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  1. PVR Rolling... hopefully this is one I can watch over and over... looks empty in the stands during warm ups
  2. Thanks for the photos, hope to see some more up there.
  3. Yea, let's criticize our players so they never want to make the 10+ hour trip from Europe again.
  4. Everytime I read "Wouldn't it be nice" I had the song in my head and I couldn't keep reading the rest of your points...lol
  5. Raszle, no promises yet but I might have a PM for you later tonight.
  6. Just thought I would add that I created my own banner - 2 meters wide says IPANEMA 2014
  7. I need one random ticket somewhere, buddy watns to bring his gf (urg) anyway. This person will pay so someone can keep their 20+?
  8. great work and a fun read to get even more pumped for the match
  9. I've moved back home to Chatham, if you care to update it, doesn't really matter though. lol
  10. Hopefully they bring some up to BMO, gonna get mine then
  11. Same here, I got the newsletter and I'm having a hard time sorting through all the thread info.
  12. Bingo, but I like the Peruvian suggestions.
  13. Great stuff, and I assume by being on the forum we are then getting that information through e-mail?
  14. Sorry, I'll clarify... Do the Voyageurs get allocated tickets, and if they do how does the distribution process go about?
  15. I haven't got an e-mail about it yet so I have no idea. Boris usually sends them out when something goes wrong (like when it was attacked by furries)
  16. I'm new to the forum but how does the thread situation work. New thread opens up for allocation?
  17. zeelaw


    ha i know taht guy.... so only 3 posts in after i claim my allegiance as a tfc fan and im now outted as a liverpool fan... im gonna have a hard time around here lol
  18. zeelaw


    thanks bob, ya I follow you on twitter haha
  19. zeelaw


    Hey everyone, some might recognize the name 'zeelaw' as I have been around the TFC community and have a blog www.thesubsbench.ca I got my first De-Ro Canada kit a year ago and thought it was time I finally got on the Voyageurs.. Cheers and looking forward to helping Canada make 2014.
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