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  1. well it shows that the league is doing something right!
  2. But does anyone know if CSA is interested
  3. Shouldn't Canada host a the Gold Cup first before the world cup?
  4. Well they have to compeat against Professional Arena Soccer League and they also have a development league Premier Arena Soccer League and the Major Indoor Soccer League so not sure how they will they last. USL's I-League also has competition from another start up league Arena Soccer Association
  5. Well Nicaragua and Belize loose there spots every year now why not give one to Canada and not always to the other central american teams
  6. still think canada should get 2 teams ine the CCL
  7. well with more Canadian expansion in the pipe line i hope the tourney will expand to give us guaranteed spots
  8. but if they make money won't it be better if they won the tournament and win the prize money?
  9. really that doesn't help the competition at all
  10. would you say it's easier to win the superliga or champions league?
  11. st. albert but moving to edmonton at the end of the month hoping to move back to hamilton next year!!!
  12. what will be the play off games is it the same as this year or the doing it like Germany 06?
  13. one day we will see a canadian team!
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