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  1. 10 hours ago, Rocket Robin said:

    For those who make it to the stadium on their own, there will be a York 9 booth in the parking lot where we will be able to pick up our tickets (our names will be on a list). 

    Rather get our tickets ahead of time, I don't want a stupid line-up.

    Good to see you last night Robin.  I thought it was a nice little event and am overall happy with the jerseys.  I think the 90's style kit is really "in" right now and the white primary captures it.  Might look silly once minimalism returns again, but if we're laughing at this kit in ten years, hey, at least the league is still around. :)

  2. 13 hours ago, Ams1984 said:

    I haven’t seen any stores with their stuff. It’s made by Entripy and shipped direct I think. Try asking the club reps, they’re pretty responsive. 

    I just drove there to pick up a scarf and toque (I had purchased a hoodie at the launch event).  Office is at 407 and Dufferin.

  3. 23 hours ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:


    ...York9 will play its home matches at York University's Alumni Field to start the season, with plans to move to York's Lions Stadium sometime before the end of the season. The club will play its home matches at York U for at least three seasons...

    Wasn't it two seasons initially?

  4. 46 minutes ago, Rocket Robin said:

    Details of the February 13th York 9 FC pub night in Richmond Hill.  

    I've got over 30 minutes of sound files.   

    MC Kurt Larson onstage talks to head coach Jim Brennan, players Joseph Di Chiara and Daniel Gogarty, and team president Preben Ganzhorn.  I then have a short interview with Gogarty.  



    Thanks Robin,

    I wanted to go last night but couldn't make it - listening to those files now.

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