valley pod with me. Ya I wouldn't take that as anything more than the rumours that were being tossed around by some of the Fury people rather than news. For the record, I'm not convinced that the salary cap will be around 500k. I think it will be (at the lowest end) closer to the 750K mark, and optimistically I think it'll still be closer to the 1 Mil mark. EDIT: I do think the average USL salary is making this whole conversation murky. What I do know is that Ottawa is NOT spending the average salary, and is much higher right now. I've heard closer to what they were spending when they went to the NASL final. I think people might be hearing "its too low!" from Ottawa people, and assuming that Ottawa is spending what is out there for USL roster salaries.
  2. I think its an unknown.... and some rightfully deserve a large sum, but hardly all. Ottawa's narrative seems to be that they're paying what Canadians are worth, and that the CPL salary will be lower than USL due because they can't afford the quality. Ironically, Ottawa barely won tonight against TFC II, a side that was undoubtedly paid less than the Ottawa side. Just another example of money not equating to winning sides, or a higher quality.
  3. There's every chance of that... But I don't know that it would be like that. I mean it kind of puts an end to thoughts of having a guy like Ricketts in Edmonton in year one, and even a guy like Shome would be a pricy player to have (on $100,000 with MLS), but there should be plenty of Canadians out there for less... Heck I think I could name a handful off the FCEd academy or players who played for FCEd that would be solid starters. I mean, Ottawa isn't exactly running away with the league despite paying well in excess of the league average... So I dunno...
  4. Without revealing too much, people are assuming that Ottawa has a salary of 1 mil. Reality is that its north of that number. When FCEd did loan agreements, it typically was set up for receiving club to match the salary of the player. Obviously Ottawa wouldn't have to pay for the salaries of Montreal players, but I imagine other loans they would.
  5. From what I've heard over the last few days, there are players on double that for Ottawa right now. Granted its from one source, but I believe it. So ya. This Ottawa narrative is VERY self serving, and Ottawa is overpaying for what league they're playing in, in my opinion (I also wouldn't expect many players making that kind of money for the first few years of the CPL either for the record). EDIT: That's also for a player not on loan. I agree, with players on loan, the salary is waaaaay over what it should be. (Quick math check: 6000x8=48,000)
  6. Might as well throw my predictions up here... I'm thinking Fordyce will be back (has a bunch of brand new FIFA coaching certs under his belt now too... could come in very handy), I think there's a solid chance for Ameobi (married someone from St Albert, and JUST had a child, so plenty of reasons to want to play close to family again). Allan Zebie is almost a lock... he's been practicing with the Academy pretty much all year. Doe and Dukuly most likely will be back. When Jeff Paulus was on the Loyal Co of the River Valley podcast just after he was announced as coach, he mentioned both of them if I recall correctly. There's plenty of young talent on the Academy that I think Jeff will call up as well. Someone like Prince Amanda would fit right into the wing/striker role, especially as an understudy to either Fordyce or Ameobi. I think there's a serious shot at seeing players that are still out there come back as well... Mallan Roberts for example, or even Hanson Boakai (particularly if he's matured past where he was several years ago).
  7. The way I've been viewing this whole Ottawa thing is as follows. Ottawa saw a chance to hit the ground running and seeing as how they were the only club playing that had a shot at moving straight over to the league, it would seem that they wanted to get the edge. Who could resist snapping up and grabbing some of the hottest Canadians before the league started, showcasing them for a year in the USL, then going and dominating the CPL?!?!?! No one! So Ottawa gambled. They picked a number they thought would be a salary cap, aimed for it, and assumed they would be able to grandfather in player contracts. Then the CPL starts actually laying down some rules. All of a sudden, some clubs want to spend less, and the cap starts to lower. Then people start talking about how to create a competitive and level playing field from the get go. Ottawa starts getting frustrated and refuses to budge. CPL calls the bluff, and Ottawa is forced to either cut all its players and join the CPL or stick it out in the USL until such a time as when the CPL allows the players to move along over with the club, or the players are out of contract and it just makes sense of the club to move over (also: third option, which I personally don't like but should put it out there... the club just wraps it up and folds). All this in addition to what I'm hearing is a massive salary that Ottawa is carrying. To say they are above the standard USL salary would be a bit of an understatement. There's a lot of players on a lot of money there, and to say (as I've seen on twitter) that they "wouldn't be able to support their families" is just not true (that or living expenses are A LOT more in Ottawa than I would expect). Did Ottawa do the right thing? Sure, for their bottom line for now, and they get to act the hero by providing some very targeted narrative about supporting Canadian players. Did they do the right thing for CanSoc? Not in my opinion. Players who deserved as much as they're getting would have found other clubs that would have paid them the same or comparable. But Ottawa wouldn't have been as stacked on Canadian talent as they currently are, and would have been forced to take on some younger developing players to fill in gaps. TL:DR Ottawa gambled that they could carry their current salary and roster into the CPL. When they couldn't they balked and are creating a narrative for a positive spin.
