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  1. Just did it again! Came on in the 71st, scored in the 83rd. And another in the 90th. Super calm finisher and puts himself in the perfect positions.
  2. Came on in the 69th minute. Just scored in the 85th. Scored off his own rebound.
  3. According to the article down below, the average League 1 player made £67,850 in 2006. Assume with inflation and the fact that Hume probably makes more than the average League 1 player, doubling that amount still wouldn't put him in DP range. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/4898392.stm
  4. Haber scores a header in stoppage time. They lose 2-1.
  5. The Spanish national anthem doesn't have any lyrics...
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned but in his other "likes" he has the news site where all these rumours started. That might just say it all.
  7. Given how the squad is now, do you think he'll be a first-team starter once he's completely healthy?
  8. It may be of comfort to some people that in the fantasy premier league this year only .6% of people picked Hoilett. Considering how cheap he is this means that those who follow the premier league closely (people with fantasy teams can be described as doing so) don't think much of him. Meaning either we're over-estimating his talent or that people don't give him much attention. Or both.
  9. Haber played 72 minutes in a 1-0 home loss to Dunfermline. St Johnstone still hasn't scored a goal this season in the 3 games they've played. He was replaced after rolling his ankle. According to his twitter it's a light sprain and he'll be fine.
  10. This is true but the whole Begovic thing is shrouded in secrecy and rumours. What's the deal with De Jong?
  11. He's played in a World Cup for us it's hard to think he would switch sides after doing that.
  12. Edgar also played in Burnley's 4-2 win over Altrincham on Sunday. I think he played the second half.
  13. Not having her play would be a big loss but there's other options up front who can score. It might end up being Filigno's big breakout game. A tie should be enough to secure us a spot in the next round assuming Sinclair is back against Nigeria and we win by a fair amount in that game.
  14. Do we always take corners like that? There's got to be someone who can swing it in.
  15. Ended up combining it with a Sweden and Brazil win.
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