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  1. This post aged so poorly.
  2. Amazing header today. Classic Canadian case of him becoming too good now lol
  3. Hopefully he kicks on. After being dropped for Larin in the Gold Cup, I wouldn't be surprised if he's annoyed with us again.
  4. zeelaw


    When I search their name on Twitter. I hear that streams are terrible and people are complaining. Is that just simply untrue?
  5. He's gone. Mod, lock thread plz.
  6. If I had Cyle Larin stocks I'd sell them pronto. SELL SELL SELL
  7. First CanSoc tournament I ever watched. I still skipped the semi-final to go play pick-up though :(... Shame.
  8. How was Scallys last night? See you guys Tuesday
  9. Awesome thread idea.
  10. Don't forget his silly comments about his daughter asking him why he can't play for Uruguay. Rofl.
  11. Be patient as usually @socceronly will deliver.
  12. True, and to tie it all together. Capos like to wave around other country's flags at U20 Women's games as well. #banter
  13. This thread is honestly making it look bigger than it actually was. (Not to downplay anyone's concerns or anything) Very true, kind of just the reality of our group. People also need to remind themselves that we are such a small group and if you travel, faces will attach themselves to names. Proving a point on here is no where near as important as being able to be cordial to someone you inevitably meet in person. If you aren't, your supporter experience will be shitty and it's hard to find a another bubble in an already tiny bubble.
  14. This is so true. They are two very different experiences. I don't really enjoy being surrounded by screaming children the entire time in the supporters section...
  15. It depends on how much singing and clapping is going on. Many times I'm not really up for doing every damn song, while other times I am. I still want to belong in that section though.
  16. I ran into it as well, but stayed aware of the child on my path down. I don't think you're an idiot. I dont get why someone would let a 6 maybe 7 year old up at the front of the supporters section. Especially with the standing style bleachers in that end. Not that the child was in any particular danger, it was a pretty tame group. Still, sorry if that person posts here. I'm hope your daughter had fun.
  17. The original poster changed the time on the tweet. It was actually the day before...
  18. When did he move to Canada? Want to know before I comment lol
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