  8. Who in Edmonton was mentioning this? The only sub-mil cap I've heard mentioned was by York9 and Pacific FC.
  9. FCEd has now officially done 100% more advertising in Edmonton sports than they did in 2017. I'm very glad to see ads like this.
  10. Thanks for the post! I have to say, I think Part 2 is even more informative. Lost track of what we talked about when while recording, but I think next week has a bunch of things for the next 6-10 months for FCEd and the CPL in general.
  11. Honestly, I just can't see Clarke being changed into a 20,000 person venue. That's a LOT of people into a space that currently holds 1/5 of that. Its not very big at all. I could see RE/MAX field being used as a stadium venue for it (currently is around 9,000 and I can def see it being doubled if you put people on the field), or use what Folk Fest use... A few giant screens at the bottom of a hill in the river valley, first come first serve for spots and go from there. It would be a SUPER Edmonton-esque event if they did that. Also: yes Rexall is still up, but is not in use. Currently being debated what the city wants to do on that site I believe. However, another possibility could be Northlands. Plenty of room in there as well, with a lot of parking. EDIT: I think the last line in the article would be the biggest hurdle for Edmonton... A "world class" practise shielded from the public. Clarke COULD be used... But seeing as how Edmonton is currently one stadium short... I think there's potential for something else.
  12. Well... That's not quite the entire story... There was some issues in reconciling the previous membership sale with how the league does things post-launch. When the club did the launch in Feb, there was the ability to mention how many season tickets you would commit to. So there's a ton more than this in terms of season ticket commitments, but individuals is a much lower number. The 2017 season tickets were well over 1000, closer to 1200-1300. Based on when Jay mentioned that number, and some of the stuff that's happened since them (Jay talking about a "bump" in sales when Calgary was announced for example) I would wager that the number of season tickets that people have stated they want is closer to 2000 rather than 800. Its messy. But considering that they just went ahead and started collecting back in Feb, I'm not surprised that there's issues with it. For what its worth, those who have already bought in will find out their number later this summer (as per a club email that came out yesterday).
  13. Haven't really looked to see if it was mentioned here, but Tom Fath did mention that the rabbit will be back on the kit similar to how it was done in 2014-2017 (on the back of the neck) at the after-party of the launch.
  14. I 100% agree... But looking at the evidence, it doesn't seem that there is much interest. Katz hasn't really expressed much interest in sports other than hockey it seems... Capitals (Baseball) pretty much died out, with little to no interest in relaunching them at any point. There were rumours of a basketball team, but that's gone nowhere far too. Hell, I could even say that his interest in the Oilers wasn't much more than hanging with the old greats of the 80s, until they stumbled across one of the best players in this generation, but that would make me sound sour From what I've heard, his interest hasn't gone anywhere to any sort of sustainability. If you look at most FCEd supporters on the idea of Katz joining CPL, there's a lot of reservation and shock... He just wouldn't have Canadian players interests at heart. Fath on the other hand has made it VERY clear (and continues to do so... Just heard a story of him presenting to a bunch of well-to-do Edmonton businesspeople) that he wants to further the sport in Edmonton and Canada (which I would argue he is doing through the excellent academy that FCEd has grown). I'd also suggest that while support is being encouraged by various sports teams across the country (ok mostly eastern Canada), there's been little to ZERO news or excitement in Edmonton about it. I don't see why it would be so tightly contained here while at the same time, there's a open line of communication in Eastern Canada about it. If I've heard about the league leaders approaching FCEd, then I'm sure I would have heard SOME rumblings about potential team owners reaching out to supporters, but there's been literally nothing. I've legit heard Edmonton supporters speculate that CPL could provide a level where the FCEd reserves could play. Just tells you where the idea of this league is in town. Personal opinion is that these Edmonton rumours are one of two things. 1) a tactic to scare up some attention from the FCEd ownership into the CPL or 2) just a poor presentation that we're all freaking out about. I suppose a combo of the two is possible as well hahaha. I do feel that if the first is true, I'm worried about the CPL. I really want to see it succeed, but if its struggling to attract ownership, and its taking this tactic, then its concerning. I don't think it NEEDS Edmonton to succeed, and vice versa. I'd MUCH rather see it launch (sans Edmonton), grow and become stable, then work Edmonton into the fold when its the clear choice.
  15. I don't think that Katz has too much interest in soccer to be honest. I also would have to say that if (And that's a big IF) there is a potential interest in Edmonton for a CPL team, they've not done a great job at trying to build up any sort of momentum. The only people that seem to have any idea are the Canadian supporters, and about half (or less) of the FCEd supporters. As far as I'm aware, there's been zero contact or feelers put out towards any of the supporter groups.
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