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  1. xabuep2

    Ottawa CPL Club

    It means in the future, when the CPL is strong enough , Impact de Montreal , Toronto FC and The Whitecaps will be forced to leave MLS too ?
  2. xabuep2

    Octavio Zambrano

    It is quite strange. The normal thing is for a coach to try to play as many matches as possible to fine-tune the chemistry and integration of its players. It seems that he is folowing the guidelines of the CSA to save a few dollars avoiding playing friendly matches. Maybe Zambrano wanted to play more matches, causing more expenses of money to the CSA ..... In the end, only Zambrano, Hermann and the CSA know the real reason for the departure of the Ecuadorian coach. What remains is to speculate.
  3. Is BMO stadium available for february ?
  4. xabuep2

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Osorio 2. Cavallini 3. Davies
  5. Best draw for Canada : Pot 2 : Norway. Pot 3 : Thailand. Pot 4 : Argentina
  6. xabuep2

    The math on qualification to League A & to the Gold Cup

    Hello !!! a draw for the Gold Cup ? LMAO . Remember the only confederation with no draw of its Championship is Concacaf.
  7. xabuep2

    Herdman new head coach

    Just imagine Zambrano as a coach with all of these players ! .
  8. xabuep2

    2022 World Cup Qualifier Campaign

    And already some sources indicate that Concacaf qualifiers will begin in Sept 2020 and there will be no hex. The announcement of the format would be in the next days: https://www.diez.hn/laseleccion/1229288-498/concacaf-tendra-formato-nuevo-inicio-eliminatorias-mundial-2020-qatar-2022 https://twitter.com/balompiedom/status/1057755368913285120?s=21
  9. xabuep2

    2020 Copa America

    FIFA General Assembly in Rwanda have approved plans for Copa América to move to even years in order to line with the European Championships. No more details about this tournament, but it opens the possibility to Concacaf nations to be invited and bring the best of their rosters since it is a FIFA official tournament. https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/news/y=2018/m=10/news=fifa-council-makes-key-decisions-for-the-future-of-football-development.html
  10. In the last women's tournaments and qualifers U17, U20 Canada did not use many of its young talents preferring to use them for the women senior team, being Hermann the coach at that time . Will the same thing happen with the boys ?
  11. 10k would be one of the biggest attendance in this pre-qualifying matches of the CNL .....
  12. What does Canada lack to beat the Americans?
  13. At least it's not in the US like the last 3 qualifiers. Last time Canada organized this tournament was in 1996
  14. xabuep2

    Copa America Brazil 2019

    This is the new regarding the Copa America 2020: Conmebol asks FIFA to hold Copa America in same years as Euros. https://www.supersport.com/football/news/180919_CONMEBOL_to_change_Copa_America_calender According to Mexican Press the Tri could participate once again since Copa America would not be played as the same time as the Gold Cup http://www.mediotiempo.com/futbol/2018/09/18/cambio-de-calendario-en-copa-america-permitiria-el-regreso-del-tri. Just need to know if it will definitely expand to 16 countries