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  1. I don't see many Americans interested in Concacaf Nations League. If this was a WCQ match it would have more support from the US fans.Therefore I doubt about a huge number of Us Attendance .
  2. Play both games in Montreal ! Vs Cuba in Saputo and vs USA in the Big O..... Montreal could be intimidating for the USA. 2009 Montreal Impact vs Saantos Laguna with a crow of 55.571 2010 Montreal Impact vs Milan around 47.000 2012 Montreal debut vs Chicago 58.000 . Later vs LA Galaxy 60.860 and the final match of Concacaf Champion league 2015 vs Club America with 60.003 people. Do you you think that a match against the USA would be attractive enough to sell most of the tickets in Montreal ?
  3. Did you notice that CNl semi finals and final will be played between 23-31 march 2020. For the short time I doubt home and away matches will be played. Surely Concacaf chooses a venue among the 4 semi finalists Below is the schedule of the 2019–20 CONCACAF Nations League. Stage Round Dates Qualifying Matchday 1 6–11 September 2018 Matchday 2 11–16 October 2018 Matchday 3 16–20 November 2018 Matchday 4 21–24 March 2019 Group phase Matchday 1 2–10 September 2019 Matchday 2 Matchday 3 7–15 October 2019 Matchday 4 Matchday 5 11–19 November 2019 Matchday 6 Final championship Semi-finals 23–31 March 2020 Final
  4. In concacafgo.com by paying 1.99$ you can watch the matches ...but I don't see the Canada -French Guyana on the list
  5. The tie with Iceland removes Canada from the Algarve Cup Final . Canada will play against Sweden for the third place match. The final is between Norway and Poland
  6. No more Gold Cup according to US Soccer President Cordeiro: https://sports.yahoo.com/u-s-soccer-president-cordeiro-confederations-cup-no-gold-cup-might-discontinued-204617821.html
  7. Just a humble opinion of me as South American guy watching the bulls from the barriers. I can understand the economic interest of Ottawa Fury as a club to continue in the USL, avoiding the risk of being in a new league that is about to be released. Maybe the pressure of VM through Concacaf was not the best for Ottwa Fury to join the CPL. What surprise me most is the reaction of some of the Fury Fans in no supporting your own league, the league of your country, for God Sake Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada . How is possible to prefer playing against such as gray clubs as Richmond or Louisville or Bethlehem ? . It's as Caracas FC decided to play in the second Colombian league than in the Venezuelan. I just don't understand, where is the support for your country ?. Each reality is different . I know that. Anyway, in my country Venezuela the professional soccer league without being the best in SA, has produced excellent players. I think you should give the CPL a chance Ottawa fans ! after all the one who does not risk, does not win! Just watching the bulls from de barriers.....
  8. It means in the future, when the CPL is strong enough , Impact de Montreal , Toronto FC and The Whitecaps will be forced to leave MLS too ?
  9. It is quite strange. The normal thing is for a coach to try to play as many matches as possible to fine-tune the chemistry and integration of its players. It seems that he is folowing the guidelines of the CSA to save a few dollars avoiding playing friendly matches. Maybe Zambrano wanted to play more matches, causing more expenses of money to the CSA ..... In the end, only Zambrano, Hermann and the CSA know the real reason for the departure of the Ecuadorian coach. What remains is to speculate.
  10. Best draw for Canada : Pot 2 : Norway. Pot 3 : Thailand. Pot 4 : Argentina
  11. Hello !!! a draw for the Gold Cup ? LMAO . Remember the only confederation with no draw of its Championship is Concacaf.
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