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  1. Dunno best spot to put this but something I thought was really wasted was the lack of merchandise for sale. There were 2 sport chek tents on the entire concourse and they only had $110 jersey from what i saw. Would've loved to have picked some things up for the kids but there was a complete lack of selection of absolutely anything
  2. Sooo don't buy the family section tickets then? I'm kind of torn what to do. I'll have my kids who are 10 and 8.. They might like it, they might not. Figured the safest bet was the family section but if it isn't happening then i'm back to square 1. I'd rather go thru the V's tho so i dunno
  3. I know they get ragged on a lot but I can't imagine trying to be a ref in that environment with all those shenanigans going on.. I'll stick to my couch
  4. *cough* or get some fire drill practice in *cough*
  5. The 1 in 8-1.. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.. The conqueror Iain Hume!!
  6. Yep.. let's not forget that they needed serious last minute help just to get into the playoff with NZ last time around. I don't see them taking their foot off the gas at all even if they have a spot lined up. No way the risk a rough start to the hex.
  7. Is the extended V's section in the upper bowl GA with the lower bowl or will future seats be specifically for the upper bowl?
  8. Completely agree. Not too mention the likely poor field conditions would make the bigger aerial threat that much more important. With a narrower field, he should be able to bring in the wingers more with his hold up play as well.
  9. That's Shaw Direct.. I know I know, it's odd but.. Shaw Direct has it but Shaw doesn't. I've gotten a couple of big installs and sales just based off Shaw not having it and Telus carrying it.
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