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  1. drew

    Canadian MLS teams

    I am not born in Canada and curious about how Canadians opinions on our Canadian MLS teams with less than a half of the players who are truly Canadian. Will you be more loyal to the teams if they consist of more Canadians playing? Thanks.
  2. I just noticed that it changes to Sportsnet World. What happened?
  3. drew

    Whitecaps against City

    Does anyone of you know when City will arrive to Vancouver and the place they will be have their training on? Thanks.
  4. What about Copa America?
  5. As all the major leagues are off, anybody knows what will show on Setanta Sports during summer? Is there any friendly matches on it this summer?
  6. drew

    Empire Field

    Thx guys. I enjoyed the game very much. Especially the southsiders rocks! By the way, just wondering the shuttle bus from the skytrain station to Empire field is free?
  7. drew

    Empire Field

    Hi guys, it is going to be my first time to support Whitecaps @ Empire field this Wednesday. However can anyone tell me how to get there from downtown? Anywhere to eat in the surround area? Thanks.
  8. Anybody knows where to get those in Vancouver area besides London Drugs? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a pub with live soccer games? I wanna watch the Spain derby this weekend.Thanks.
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